Skin Strippers: Name Your Favorite

treeOkay, so I had previously written about some of the issues I have been having with my (ahem) middle-aged skin. Some redness, flakiness and general blah-looking visage that I was bound and determined to at least partially correct before my next (and upcoming) birthday.

One of the things I changed in my life is to take a page from a friend and ex-coworker who has Lupus. A few years ago she was having real issues (she blogged about it, so I am not telling tales out of school) with her health being compromised. She bought a blender that could puree a Buick and started making “green smoothies” every morning. Well, a couple of months ago I saw on Amazon that they were selling a version of this blender in an unattractive color for half price, so I got one. I’ve been making a daily morning breakfast smooth with kale, spinach, celery, beets and some sort of fruit, mixing up and using all of the frozen stuff I can get at Trader Joe’s. As a boy who isn’t big on his veggies I’t a great way to get those 5 servings in and I have notinved a difference in that my eyes are clearer and I have more energy. Of course, I’ve also gaines a few pounds, so there’s a trade-off.

The other thing I’ve done is amp up the skincare. I started using a moisturizer with retinol by a company called Tree of Life and have noticed a difference already- I’ve even gotten compliments on my skin. I may never look 22 again, but I don’t have to look like an old shoe either.

So what are your favorites for taking care of your skin? Let us know in the comments.

Image: Amazon.

I purchased my Tree of Life moisturizer from Amazon.

Mrs. Honey May 28, 2016

I use the Clairsonic brush with the hydrating cream very regularly. I use the Paula's Choice Resist weekly retexterizing treatment. This is a BHA treatment. If you do not have to worry about pimples AND wrinkles, Paula's Choice also makes AHA treatments.

Brandi May 27, 2016

I have a Clairsonic brush and a hydrating cream by clairsonic that i use to really clean my skin. Then i use Dr. Dennis Gross extra strength Alpha Hydoxy Pads. You can find a big box online at a discount. The more you buy the less per unit. I have a pore minimizing moisturizer by Skinceuticals as well as the ferulic acid by the same company. I am 41 years old and 2 years ago i developed Adult Acne. Now it's gone! My skin really looks better than it ever has. My friends say i am drinking from the fountain of youth. Haha! Well, i hope it lasts, but i truly believe in these products. I haven't tried any retinol yet and lately I have been thinking about incorporating Hyaluronic Acid. I probably need to take some colagen too. I took some quality high potency fish oil for a little while and my skin was so smooth and soft but the pills gave me heartburn. I have a Nuribullet that i need to use much more frequently! Cheers, Brandi

Das May 27, 2016

Tried and true Paula's Choice fan for the past 7 years. I recommend this brand to everyone. They research the dermatology science to make products with worthwhile ingredients and explain this clearly on their website (it's a great learning resource even if you don't buy any of their products). They have a variety of ranges for all kinds of concerns. Their most loved item is the 2% BHA exfoliant, which helps my skin stay clear and smooth. They offer pretty much everything as a sample and have frequent sales, so you should definitely explore the line.

Artist May 27, 2016

My approach is pure MSM and biotin and Vit C and collagen peptide powders from Bulk Supplements, cheaper than any tablets or "brand name' supplements, all with zero fillers. The first three i put in water with a scant amount of pure stevia from the same company and the collagen I actually put in my coffee ( totally dissolves and you don't know it's there! ) along with coconut oil in the morning. This and lot of water does a lot more than what I put on the outside.

jacqueline May 27, 2016

OBAGI!! expensive. But the best!

Eldarwen May 27, 2016

My skin regimen is pretty basic. I use the Skyn Iceland Glacial face wash followed by the cloud cream. It doesn't dry out my skin or cause hives.

Portia May 27, 2016

Good for you Tom. No skin regime here but I'm always impressed by people who do. Portia xx