Best of Fall 2016

It’s that time of year, isn’t it?  Finally!  Who doesn’t love fall?  Yes, there are allegedly those folks out there, and they’re baffling…. Portia, is it spring in Australia?

Here are the things we’re loving right now…

Anita –  LOL!  it dropped 30 degrees in less than 24hrs.  THIRTY DEGREES!  As I type this, it’s about 48F here, and still damp from yesterday’s rain.   I’m in Cuir de Lancôme, which I wear on chilly-but-not cold Autumn days (like this).  One of my other faves is Uncle Serge’s Daim Blond – and it’s the only time I can wear Caleche and her younger sister, Kelly.  Early Autumn, with its changeable temps, is the perfect time for soft leathers like this.  Come the end of Autumn I’ll bust out Chanel Cuir de Russie parfum and Liz Zorn’s Cordovan Rose.


Ann – How’s about something old and something new for fall? For my newbie, I’m enjoying Tom Ford’s Vert d’Encens. It starts out with a lovely green (for those still warm-ish days), then eases into some warm, incense-y goodness (and maybe a hint of chocolate?) just in time for evening’s chill. And my old faithful: Si Lolita de Lempicka. It’s been around for a while now, but it still seems just right for this time of year. Its soft, understated florals settle softly on a gently spiced cushion of pink peppercorn, elemi, tonka bean and patchouli. Got some other faves up my sleeve as well, but it’s not quite chilly enough to pull them out.

March – readers know I fell in love with Fornasetti’s “Otto” candles, but I won’t spend $175 (or $550, lol) on one, no matter how gorgeous they are.  Thanks to reader TT, I *think* I just scored a refill of the room spray for $75!  Sooooo excited.  Here’s some more info that didn’t make it into my post: it was done by Olivier Polge, and it’s named Otto because it was the eighth proposed iteration.  There’s also a fancy incense.


Portia – Yeah, Spring here in Australia but I find many of my Spring and Autumn fragrances cross over. In the newer-to-me selection I’m wearing my new FB of Morn To Dusk by Eau d’Italie a LOT.  It’s a crunchy vanilla done sweet/amber and a perfect cuddler in the cool of the evening. Cuir Mojito by Daniel Barros is also getting a solid work out, not available commercially yet but imagine a fragrance that starts with the minty boozy sparkling fun of a mojito and morphs into a very Knife Ten style leather, fabulously Indie feeling and super wearable while also being TOTALLY weird. Lastly, I’m emptying a decant of Ambre Eternal by Guerlain at an astonishing rate. It’s a fabulously creamy and woody amber on me with most of that amber being a sensational synth ambergris (I’m guessing). Don’t fret for me though, I bought a FB.
From my older stuff Shalimar, Mohur, Antaeus, No 22 and Cuir Pleine Fleur are all getting skin time.

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