odonata9 June 21, 2016

I enjoy rollerballs. I have several in a mug on my desk - Philosphy Falling in Love, Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar, Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit, and some random thing I got at Anthropologie ages ago that they no longer carry.

rosarita313 June 20, 2016

Ann, I'm with you and Maggiecat on the affordability of rollerballs. Right now I have three, and while I really like Kate Walsh Boyfriend and a Monyette Paris dupe in rollerballs, I hardly ever wear Stella because I can barely smell it, a spray would be better. I think I prefer rollerballs for oils.

Portia June 20, 2016

Hey there Ann, Yes, I love a rollerball though I've had a couple leak on me so I always keep them in a little baggie. Currently have Costume National So Nude, Madonna Truth or Dare and a roller decant of Eau de Marveilles by Hermès. They stay in a little purse in my Trivia bag in case of emergencies. Portia xx

mikasminion June 20, 2016

I used to have a Fracas rollerball and it worked nicely: made it easily office appropriate. It's not my favorite way to apply most scents, but I do have a rollerball decant of MKK that makes it easy to apply a nice dab as a musky base or a huge smear if I need a full-dose. I also had a rollerball decant of Tauer's Loretta for layering and I have a couple of easy to wear scents in my gym bag; L'Ombre dans L'eau, Stella, and Pacifica Lilac.

HeidiC June 20, 2016

When I wear CF and Fracas, I want to be smelled, so I'm happy spraying those -- but I think my Cuir de Russie might work better as a rollerball. The spray is a bit much, but I have to dab quite a bit to get enough. I think the only rollerball I have right now is Elizabeth & James Nirvana White, which is a nice summery smell. Oh, and the sample of Armani Prive Vert Malachite I got from a very special fairy godmother(!) is in a sort of rollerball-y vial, which is good to keep it from being too big a smell.

Maggiecat June 20, 2016

I'll need to check this one out- sounds lovely! Rollerballs are mostly an economy thing for me, an inexpensive way to buy a scent I like. I'd rather have a spray, but until that lottery investment pays off...

Sarah June 19, 2016

Love rollerballs. Fracas, Carnal Flower work well this way. Wish I could put my Amourage Gold and Habanita in one. Wonder what Mitsouko would do in one? Will have to sniff Air Sunshine up. Thanks for the suggestion. Into the Summer we go!

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