Papillon Dryad and Areej Le Dore Oud Zen

I did NOT forget about you guys today.  I need to come up with some more planning with everything I’ve got going on.

So new iPapillon Dryadn this week that I’ve sniffed – Papillon Dryad and Areej Le Dore Oud Zen.

Papillon Dryad probably is not so much my thing.  It is a beautiful green gorgeous thing.  I’m not a green perfume kind of girl.  Doesn’t matter, if you love green, the old Diors, etc., you absolutely have to get this.    It is beautifully made and feels wild, like your forest came alive and is slowly eating your house when you turn your back.  But every time you try to catch it, it looks calm and lovely and tranquil.  Yeah, that kind of green. It’s a green that makes me wish I loved to wear this particular kind of perfume.

Areej Le Dore Oud Zen.  I read one review that said this is not a dirty oud.  Oh, pshaw.  Okay, I may be a lightweight when it comes to oud, but I think it is the filthiest oud.  Toe-curling dirty.  I got a little on my nose when I leaned in too quick after I first sprayed it and then spent the day with a vague uneasiness about my level of skank I was putting off.  Okay, probably not the filthiest thing I’ve ever smelled, but it’s up there in my fave top five along with Areej le Dore Siberian Musk.

So middle of summer, hot as heck, and I am covered in skanky oud and magical forests.  It’s a good summer.

I’ll do a giveaway, two sets of a sample of each to a lucky commenter drawn at random.  So of the two, which one are you most keen to smell? The skanky oud or the magical forest?


  1. Oh gosh -it would have to be forest for me – green, alone, tranquil – i need some living things around me that dont ask for anything 🙂

  2. Green forests for me. I have come to realize that green fragrances are my go to scent family. From floral to leathery, green is my mode.

  3. I’d love to try the magical forest scent! Thank you.

  4. DYING to try Dryad — Salome is one of my favorite scents ever, and also a fan of Anubis. An old-school chypre with galbanum on top? Yes please! Thanks for the draw!

  5. the magical forest for me, for sure- thanks for the darw

  6. Another green-lover here! The dryad is my inspiration and keeps some vestigial sense of Magic Kingdom alive for me despite all the suffering of life.
    Thanks for the draw! Also love this post — how long were you smelling skanky out with every inhale?!

  7. Well I love skank so I’ll have to go with the oud, but they both sound interesting!

  8. I’ve been dying to try Dryad but I love filthy scents so now I’m lemming both.

  9. I’d love a magical forest right now! Heck, I’ll take a shade tree at this point! 🙂
    Thanks for the draw!

  10. Skank edges out green but I’ll take either! xxoo

  11. Magical forest! Now I want to try Dryad even more than I already did. Thanks for the draw 🙂

  12. Hi Patty,
    Definitely green! The one redeeming factor of me having to clean up my backyard is the scent of green, as I yank out meters and meters of ivy growing over my cedars.

  13. Patty,

    You’re killing me with indecision! “Forest” and “Skank” are my two favorite words in perfumery. That said, I absolutely love all of Liz Moores’ scents, so I’ll say “Dryad”.

  14. I’m curious about the forest. I haven’t loved the other Papillons but this sounds very intriguing.

  15. I would really like to try Dryad. I love the feel of a green forest. Thank you for your generosity.

  16. Sooo… I own several fairy costumes and I’m in my 30s. Dryad sounds like my happy place.

  17. green Green GREEN! Dying to try Dryad, have seldom met a vintage green I didn’t like — old Diors, Vent Vert, bring it on!

  18. That would be the magical forest for me. I was over oud before it became a thing – I like MFK’s Oud Satin Mood on a chilly day, and that’s about it. I’m sure I’m missing out somehow, but that’s the way it is. Can’t argue with my nose (well, I can but it never does any good).

  19. No real access to Areej le Doré so that’s the one I’m least likely to smell. Thanks for the draw!

  20. I love to smell of forest whenever possible…I’m a lunatic about it! Please enter me and thank you!

  21. Skanky is so not my style. However, fresh greens are, and so lovely for summer. Thank for the opportunity!

  22. I don’t know. I kind of like the combination of the two as you described them 🙂 Thanks for the chance to try them!

  23. Definitely Dryad! I love green perfumes and I like the house of Papillon.

  24. I’ve been looking forward to smelling Dryad (and I am a green perfume kind of guy), so that is probably my winner, but the skanky oud also sounds great! Thanks for the draw.

  25. The skank for me. I love a good green, but a great skank is even better. Thanks for the drawing.

  26. I am a fan of most green scents and not a fan of oud, so absolutely Dryad. I really want to find a favorite from Papillon!

  27. Love a skanky oud. You definitely had me at “toe curling dirty”. Thanks for the post and draw!

  28. I love the idea of a dangerous green perfume that plays grandmother’s footsteps–I’m longing to smell Dryad.

  29. I’m all about green scents, they’re some of my favorite for spring and summer.

  30. Interesting… Forest for me, I love Ormonde Woman but then I thought you did too, Patty, does this suggest dryad is a very different sort of green?

  31. Magical forest for me! Your description combined with the picture you chose are pretty compelling.

  32. I smelled Dryad on paper the other day. I would love to smell this magical forest on my skin.

  33. You smell amazing!! I think the combo sounds the best, so not sure how I will only pick one 🙂 I guess will go with the forest, thank you for the giveaway!

  34. Hmmm.. the forest is tempting…but bring on the skank! Thank you for the giveaway!

  35. Both sound intriguing, but I think I’d lean towards green forest! Maybe I’ll brave the heat today during lunch and walk in the little forest on our nature trail! I love it in spring and fall, but summer is rough!

  36. Oh Dryad. I’m longing to smell it, even though it may not be for me. Then again, I did wear the Cellier version of Vent Vert in my youth, so…. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    • Also…I came across an article about Forest Bathing, no swimsuit needed. So that’s where my mind is.

  37. It would have to be Dryad for me – I love green frags, and find irresistible the idea of a magical forest 🙂 Thanks for the draw!

  38. I am absolutely In love with dryads in general, so I would expect Dryads to win out . . . . . But I’m also liking a bit of skank this fall. New Sibet and Pardis Pardo are rwo current favorites . . . . So a dirty woody oud might be just perfect

  39. The forest one please. If Papillon Dryad smells like the forest image provided, I would love to smell it.

  40. Skanky oud might be more to my taste, but the description of both has me intrigued.

  41. most interested in the magical green forest, but still dipping my toes in ouds, so a sample would be best!

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