Lonesome Rider by Tauer Perfumes

20160201s-300x203Last week, I gave a quick take on Andy Tauer’s latest creation, Lonesome Rider. Well I have had a full week to savor, so here we go..

It’s not a secret that we here at the Posse think Andy Tauer is pretty much a genius. I can remember the first of his that I smelled: Lonestar Memories, back at the old, tiny ScentBar. I was convinced that the person who concocted it absolutely had to be a Texan, so perfectly did he get the scent of the desert southwest.

In a way, Lonesome Rider revisits the same territory; it also has notes of sage, leather and tar, but also has ones of citrus, and flowers. While Lonestar could be written of as the scent of the cowboy by the fire, Lonesome Rider could be thought of the memory of his scent, still smelled on the skin of one who couldn’t leave, left by the one who couldn’t stay.

Lonesome Rider is available at Andy’s site, as a full bottle or as samples that at the moment are priced at a “pay as you wish” rate (with a postage fee of $4.00) or full 50ML bottles for $135. I purchased my sample from the site.

Image: His website

  • grizzlesnort says:

    I bought a sample based on reviews. Unfortunately, bad, bad associations here. It smells like orthopedic devices and prosthetics from my childhood.

  • Alison says:

    For those in the DC area, http://www.arielleshoshana.com/ carries the Tauer line. Give Arielle a call to see if she has this new one in stock!

  • LaDona says:

    I’m a native Texan, and you are right about Lonestar! I had a sample so I retried it. Fantastic! Tauer is the only guy who has warranted two full bottles…so far.PHI and Marocain…sounds like he may warrant three. I just love love love him. Marocain reminds me of San Diego on those rare hot days where the Santa Anna’s are blowing and there’s a bit of smoke, static and danger in the air. He seems to have a wonderful sense of “place.” I’ve kissed enough real Cowboys to want to try this desperately!