Briefly: Puredistance Warszawa

Okay, so it has been a really hot week here in LA with temps well over 100 degrees. Not the best time to review something as lush as Puredistance Warszawa, but hey, I do it for you. Puredistance Warszawa is supposedly an homage to the smells of Warsaw, Poland. I’ve never been there, but if it smells like this I may relocate. Puredistance Warszawa is almost unbelievably lush, heavy with white flowers, galbanum and violet. It’s very long lasting and very, very feminine. It’s the sort of thing you would wear to a formal ball.

I’ve been re-reading Dominick Dunne’s “People Like Us,” the Roman-a-clef about life amongst the one-percenters in New York in the go-go 80’s. One of the main characters is Ruby Renthal, the former stewardess now married to a billionaire financier and desperate to fit in with the “haute monde” of the New York old guard. She becomes, if possible, more refined and elegant than the people she wishes to fit in with, culminating with a ball at her East-side triplex apartment in her tony building, a party that comes to a bad end. But before it does she makes a triumphant appearance on the staircase to the ballroom, easily outshining every woman in the room, even the first lady, with her grace, elegance and style.

If it had been available, she would have worn Puredistance Warszawa.

My sample was sent to me by the perfumer. 295 Euros for 60ML which means I would need Ruby Renthal to buy it for me. Image: Internets.

  • MrsDalloway says:

    Isn’t it lovely? I would have liked more galbanum and a bit less tuberose in the opening, but the drydown is just gorgeous.

  • Pats says:

    Oh my goodness – this sounds so beautiful. You had me at Violets and white flowers. I think my favourite Puredistance would either be Opardu or White. I shall have to find a sample of Warszawa – lots of people have been blogging about this one recently.

  • MrsDalloway says:

    Lovely, looking forward to trying this. Another big galbanum fan here and I’m wearing Antonia right now. Hope a billionaire stumps up for a bottle for you soon!

    Puredistance do have offers several times a year which reduces the cost per ml a bit (free 17.5ml with a 100ml, half price 17.5ml with a 60ml usually I think).

  • DinaC says:

    That sounds like a gorgeous scent! I love galbanum — in my favorite top three notes — and violet and white flowers are fine by me, too. Sounds really lovely. We had our first morning down in the 30s today, so I could actually stand to wear a big, lush scent like that, especially since I’m going to a wedding this evening. Ah well. I’ll have to find another. Thanks for the review!