Under the weather Monday

Sorry, all you lovely Posse folks, but I’ve been a bit under the weather the last day or two with some tummy issues (something didn’t agree with me, I’m thinking) or perhaps I’m more depressed than I realized about the upsetting Guerlain news from last week. Anyhoo, I”ve been really dragging, so I’m sorry to report that the post I had planned for today is not going to materialize.

Just curious: What is your go-to, remedy-wise, when an upset tummy (and parts lower) strikes or you’re just feeling under the weather in general? What food or meds do you turn to? I considered Pepto Bismol but decided that although I was feeling icky, I wasn’t hurting quite THAT much.

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your autumn so far. See you next week. Thanks for understanding, and take care.


  1. What happened at Guerlain last week?

    I huff alcohol wipes for nausea, and use Imodium for lower GI issues. Bananas will help me if it isn’t too bad of an upset.

    I hope you’re on the mend quickly.

  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather! I usually take some Pepto-bismol and drink lots of decaf tea (usually chamomile) and clear soups. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh no, feel better soon! I get tummy sicknesses more often than most 🙁 Maybe I’m just not careful enough. I drink homemade bone broths that I store in the freezer for months after making it in an enormous batch. Eventually, I graduate to having starchy noodles in there. The next step up is my mother’s remedy of super-mashed potatoes, rice, and a hardish-boiled egg with some salt, followed by homemade apple sauce (a boiled apple with a teeny bit of salt). Get better!

  4. Feel better! For me, it’s chicken broth (Better Than Bouillon) with a bit of dill & a teaspoon of creme fraiche to offset dehydration. Ginger ale, cream of wheat cereal, steamed rice, scrambled egg, plain pasta or polenta. Sometimes cold tomato juice with a tiny bit of lemon & salt, or a mild Bloody Mary mix.

  5. So sorry, Ann! I don’t often have tummy upset but when I do, I sip chamomile tea or maybe something with peppermint in it. Feel better soon!

  6. Ann, sorry you are sick. Ginger tea helps me a lot, especially with nausea. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Sweetie! Sorry to hear you’re ickin’! For tummy issues I start with club soda with a dash of bitters and a lemon wedge. I got sick on a diesel ferry from St Thomas to St John, many moons ago – the server at the dockside bar took one look at my nauseated self and said “I have just what you need” – and she was right! It doesn’t ‘fix’ anything (if you have a bug, you’ll still have the bug) but it really calms down the nausea and also seems to settle the GI down a bit. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


  8. I’ve had the same thing for about a week. Mostly subsisting on toast, broth, coconut water, and trying to drink some probiotic stuff and/or eat yogurt to attempt to regrow happy gut bacteria.

    Hope we both feel better soon!

  9. Feeling much, much better — almost back to normal!! Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions!

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