Winner of Norell

Hey everybody — having computer issues over here so I’m keeping it short… thanks for all the cucumber suggestions.  I’m looking for a soliflore (veggieflore?) so the Tocca isn’t going to do it for me.  I’ve ordered a couple scents online (either the Yardley or Caswell or both) and they don’t smell a bit like cucumber.  I also ordered some of the Demeter Cucumber, and that was kind of …. nope.   Next stop is going to be the Fragrance Shop   recommended by Beth, that looks good.

I was pinching tomato leaves today and wow, what a great smell that is!  Tomatoes, cucumbers… I have an herb garden on my back porch with basil, dill, cilantro, mint, tarragon, etc. — the usual suspects.  Every time I go out there to gather a bit for a meal it gives me a smile.

Winner of the Norell gift box is…. SamanthaL!  Please email your address to perfumediva at gmail.

  • Sisty says:

    Folavril. I had a longing for a tomato leaf fragrance last fall, when our plants were still alive and actually getting some sun then, and was crushed to learn it had been discontinued.

  • MELISCENTS says:

    A fragrance that’s always reminded me of a cucumber/veggie note is Gray Flannel. I know it’s targeted towards men but I just love it. I think the vintage is a bit more of that veggie note, but it might be an option. And I have a bottle of Tomato Leaf fragrance oil that’s Heaven. Still trying to figure out just the right amount to use in a blend that won’t make me smell TOO much like I walked in out of the tomato field. 🙂

  • Das says:

    Ah tomatoes! Just moved into a new house this past autumn so I’m still feeling out the best spot in the yard for tomatoes, but I think I can just do plants in pots. Yes? Because then I can just move them around to the best spot? I’ve only grown tomatoes once on purpose and once (the next year) by accident and it was in the ground on a south facing patch that got sooo much sun and I gave them stinky fish fertilizer and everything. I’m crossing my fingers that container tomatoes are no big deal and I don’t need an ‘As Seen On TV’ kit. I will try! ?
    Good luck on the cuke quest!

    • March says:

      Mine are in pots because everything about that is easier for me (as an amateur suburban gardener with only a few tomato plants.) They’re right outside my back door on the deck for easy access. I could fill them with good soil since my soil is crap. I have the cages tied to the deck rails. I did, however, wind up with an extra plant and I put that in what I *think* is a good spot in a flower bed as a kind of experiment. The biggest issue I have, not uncommon, is getting the tomatoes before the squirrels do. Hugely frustrating. I’m mostly growing cherry tomatoes for that reason.

      People grow tomatoes in pots all the time. Just give it something to climb for support. My neighbor has this amazing contraption in his driveway, basically an old swingset with hanging five-gallon buckets planted out (buckets have holes) so the tomatoes hang down rather than up. I should take a photo.

  • cinnamon says:

    Tomato smell: Hilde Soliani Stecca. Not really available any longer, it seems, outside of Italy (and maybe not even there). Lucky Scent used to stock it, but they seem to be running down her brand. Tomato leaf, dirt, sunshine and other stuff. Astringent and green, but also unsweet fruity (if that makes sense). I don’t really grow veg or herbs other than mint any longer. The dog eats all that (or ate all that). Garden smells of cut grass and clematis at the moment. Soon, roses, jasmine and mock orange will be added in.