September Grab Bag

Those are one of the pair of two boots I got for fall.  I still can’t exactly figure out what to wear them with, though I did find one skirt that will work.  Sorry I’m late this week, working and getting myself back into the writing routine has been a wee bit rocky, but improving.

Grab bag for September, and I’ll specifically include a few things in it like.  But first I need to do some drawings from August!

Winners of the Creed White Amber, Guerlain Joyeuse Tubereuse and Buterbaugh three oud and something samples – Linda Bolger and Melissa Long.

August grab bag (for sure Tom Ford Mineral Oud, Zoologist Dragonfly, Naomi Goodsir nuit de Bakelite) – Snarky Shiba and Rose Macaroon.

All of you winners – just click on Drop Us a Note at the top, send me an e-mail, remind me of what you won and get me your mailing address (Figment winners tell me if you want the man or woman_. I’ll send you a quick e-mail to let you know I got your e-mail and it didn’t land in a spam filter and then get it on the way to you.

The grab bag for September will for sure include these samples, plus a bunch more – Hermes Twilly d’Hermes, the two new Jo Malones (English Oak and Hazelnut and English Oak and Redcurrant.

So does the young skewing of the Twilly d’Hermes put you off? It’s really pretty great, and those two new Jo Malones are just beautiful for fall and winter.  I’ll draw for two grab bags from commenters.

  • Ingeborg says:

    I don’t mind the fact that Twilly is marketed to a younger segment of the market. Would love to try it, in fact. Just tried Chanel Gabrielle a week ago and that was not for me. But then I usually have more luck with Hermes than Chanel.

    Please enter me in the draw.

  • Mary says:

    The Twilly sounds interesting to me. Please include me in the drawing.

  • lawgoddess says:

    I am a sucker for a cute bottle, and the Twilly bottle is adorable! I bought one of the Harajuko Lovers by Gwen Stefani because of the bottle.

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  • Jenbat says:

    Denim shirtdress? Or any shirtdress really.. plaid would go well too. I haven’t seen any of the Twilly marketing, I’m just looking forward to smelling it, Hermes can usually be counted on for something interesting. Please include me in the draw, and thanks!

  • Tara C says:

    Love the boots! Just bought a couple of new flannel plaid shirts to wear with mine for fall. Thanks for the draw!

  • Lemoncake says:

    Love your boots….you’re making me want a pair! I’ve been interested in Twilley and would love to try it. I try to ignore the whole gender and age marketing strategies – I think I can miss out on some great fragrances by limiting my perspective. Thanks for the draw!

  • Marianna says:

    His sounds great. I am a big fan and f cowboy boots and have a few 🙂

  • fluerycat says:

    I love western boots also, bought a few beautiful pairs over the years after finding a gorgeous embroidered pair at an unbelievable price. The price was so good I bought another pair, and the leather on each was so unique that they are really are different. I agree they look great with skirts high and low as well as skinnies. A perfect autumnal segue, enjoy!

    I am not put off by the idea of a youthful fragrance, only the candy sweet dreck that has been marketed to that group. I would love to try Twilley, I feel like it could go either way for me, and any other new samples would be most welcome!

    Thanks for including me.

  • RoseMacaroon says:

    I now have major boot-envy…
    Well, it’s Hermes so yeah, I’d love to try it, and the bottle is borderline ingenious. It’s a bit tedious seeing the relentlessly narrow focus of ad campaigns especially with fragrance, which would obviously lend itself to so much creativity and really artistic work, so I’m tired of but also over it! Also I agree with Coin-Op as to what to wear with those kick-assholes boots.

  • I ordered some men’s cowboy boots from Steve madden, and though the boots didn’t work out I somehow ended up with free yearly subscriptions to 1. golf digest, 2. Wine enthusiast, and 3. Women’s health. Since I don’t drink or play golf and am a guy it was all very mystifying. The samples sound amazing!

  • Neva says:

    I just loooove cowboy boots in all shapes and colors. Such a pity they are so hard to find in Europe but whenever I visited the States I bought myself a pair of cowboy boots. Yours are really beautiful and you can wear them to short and long skirts. I’m curious about Twilly. The bottle is simple but cute.

  • rina says:

    I tried Twilly before I knew about the age-thingy and really like it. Nords had carded samples or I got lucky, LOL. I’d love to see a Twilly mini as a Sephora points award. Thanks for the draw!

  • dquinton13 says:

    Our palates change so much that I wonder of it’s taste, marketing, mentally associations or some combination of all of them that makes certain fragrances popular with younger audiences.
    I’d love to be entered in the drawing!

  • Koyel says:

    I think the Twilly bottle is the cutest ever and would be THRILLED to love the scent 🙂

  • Jennifer S. says:

    The Twilly bottle is cute….to draw the ‘young’ gaze I’m sure. I think marketing tags like unisex, masculine, feminine, young person….shouldn’t deter us from sampling anything cause you never know what you might like until you try it.

  • HeidiC says:

    LOVE those boots! Treat yo self! And yes, I get turned off if something is specifically marketed to youth. But I am curious to sniff, especially the JMs. Thanks!

  • Anna Egeria P. says:

    I love the Twilly bottle but I do find any campaign aimed at young women will make me less likely to want to try the fragrance. Please enter me in the draw. Thank you.

  • Kandice says:

    No on the Twilly. In fact, I just ordered a sample on STC. Can’t wait to try it, although I am prepared to be disappointed as I hear the tuberose isn’t very strong. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • shiva-woman says:

    Love love love the boots, and don’t know anything about Twilly. I don’t understand perfume age distinctions entirely as when Iwas a teen, Loves Baby Soft was hanging with Ciara and my mom’s Tabu, and I loved sneaking into her Estee YD bathoil. It was all good– though I’m now over the Love’s. I do wonder sometimes if not only our tastes change as we get older, but our actual sense of smell and skin chemistry, and why young people tend to a go very light, bright and clean. I love my heavy orientals.

  • lunagreen428 says:

    Yay for boot season! Please enter me in the drawing – I’ve been curious to try all of these new scents. Thanks you!

  • Coin-op says:

    I don’t know where my other comment went, but yes, please enter me in contest, thank you!

    regarding the marketing – most marketing is focused on young people so that did not stand out as much as the more avant-gard aspect of the commercial. Maybe as I get older I am loosing the distinction between very young (20’s) and youngish (30’s).

  • Coin-op says:

    Black skinny jeans and shaker sweater?

  • I’m glad they’re marketing better scents for younger buyers; if it smells great I guess I don’t mind the targeted demographic. But wouldn’t it be great if they found a way to market a scent in a provocative way that appeals to all ages? Anyway, would love to try all these scents.

  • Sapphire says:

    I think the perfume companies market way too much forgettable, cheap-smelling dreck, but as long as something smells good, young is just fine. They do have to make money. As long as they throw us a bone from time to time. I wish I had the legs for those boots!

  • Tiara says:

    Sweet boots! Hope to sniff Twilly here soon but wonder if they don’t skew perfumes to younger folks, what would possess them to buy anything? My niece was hooked with a rollerball of Kate Spade’s Twirl I gave her in junior high. She’s now in medical school and looks forward to my cast-offs, although many are still too “old lady” for her nose.

  • Bastet says:

    If it smells good, I don’t really care if a perfume is marketed to youngsters. Thanks for the draw!

  • ScentSpirit says:

    I sniffed Twilly the other day at Saks and liked it, but I asked the JM SA for a sample of their new ones and she said she didn’t have any. I had a feeling that it was something like a “The dog ate my homework” excuse. Please enter me in the draw, thanks!

  • MMKinPA says:

    I’m on the fence regarding Twilly. I love the bottle… I hope I can find it somewhere to sniff. The description puts me off a little – do we really need more young-skewing perfumes? But if it works and fits in my wardrobe needs then I will forgive and forget and put it on the list: