Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental

photo-2First of all, forgive me for not writing about something new. About a week and a half ago I took an ungraceful tumble on the sidewalk outside of out local grocery store. Nothing broken (didn’t even get a cut) but I have found new places to be sore. First was the knee that I went down on, followed by my butt, and the last and most inexplicable one is my left heel. So I’m less that ambulatory, but hope to be back in the game soon.

Anyway, Vetiver Oriental is one that I don’t think I’ve reviewed before, but it’s a beautiful scent. Typical of a Lutens, you’re going to have to wait for the eponymous ingredient to show up. The opening is very green with a hint of soft chocolate. The vetiver comes forward in the middle along with wood notes, with the chocolate being thoroughgoing. I think my Scent Twin put it best in her review when she wrote that Vetiver Oriental has the “feeling of a dark jungle, exotic and wild.”

I can tell you that when you are sitting at home with a bruised a$$ and hobbling on a knackered heel watching “Judge Judy” reruns, a ticket to the jungle is most welcome..

Vetiver Oriental is available at the Usual Suspects for the rather eye-popping price of $200 for 50ML (apparently is a limited release.)

Photo of my bottle from my iPad (if it comes out on it’s side, forgive me. It’s a Word Press thing.)

  • Musette says:

    Tom – I beg you to check out Yoga for Healthy Aging. Becauuuuuuuse…something very similar happened to me (except I had a pretty nasty cut on my knee) but inexplicably lost balance later and got skeered about walking. And stuff that then got stiff and sore – months later? Aiiiiiy! Nina and Baxter really helped me get back on my feet.

  • That sucks about your fall, but I’m glad you didn’t get more seriously hurt. I have a small decant of Vetiver Oriental, and I like it a lot. It wears pretty quietly on me. I’ve thought about a bottle, but I didn’t think it was available in the export range and I don’t think I’d pay $200 for it.

  • Ann says:

    Oh, no, Tom! So sorry to hear about your spill. I’m feeling for you, because I’ve fallen quite a bit myself and I know what a pain those aches and bruises are. But just so thankful that nothing was broken! I think I sniffed the VO a long time ago, but now I see that I need to revisit it soon. Thanks and feel better!