Still out of it

Sorry kids, I’ve still had this darned cold until about yesterday and am still dribbling a little from the old schnoz. So although I wore some scent I couldn’t really smell it. I did however spend the time doing face care with my vitamin C creams, retinol and serious moisturizer. To the point where someone I know asked my if I had gotten botox.

Speaking of which I am seriously considering getting a little. I know a place where it isn’t too expensive (they’re reputable; they aren’t shooting people up with spoiled Hellman’s) and my friend who had had it done looks great. No Nicole Kidman frozen face, just rested.

Okay so have anyone of you gotten Botox? What were your experiences if you have done so and if you’re against it, why? Let me know in the comments.

Image: Internets

  • Kay H says:

    Darling Lily, just wanted to say I love your comment on feelings about aging and can’t wait for an opportunity to shamelessly steal your words!

    I can‘t imagine going for Botox either, but I agree that trying it isn‘t a huge issue, if you know of a decent practitioner.

    I think the greater potential problem with Botox (and cosmetic surgery) is the spiral it‘s possible to get into, where it becomes so normal to have one more treatment/op that you never notice the tipping point between fresh and frozen, the point at which your face stopped being your own lived-in space.

    P.S. on Vit C serum: yes, isn’t it amazing what a difference it makes? I discovered it only a few months ago, post-menopause, and feel transformed.

  • Darling Lily says:

    I have always had very average, if not below average, looks, so the transition to droopy, scowly faced old hag was not particularly upsetting.

    I suppose the aging process is far more upsetting to handsome men like yourself, and beautiful women. If not getting it is going to continuously nag at you, then I think you should go for it!

    I personally cannot imagine willingly having botulism injected into my head, regardless of how safe they claim it is, but I don’t think one time would hurt, at least to see if it’s worth it.

    • Tom says:

      Thank you for saying I am handsome- I never particularly thought so. It’s also supposed to help with migraines, which I have on occasion, but really it’s just vanity. I think I’m more curious than anything else..

  • Tom says:

    Good now! I am seriously considering it. The place my friend goes to has “botox mondays” where it’s cheaper and she says I only need it in my forehead..

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    I adore skin care products and routines. I’ve cared for my skin over the past several years to the best of my ability, and Botox is included. Botox is a wonderful preventative; it is preventing permanent deep lines from developing in my forehead. I have a fairly large forehead with a lot of movement, like a Sharpei! I look more relaxed and rested without those expression lines in my forehead.