Out Sick

Apparently there’s a flu going around and I have been hit by it. Again. So I am sitting here in the gorgeous weather sweating like a hog and watching “Savage Inruder: on YouTube for like the bazillionth time. Attached is my Godchild (the redhead) in her web series, Zhe Zhe in the episode “sick”

I want those pajamas.

LaDona February 28, 2016

That flu took me down for a solid week. I got tamiflu, because I just couldn't take another minute in bed. Good luck!

Deb February 26, 2016

I'm very sorry to hear it. If you haven't had it too long, Tamiflu could help but there is controversy on that drug so..... I hope you have access to chicken soup, whether homemade or delivered. If you're in BH, perhaps there's an Asian place who delivers or a friend who can pick up some for you? I hope you get over it soon, Tom.

Laurels February 26, 2016

I had a medical appointment Monday, and the Urgent Care line went on forever. Hand sanitizer is your friend.