Areej Le Dore Siberian Musk Review

Areej Le Dore Siberian MuskListen, Perfume Skank and Smut lovers, this is for you!  Areej Le Dore Siberian Musk is a small brand with unusual distillation techniques using rare materials. They have gotten legal Siberian deer musk and put it into an amazing perfume.

So let’s dig in.  Notes of notes Italian bergamot, lime, Indian mandarin, Siberian smoky pine, freshly co-distilled hydrosol from exotic fruits and citruses, a maceration made from legally obtained, wild Siberian deer musk grains, Moroccan orange blossom, Australian sandalwood, galbanum, cypress, spices, agarwood oils from Papua New Guinea, blue cypress absolute, patchouli, amber resin, clean Indian vetiver and Indian herbal musk attar.

Pretty classic perfume, but underpinned with that musk along with the spices and oils makes this a whole other thing.  I can’t say it better than Take One Thing Off – “think Muscs Khoublai Khan crossed with the decaying roses and adiposal wax of Rose de Nuit, backlit by the subtle glow of resin, orange blossom, and citrus peel. The contrast between the fresh notes and the fatty, un-fresh musk is perfectly pitched.

This is luxurious, high-class smut.  Think courtesan who doesn’t take “money.”  Has a classic feel in the depth and sensuality, but not – yikes, I’m going to say it, not an old lady perfume.  I adore this, but it’s not an everyday perfume. Perfume for the evening, a night out or any time you want to put on your feminine spurs.

Deer musk he uses is legally sourced.  There is approved hunting in Russia, and those are primarily families who use it for food, and they do sell the musk after using everything else.  So it’s not free of a deer dying.  I know that may not work for everyone, and I just wanted to mention it.

You can buy Areej Le Dore Siberian Musk at their site for $300 for 50 mls, and it is a parfum extrait that lasts approximately until you shower next and beyond.

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I’ll give away three samples of Areej Le Dore Siberian Musk to commenters drawn at random.  Yes or no on musk, or just hate the synthetics?



  1. No need to enter me on this one. Not only did I just win something (yay–thank you!), but this kinda scares me. As I’ve aged, skank and smut don’t wear well on me or those around me complain. I’m OK with some musk, and don’t mind synthetics, but I’ll happily pass on this!

  2. I’ve recently become drawn to smutty notes and I’d love to try this one. I’m a big fan of non-clean musks so it sounds like a winner (especially combined with orange blossom!)

  3. I adore musk and skank and smut, but not most synthetic musks, which don’t smell musky to me. This one sounds like heaven to me, or maybe naughty-heaven.

  4. All musks are good, synthetic, vegetal, or animal!

  5. I like musk except for the squeaky clean ones. This sounds interesting!

  6. Yes, please! I have a weakness for smutty scents.

  7. It depends…? I don’t like synthetic music but the others well, it really depends on my mood. Thanks for the draw- really daring to try this!! I’d love to!!
    Thank you.

  8. Terrifying. Skank becomes effluvium on this skin.
    Hope all fur babies doing well.

  9. Synthetic musks, especially white musks, have to be used with a very light touch or the perfume is ruined for me. I don’t know about real deer musk. I looked for vintage perfumes heavy on musk and did not find any that I knew. I saw a Posse post on musk fragrances and it said that Bal a Versailles has a lot of musk as well as civet. I love vintage Bal a Versailles but it is not skanky/smutty to me or on me. Others agree, no skank on me. So I am really curious about what Areej Le Dore Siberian Musk is like.

  10. I would just like to try a scent that lasts beyond 30 minutes. What’s going on. At over $300 a bottle, I get in the car and my husband doesn’t even smell my perfume. So give me smut, or whatever, just so I can smell something that lasts. And thank you.

  11. OH my goodness, this thing has prompted this long-time lurker to comment – would ADORE a sample of this. I’ve hardly met a musk I didn’t love (Bonne Bell Skin Musk is the only loser so far) and this sounds just perfect.

  12. Yes to musks, however, very selectively. Muscs Koublai Khan and Musc Nomade stand out among the easier to acquire niche brands.

  13. I’m glad you weighed in on this. I was interested in trying these after reading the review on Take One Thing Off. I do llove some skanky musks, in particular Muscs Koublaï Khän and Musc Nomade, while others, like Musc Tonkin, have left me cold. Having actual musk might kind of settle things once and for all.

  14. I love musks, always have and probably always will. It started when I was a very young girl with the stuff you found at your local drug stores such as Bonnie Bell, Skin. When I was 14 I met a woman who introduced me to Bal a Versailles.. wowers! I couldn’t afford the perfume so I bought the bath oil and wore that instead. At 50 I still gravitate to perfumes that are loaded with animal butt essence. I wore Lovely and White Musk for a long time, my safe go to work choices. The most recent for me are Salome (a sample thanks to the wonderful crew here) Civet, MMK but it doesn’t last very long on me. The latter are more stay at home scents I like to wear alone. I honestly could keep throwing names out there. I pretty much like every Musk I smell. But to last on my skin it seems to need to be grounded with some florals. I wonder if others have that issue?

  15. This scent sounds intriguing! I think of myself as more of a floral girl – at least during the day! Perhaps I have an alter ego who wears a sexy, smutty musk for evenings?!? I agree with an earlier poster – anything will do if it lasts more than 30 minutes on my skin! As an example, even FM Carnal Flower only lasts maybe an hour before no one smells it on me. Seriously!!

  16. I am a musk lover, but on this one I am curious to find how the citrus and cypress/pine balance out and don’t overwhelm the fragrance.

  17. I’m just dying to try some real musk again. I miss so much the depth that perfume had back then when all the natural materials were used in perfumery…and that I took for granted. I’m aware this is nothing for girlies but I’m ready to take the risk!

  18. I generally love musk, although sometimes I’m anosmic. This one sounds really interesting.

  19. Thank you for the background on this fragrance! I’m not a fan of white musks generally; however, have never sniffed real musk. I’m intrigued overall with this fragrance and would love the chance to sample it.

  20. I don’t like white “musk”, nor do I like anything made “smutty” with cumin (bad cumin, bad!). But I do like vintage skank.

  21. In general I love musk perfumes, but Koublai Khan crossed the line with me into no-go territory. So I would be interested to see how the addition of rose and citrus blend with a similar, truly animalic musk.

  22. You got my attention at the first line and love the sound of this one. Certainly not the usual. Synthetic and real musk both have their place, as long we are informed.

  23. This sounds like all my perfume wishes come true. Diehard musk lover, Musc Tonkin, Musc Ravageur and L’air de Rien being my all time faves. Skin Musk and the Abdul Kareem Egyptian Musk are usually in the rotation as well. Recently acquired a decant of the Le Labo Musc 25 from STC and it leaves me a bit cold.

  24. Musk, yes! I haven’t smelled perfume smut I haven’t liked (sometimes I don’t like the perfume as a whole but it’s never because it’s too dirty for me). For me, musk = warm and comfortable. I’m obviously a very depraved perfumista 😉

  25. I love musk scents, the dirtier the better! This one sounds amazing! I think since the deer are being used for other purposes besides just perfume it is okay to use real musk in this case.

  26. Ohhhhhhhhhhnooooooooooooo….. real musk and galbanum and orange blossom and vetiver??? CRAP — someone hide my credit card!

  27. Love to be a bit daring, yes to trying the musk.

  28. I’d love to try this and put on some feminine spurs 🙂

  29. Yes to musk. If it is anything like MKK, I would love to get my hands on a sample.

  30. Hi Patty,

    Thank you so much for your review! So glad you made me aware of this brand, sounds really interesting!!!

    I am trying to figure out if the Areej Le Dore perfumes can really be shipped to Canada with DHL, as advertised in their website (perfumes are considered dangerous goods and might be confiscated by the customs… I don’t want to risk to pay for an order and have my bottles stuck somewhere).

    Does someone out there have any experience and/or advice?

    Are there some similarities between Musc Tonkin by Parfums d’Empire or Ambre Muscadin by LM Parfums and Siberian Musk? I have a kind of hate / love story with musk and do not like white musk at all.

    Best regards,


  31. To good to be true, would really appreciate a sample please..

  32. So far I like musk, but I doubt I’ve ever smelled the natural stuff! I’d love to try it.

  33. Definitely interested. I’ve never smelled the real thing but I like the dirtier fakes — Maai, Salome, etc.

  34. Siberian Musk sounds intriguing. I’d definitely like to be in the drawing for a sample. I’ve liked the musks that I’ve tried, like Maai, Salome, Bal a Versailles, MKK, etc. The only ones I don’t care for are the squeaky clean laundry musks that just smell like detergent to me.

  35. I would like to try this, but I’m sure a tiny decant would last a long time. Salome didn’t do well on my skin, but MKK smelled like a well groomed horse, more cosy than scary. I like only some musks, in particular the white musk present in so many scents can og horribly wrong on my skin.

  36. Love all kinds of musks. Smelled some allegedly real deer musk some years back and I’m curious how close this might be. I like everything from Kiehl’s to MKK to those Madini musk oils. Thanks for the draw!

  37. I would really love to try this one. I love MKK and Rose de Nuit. Sounds like a heavenly combination! Please enter me in the drawing as well. Thanks!

  38. I’ve only ever smelled synthetic musk, and it’s a hit or miss note for me. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I despise it. I’d love to be able to give a sniff to a real musk based perfume, especially one as well-made as this seems to be. Great review! Please enter me into the drawing, and thanks!

  39. I quite like the clean, soapy smell of white musk; I haven’t quite made up my mind about the more feral-smelling kind. I once smelled a chunk of musk in the perfume museum in Grasse, but I’d love to try it in the context of a perfume! Thanks for the draw.

  40. Would looooove to try this one as it sounds like it has been made for me <3

  41. Is this still open? I actually landed here looking for a review of Ottoman Empire (on the quest for the perfect rose and oud like I used to get “back home”); but I’m a lover of MKK, Salome, and all things musk and would love to try a sample of this!

  42. I am waiting for the day i can purchase the 50 ml, till then i keep crossing my fingers for the sample.

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