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PlumbingOh, I know it seems like I haven’t reviewed anything in a while and it’s true. But this week has been pretty brutal: my symptoms from the concussion actually showed up this week and I just couldn’t stomach scents. (my doctor told me that’s normal and just to take it easy. Right) That and there have been a never-ending parade of plumbers, painters, electricians, handymen and AC people as they replaced the water pipes, ripping out walls to do so.

It makes me wonder ?why did I give up drinking?”

It isn’t like I was a Saucy Boozehound as the great Deven Green would say. I just enjoyed an occasional cocktail. Usually before dinner. A nice Martini or Vodka Tonic in summer, or a Gin and French. In Winter, something heartier, like a Manhattan before a steak. There used to be a very Old School restaurant in Santa Monica where I’d have one with the oysters Rockefeller *which needs to make a comeback) and the filet. To give you an idea of how old school it was, it was Jane Wyman’s favorite restaurant.

I also remember myself and a friend trimming a thyroidal avocado tree in the back years of a mutual friend. It was a warm day and at the end of it were were beat. My friend *a gal who likes her tipple) insisted that we must have gin and tonics. I thought “Ugh, it’s not even four!” but the first sip was so wonderful on that hot day, icy cold and just bitter enough that I ended up having a second one with the chicken salad sandwiches my friend made and Beverly Hills Market potato chips (which are to D I E die for.)

Eventually I sort of stopped drinking hard liquor, going to wine, then to spritzers then finally to club soda. But weeks like this make me think that a gin and tonic might not be a bad idea..

What are your favorite libations? Share in the comments.

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  1. My favorite is one that a good friend invented that she named a yellowtail: vodka, club soda and a good squeeze of orange (or a splash of orange juice). It’s perfect for spring through fall. Jack and ginger is sweet and rich but the most cheering and warming concoction on a cold evening. Icy cold American or Mexican beer on a sticky hot day is one of my favorite things too.

  2. I love disgustingly sweet cocktails. :o) However, I want to try a Caprihina if I can ever find somewhere that makes it. This is what L’Artisan’s Batacuda is based upon, and that thing really smelled wonderful.

  3. I’m also a gin & tonic fan. I had a cocktail at a Laotian restaurant that was like a G&T Plus that I want to try and recreate: Hendricks gin, tonic, lime simple syrup, and cucumber water.

  4. Sorry you’re so uncomfortable. Your brain is bruised and bound to react oddly to stimulation so I’m not surprised you don’t crave perfume.
    I don’t usually drink unless my husband is around, then our usual evening cocktail is gin, cranberry (or cran-whatever) juice, and either Diet Sprite or club soda.
    If I’m craving something different or we have company, a G&T might happen. If I’m ordering out, Jameson’s and soda because it’s hard to screw up, except for that one time I had to explain the difference between soda and Coke. Once or twice a year I indulge in a Dark and Stormy. I’m predictable and lazy on the cocktail front.

  5. A good sour lemon drop with a sugar rim is wonderful and light in summer! Must not be sickly sweet the way some places mix them! Should pucker you up without the sugar rim. Mmmm.

  6. I get a bottle of Spanish sangria and, this time of year in AZ, pick some oranges, squeeze the juice and chop up some of the skin and make a super sangria. Drink outside in the swing.This sint good unless you have an orange tree.

  7. I was going to write about my “favorite libations” but then realized that I would end up sounding like the perfumed lush. So I’ll just say that I love rum. Maybe I was a pirate in a previous lifetime. ūüėČ My absolute favorite is Bailey’s Irish Cream, room temperature, poured in a wine glass and sipped!

  8. An Aviation – gin w/a dash of fresh lemon juice and creme d’violette which adds not only a lovely color but a great floral note to the herbaceous gin. Or a Dark-n-Stormy, ginger beer w/ black strap rum & a squeeze of lime.

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