Guerlain Ne M’Oubliez Pas

Guerlain M’Oubliez Pas was barely on my perfume radar. Expensive, exclusive but…  Quadrilobe bottle…

Guerlain ne M'Oubliez pas

Guerlain ne M’Oubliez pas

what the hell. I’m in Paris, let’s go smell it. Btw a thousand apologies for typing errors. I’m doing this on my iPad.

I spritz on the limited edition extrait and feel a wave of relief that it is only 500 euros instead of the several thousand these types of hard to find and expensive extraits have been running.

A nod to the dirty panty past of Guerlain with a fruited, boozy spiced candy confection swirl on top. I keep thinking this is what March had in mind when she used to talk about the perfume she would make called Candy Ass.

The inspiration is the old wax lipsticks Guerlain made in the 1800s, and I do get some of that. Notes listed are plum, cardamom, rose, immortelle, carnation, cinnamon, patchouli, amber notes, vanilla nd moss… And cumin. There is something a feral curled up in this lipstick tube that is a skanky waxy. Is that a thing?  Well it is now.  It seeeeeems like a Wasser sweet creation on the surface but it is deeply disturbing and erotic right under those frilly bloomers

I do want to bitch a little because this is only available at the Champs Elysses store, which makes it ridiculously difficult to get. I also assume it will only be available for a limited time too. I mean srsly?

Ok, bitching over because I really love Guerlain Ne m’Oubliez Pas.  It is a weird marriage of the past with the present that works.  I don’t like the exclusivity on it because this could be a great addition to the permanent line, winning fans from old school and new younger customers.  Much as I’d like to pass it by I think it’s one of the best and most interesting things Guerlain has done in a while– years, to be honest. The fruits in it are rich and plump with spices and will make any fruity perfume hater rethink their hate. It’s done the way fruit should be done in a perfume. Grown up and more like rich wine than cute little immature sugar berries.

Complex and grown up Guerlain Ne M’Oubliez Pas is also accessible for a budding perfumista.  I think I better snag another bottle before I leave Paris.

Of course there is a drawing. Four small samples to four commenters drawn randomly.   Question of the day. Do you try to ignore these exclusive things or does the siren call make you care if it’s really great?

Eloquaint February 12, 2016

My particular perfume fetish is vintage, not exclusives, but I still want to be entered in the drawing. Thank you, Patty, for going to Paris so I don't have to...hey, wait...

lena February 8, 2016

Ignorance is the best policy for me - if I don't know about it until well after the event I can't obsess over it (well I can, but at least I'm more able to avoid fiscal harm). That's what I tell myself, anyway! Picture me with my eyes closed, hands over ears, singing loudly, 'I can't hear yooooooou...'

Winterlude February 7, 2016

I love to try everything I can. I'm resigned to the fact that I can't afford it, but I like to know what I'm missing.

Eleebelle February 5, 2016

Normally I totally ignore exclusive releases. Between the price and the difficulty finding to sample/buy, they really don't even register in the reality I live in. Sigh, but you've made this one sound so appealing!

bryangarwood February 5, 2016

I would love to say I don't care about these, but who am I kidding? I at least want to sample something, but if it has a tuberose theme....I'm terrified I'll fall in love and get a second mortgage for a 6 figure perfume!

Sherri M. February 4, 2016

If it is a Guerlain, you bet--I hunt down at least a sample of it, and regularly search eBay for it.

Tena February 4, 2016

I want to hate the exclusives, but frankly, living in rural NE Canada, almost everything is exclusive in the availability department, so I have been known to cave, especially when it is a house I have generally loved ( like Guerlain) Thank you so much for the opportunity, and I hope you are having a fantastic time in Paris..

Lizbee February 4, 2016

I'm a sucker for exclusivity. And since I'll be in Paris in a couple of months, I'm extra keen to find something special there that I can't get at home.

Kandice February 4, 2016

But the exclusivity makes us all want it more, doesn't it? :-) Would love to try this. Thanks for the opportunity!

Veronika February 4, 2016

I try to ignore them. I know if I get to sniff any by chance I would be hooked. In that case a small sample will do the job of a bottle, it d make me quite happy to own at least a few drops.

tiffanie February 4, 2016

I'm not in a place in my life where I can pursue les exclusifs, but it is just fine to read about them. Armchair perfume journeys are my escape. I hope you enjoy your adventure.

Suzy Q February 4, 2016

I ignore the exclusives. I've been in the perfume game long enough to know that another desirable perfume is just around the corner. This is one I might truly love.

Sapphire February 4, 2016

I normally try to avoid anything this limited-edition/expensive/exclusive, but damn that sounds good. Thanks for the drawing!

Pam February 4, 2016

I try to ignore these exclusifs, but Guerlain reels me in. Sounds so fabulous, and so out of my range. Lucky you. Enjoy!

Elizabeth February 4, 2016

While I don't usually take too much notice of new releases, but I am a Guerlain groupie so am always curious about these rarified scents that they release or re-release. I realise I can't smell every last scent out there but the Guerlains are like the Sirens song to me...........

Aelily February 4, 2016

Ugh. I hate to love the exclusives. One of my comfort scents is Le Labo's Vanille 44. I'm grateful every September when my refill is available. And I resisted the LE Voyage, only to regret it (but I didn't really need a FB. Are they intentionally courting this love/hate agony in their buyers?

jackie b February 3, 2016

My head says don't even try these expensive exclusive scents, but who knows what folly might occur if I should be in Paris alone with my credit card!

imapirate007 February 3, 2016

I tried to not get caught up in the lipstick-violet-rose scents or "limited edition, but the Diptique Rosaviola smelled so good, I need more. Thanks!

Jennifer Counts February 3, 2016

I generally don't pay much attention to exclusives because I know I can't spend that kind of money. I would certainly take a sample if I can get my hands on one, though. And this one does sound really good.

Ashley A February 3, 2016

Thanks for the draw! I am somewhere in the middle on these super exclusive scents. If they sound up my alley and get great reviews, I tend to REALLY want some. But usually not enough to do anything about it. Although this one sounds amazing!

Sun Mi February 3, 2016

I tend to avoid them! I couldn't afford them when I was working, and really can't now that I'm a stay at home mom! But I suppose I should try them, one day I may strike it rich! But, at the same time, even samples of something so luxurious could make me feel rich for a day...

Danielle February 3, 2016

Unfortunately, if the scent is good, I will go to the ends of the earth to find it, no matter how exclusive!

maggiecat February 3, 2016

I so want to avoid exclusives, and ridiculously expensive scents in general. I'll sometimes even hesitate before acquiring a sample.."Wait," I say. "How much is this if I love it? Oooh, better not even try..." I am not always successful in my sober, reasonable thought process, however. Witness my current love affair with MFK Ciel de Gum. Exclusive, expensive, hard to find and I love, love, love it. Sigh. Yes, please enable me some more with samples.

katrin February 3, 2016

I am curious about exclusives, and in particular I am curious about this one...Thanks for the draw!

cinnamon February 3, 2016

sounds amazing. enter me in the draw, please.

Tatiana February 3, 2016

I usually try to ignore the siren call of exclusives. That said, if I happen to be where they are available I usually take a sniff to see what the fuss is about. There are Guerlains I love, Mitsouku, vintage Vol de Nuit, Sous le Vent. And others I don't get the fuss about, Chamade and L’Heure Bleue. My husband and I are trying to decide where to travel for our 25th anniversary vacation. We're waffling between two cities in Europe or two cities in Asia. But this news has just made me a tad bit more excited about going to Paris and maybe Vienna or Copenhagen.

Dina C. February 3, 2016

Such a beautiful bottle, and Guerlain...ahhhh. I'd love to win a sample of this since I wouldn't purchase such a treasure for myself. Thanks for the drawing Patty.

Cherie Curry February 3, 2016

My kind of skank! Dirty panties and waxy lipstick, brings to mind burlesque and Paris and smoky rooms. Love, love your review, damn the exclusivity, I want!

CbSutcliffe February 3, 2016

Since a drawing for a limited number of samples is like doubling down on an exclusive, I would like to be in!

Kathryn February 3, 2016

I always like to sniff everything I possibly can and this new Guerlain sounds divine. Smelling the expensive stuff creates a great set of reference points for the less costly scents I'm more likely to acquire. In any event, I don't find myself yearning for new bottles as much as I once did. I'm not sure why that is, but hope my current state of contentment lasts.

foxbins February 3, 2016

Although I rarely buy them, I do like to try exclusives just to see what makes them rare. That said, skanky Guerlain sounds really, really enticing.

Dagmar Thatcher February 3, 2016

Vintage is more of a desire vortex for me (I'm still hoping to find some Ravel Faun that's not age-burnt), but I would love to try this. You had me at "cumin".

Janice February 3, 2016

In theory I ignore the very exclusive and hard-to-get ones, but I've fallen hard for a couple that I did have a chance to sample… one of which was a limited edition and impossible to find now. This one sounds wonderful.

karibub February 3, 2016

Oh my, when I think of the hours and hours I have spent online trying to chase down a fragrance that you just can't get! This definitely sounds like another of those so a chance to at least sniff it sounds divine. Thanks for the drawing Patty.

Maureen February 3, 2016

I would love to try this....I wish it were not so exclusive, and I also wish I could fly to Paris to buy it. Thanks for the draw.

Rebekkah February 3, 2016

I'm not sensible enough to ignore exclusive fragrances...generally it makes me want to try them more. I guess I'm a marketer's dream.

Vanie February 3, 2016

I try to ignore the very exclusive fragrances that are pretty much impossible to get. This also goes for most discontinued fragrances (unless the siren call becomes too darn loud, like for Theorema), indie line that I wouldn't be able to get samples from here (Ô Canada!) and fragrance that are way over my budget anyway. Easier to remain a happy ignorant!

AnnJune February 3, 2016

I usually do avoid them like the plague with my present pauper's budget but was smitten with the photograph of the bottle and name and would love to try the perfume. Thanks for the draw!

Bastet February 3, 2016

In general I try to ignore exclusives but would love to try this one. What an enticing review!

allgirlmafia February 3, 2016

I usually try to ignore anything too exclusive for fear that I will love it too much but I would very much like to be entered in this draw : )

solanace February 3, 2016

I try to ignore, without much success. These can be so appealing, with their old school bottles and fancy ingredients! Thank you for the draw, Patty!

Queen Cupcake February 3, 2016

Exclusives are usually out of my reach but I am a Guerlain fan girl and have been waiting a long time for something interesting from them. This one sounds worth a try!

Nita February 3, 2016

I think I would resist the siren call of a 500 euro temptation (!) but, Guerlain? Of course I would love to try it! Thank you for giving four of us this opportunity!

dremybluz February 3, 2016

sounds wonderful

poodle February 3, 2016

I try to avoid exclusives and limited editions if possible unless they're not terribly hard to get. I love the idea of wearing a perfume that not everyone else is wearing. I hate really high prices on exclusives though. This sounds lovely especially since I'm on a cosmetic scent kick lately.

BostonScentGuy February 3, 2016

When I see an uber-exclusive, I definitely go into it with my nose turned up and this hopeful attitude of, "I don't need you!" However...I am one to easily melt when a limited edition catches my fancy. Of course "Melting" doesn't mean "buying it" always, but at least getting a sample! Thanks for the draw!

Echo Charlie February 3, 2016

I have been fighting against trying to get someone to get this for me...the notes..yummy...the bottle swoon..sigh..I need this is my life!

Swingsidesmile February 3, 2016

I try to pretend they don't exist. I often fail. (Thanks for the draw)

Neva February 3, 2016

Usually I make a big circle around exclusive perfume because if I happen to fall in love with it then I MUST have it and it becomes an expensive obsession. But, a sniff does not hurt and it can open a new world. Thanks for the opportunity!

Danielle February 3, 2016

Ohhhh, I try to ignore these, but I am not very successful if the option to sniff presents itself. In the case of this one, I would be delighted with a bottle.

Laurels February 3, 2016

I'm with the lazy and poor crowd, but this does sound pretty great. I may have to start looking into splits.

CC February 3, 2016

Exclusives don't get me, but lord help me if it's vintage or discontinued.. Also I was wondering if there will be a perfume fairy godmother this month? Hoping to share the love..

fluert4fleurs February 3, 2016

I try to ignore them! I always seem to gravitate towards things with high price tags: I could care less about branding, but the materials and artistry matter. That said, I have found that Chanel, Amouage, and By Kilian woo me with the quality of their concoctions. Oh, and Salome sounded very very good. Another in the Siren Call category. I would love to be included in this draw!

DDJ February 3, 2016

The siren calls of "aspirational pricing" and manufactured exclusivity can suck eggs. A good set of skanky notes; I'm in.

Baroness Octothorpe February 3, 2016

I've been burned too many times on "limited editions" or "must haves" that i can mostly resist the temptation, but it is indeed a temptation! Thanks for the draw!

Pixel February 3, 2016 Heck, I paid a mule to get me an SL bell jar from Paris. I'm just a sucker for hard to get, I guess :)

PJ February 3, 2016

Oh, Heavens. Your description is enough to make the Sirens sing to me.

bevfred February 3, 2016

Dirty panty, skank and wax lipstick...what could be better? I've been curious about skank but haven't knowingly had and scent with it. Please, further my perfume education. I used to love Geurlain.

eldarwen22 February 3, 2016

I try really hard to ignore exclusive perfumes. More often than not, I can't afford them and I'm too lazy to jump through a lot of hoops to get them. You had me at the booze and skank, so I am willing to give it a go.

Claudia February 3, 2016

Exclusive is tempting, but I don't have the means , darn it

Gigi February 3, 2016

I usually don't even know about them, so no harm. The limited edition Voyage had me in a sweat until I finally gave in and got it (and pretty darned glad I did). Buuuut something this pricey and Paris exclusive puts me right out of the running. Love the idea of being 'in the know', though! Thanks for the drawing and the slim chance :)

flowergirlbee! February 3, 2016

i try to pretend they don't exist but when i get to read descriptions like that i can't pretend and i really want to get me some.thanks for the draw : ) that sounds so me..sigh.

Nemo February 3, 2016

I usually resist, unless a sample happens to be sitting right in front of me and then, well, sometimes a one night stand is better than nothing at all :)

Lynne Marie February 3, 2016

I try so hard to ignore but if the notes are faced then resistance is futile

Nik R February 3, 2016

I try to ignore the 'exclusive' lines that I know our completely out of my price range...but reading reviews like this certainly makes me want to try a sample!

Rina February 3, 2016

Exclusives don't get me, discontinued ones do! Not a Guerlain girl aside from AAs but this intrigues me.. Enjoy Paris!

Eric Love February 3, 2016

Try to ignore, but if the whispers become a scream, I concede defeat and try to find a split...

HeidiC February 3, 2016

I try to resist the exclusive scents for the sake of my bank account, but god help me, I wants the precious. I'm torn over your description -- the dirty panties accord has me shouting YES! I wore Papillon Salome -- to work -- because I'm that kind of skank. But the fruity-candy thing seems a bit off-putting. Maybe I'm better off never knowing? And yet... Thanks for letting us sniff Paris vicariously!

Shirley Munoz February 3, 2016

Well you had me at the dirty part. For me perfume is an erotic tool. I used to be a fan of Guerlain but for a few years have been bored by their fragrances. This one has caught my attention. Count me in.

jane February 3, 2016

You know me and Guerlain. I love exclusives, but especially Guerlain. I have refused to travel to France for many years ( thats an unrelated story.) Why oh why do they keep doing this to me?!

Stacie February 3, 2016

Usually I try to ignore these exclusives but rich fruit, wine? Sign me up!

LaDona February 3, 2016

I jumped through hoops of fire to get my hands on a Lutens bell jar of Iris Silver Mist...and I still feel vaguely guilty about that. I think perfumers are well aware that a perfume lover will do that, so why bother paying all the taxes and stuff to get scads of it to Bloomingdales...or wherever. Also, Exculsive just sounds so very fabulous! Well, they have me...and they damn well have their way with there's that. I have a love hate with vintage Shalimar, Mitsouko and this Aqua Allegoria sample I got called Teazzuria. Hate Chamade and, gasp, l'Heur Bleu. THIS sounds like it has enough skank to get me past my disdain of vile candy frags. If anyone can do it...its Guerlain. I would love a sample. More Paris, please!

Judy February 3, 2016

Slave to the siren call. That's why they tied Odysseus to the mast; me by his side.

Carla Roberts February 3, 2016

Desperately trying to distance myself from how much I WANT to sample this!!! Really wish it was available to everyone who wants to try it!

Katherine February 3, 2016

Ugh! I want to not love exclusives and they call to me. Why??? This sounds amazing. I want to go to Paris before they stop producing this baby.