So Not Me: Boucheron Jaipur Homme, and a giveaway.

JaipurSome things just aren’t me. Boucheron fragrances tend to fill that bill. I received a sample of Jaipur Homme with a fragrance purchase (I think from Barney’s) and I have been giving it a whirl this week. Here is the blurb from Fragrancenet:

“Jaipur Homme, a rich fragrance with sensuous, spicy notes. Fresh top notes and a spicy harmony, softened by an intense and woody signature.a bold and contemporary architectural bottle containing an intense, sophisticated fragrance concentration”

For me, it’s just a little too much, with it’s citrus-sweet opening though it’s heavy middle to it’s powdery finish. I actually think it would be better on a female than on a male, or that the man wearing it would have be very well dressed to carry it off.

Which I am not. sells it at about $35 for 3.4 ML, which makes it an excellent buy. My sample was a gift with purchase.

If you live in the continental US and would like to enter the draw to receive my sample, please say so in the comments. Shamelessly telling me how clever and amusing I am will not affect your chances of winning, but would be nice…

ledygrey August 27, 2016

Sounds intriguing - I would love to try it! I just now discovered your fabulous blog from a link in an online essay about vintage perfumery.

Deborah August 26, 2016

Oh wait. I see now to go here to be considered. Sorry! Thanks so much!

Patty Pong August 26, 2016

I’ll take a late chance on winning this sample.... :)

Claudia S August 26, 2016

I'll throw my hat in the ring...hoping you're enjoying this cooler weather we're having, Tom. Feel better!

melanie huttner August 24, 2016

I'd love to win!!!!!

Christian H August 20, 2016

I'd love to try it!

Sapphire August 20, 2016

Hi Tom, this does sound interesting to try. I think Tom Ford Noir Extreme is another that might be better on women and I even prefer it to Noir for Femme, despite being a femme. I always miss you when you're ill.

Spring_pansy August 19, 2016

Hi Tom - I'd love to try this - it sounds delightful. I do find you amusing and clever and you have cheered my Friday mornings many times.

Cindi August 19, 2016

Hi, My son enjoys a nice fragrance and he dresses the part... Just in case it wouldn't fit him, his mother, loves fragrance! Many thanks to you, Cindi

PJ August 19, 2016

I'd love to try this. Sounds kinda like me, actually. And if not, I have a tall handsome cousin whom it truly will suit. Thanks, Tom.

Bianca August 19, 2016


Annie G August 19, 2016

I love Jaipur...I usually spray a little on if I see it at a counter and a few people have complimented me on it. I agree, it's unusually sweet and powdery for a men's fragrance!

Deborah Lacativa August 19, 2016

So in need of a whiff of something new...castoffs welcome.

Ellen M August 19, 2016

I'd love to try this. You are clever and amusing and I know that won't help.