Basenotes Denver Perfume Meetup!

Basenotes has arranged a Denver perfume meetup – Surrender to Denver on April 8, 2017    You can click the link to see the details and PM Joy if you are attending, but I’ve also included them here.  Hope anyone that is local or close will be there. I’m hoping to bring some rare things for sniffing in the evening.

Why Surrender?
Because our special guest will be Patty White from Surrender to Chance, one of our favorite decanting sources. Additionally, we’ll be joined by perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. Some from our group will be visiting her studio on Friday.
(I’ll be contacting Patty and Dawn again. They haven’t confirmed anything about our ordering from their businesses yet. I’m guessing maybe there’s problem with their online ordering systems automatically figuring in shipping. Will get back to you as soon as I know.)  I can add on this that anyone who orders who will be going to this, just put in the notes that you are attending, and we will refund shipping and bring your order to you.

Swapping and sharing
You are encouraged to bring surplus or formerly loved samples/decants/bottles to share and keep them in circulation. Additionally, some of us may make up samples for each other according to your wardrobe test list. So … UPDATE YOUR TEST LIST!

Meet at Nordstrom’s ebar
I spoke to ebar staff who assured me they open at 8 a.m. on Saturdays. I suggest you arrive at 9 or 9:30 if you want to spending a little time jumping up and down, hugging, and caffeinating. The ebar sits at Nordstrom’s interior mall entrance near the cosmetics department. (See notation #1 on map)

Cherry Creek shops open at 10 a.m.
PRE-SHOPPING TIP: As you may know, you can often find out about the availability of individual products at particular outlets by using the shop’s zip code on the webpage of the product you’re seeking. For Cherry Creek, that’s: 80206

Here is the sequence I imagine our perfume parade will follow:
(1) Nordstrom — Nordies offers few items not also available from N-M. According to, their Cedar Creek location has just a couple exclusives: Lanvin Éclat de Fleurs and Valentino Valentina Poudre.
(2) Anthropologie — Check their website for exclusive lines. Most recently added is Raw Spirit.
(3) Bath & Body Works — I don’t know if there’s interest in their lineup. We can pop in if we feel like it.
(4) Sephora — Their newest exclusive is Nest Black Tulip.
(5) L’Occitane — L’Occitane usually rolls in fresh products quasi-regularly. One of their newest is Shea Butter Violet Solidarity Balm, the proceeds from which go to promote women’s leadership around the world, currently in stock at Cedar Creek.
(6) Lush has had a hit with its Rose Jam, its newest scented product is called Wash Behind Your Ears shower gel.
(Note: Macy’s is nearby. Don’t know if there’s any interest for us, but will mention these are exclusive to Macy’s: Nejma, Michel Germain, and Paco Rabanne Lady Million.)
(7) FOOD COURT. Preview the menus from: and…ios/denver.php
(8) Neiman Marcus — Let loose! Lots of new Jo Malones.
(9) Hermes — 2016 releases were Eau des Merveilles Bleue, Galop d’Hermes, Muguet Porcelain, Eau de Rhubarbe Éscarlate, and Eau de Néroli Doré.
I haven’t found the new Mon Guerlain to be in stock at the Cedar Creek Sephora or Macy’s (although they both offer it online). Maybe we’ll get lucky on the day.


After Hermes, I invite you to walk around the block to my Marriott room (roommate desired, PM me) for a sprawl-on-the-floor gathering. If we get hungry, I can order pizza delivery from Extreme Pizza. Their two most popular items are the veggie Drag It Through The Garden pizza and the meaty Railroad Grade pizza. They also offer sub sandwiches. If you have particular dietary restrictions, just speak up. With soda, I think this would run about $12 per person. Please bring cash to make this manageable.

Most stores will let you make samples. Simply ask permission to do so. Back at the Marriott, we may wish to make samples for each other. I’m getting low on vials, so I hope to be able to order some from Surrender to Chance for this occasion. (I will bring vials!)

As always, if you see a better way to proceed with meals, etc., I’m open to suggestions.

Will you be joining us?
Please send me one last PM confirmation so I have a final head count.
Thank you
  • ELdora says:

    Sorry to go all “Horshack” but, “OOOOOOHHHHH! OOOOOOHHHHH! OOOOOOHHHHH!” Perhaps we could talk? I live “just up the hill” and have some things “cough, cough” that I am sure would make things interesting.

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    Thank you Patty for posting Basenotes Perfume Meetup in Denver. I’m very interested in attending. I live in a southern suburb of Denver; adore learning about, sniffing, collecting, wearing fragrance. I’d love to spend time with fragrance lovers. Is there anyone else in Denver metro interested in going?

    • Spring-pansy says:

      Hi Kathleen,
      I live in Louisville (near Boulder) and would love to come. I couldn’t quite tell when Patty and Dawn would be there – morning or evening. I probably can’t spend the whole day. What timing are you thinking of?

      • Patty says:

        Right now i’m thinking afternoon/when everyon eheads back to the hotel for eats and sniffage. My dogs would be crazed if I vamoosed for all day without them. I don’t know what Dawn is planning at all.

      • Kathleen Smith says:

        Hi! I was thinking of going in the morning, meeting at Nordstroms and seeing how it goes. I haven’t been to Cherry Creek in forever and might be fun to tag along. I’ve never attended a Perfume Meetup, and also haven’t figured out how to contact Basenotes people to sign up.
        I’d love to meet Patty, I’m big fan of her STC business. And I adore DHS’s Chinchilla and would love to meet her as well.
        I probably wouldn’t stay all day either; probably morning/early afternoon. I live in Highlands Ranch, my south to your north! Let me know what you’re thinking! I’d love to meet another fragrance lover!