Arielle Shoshana

Isn’t that bottle pretty?! It’s nice and weighty in the hand as well.

A few weeks ago, some of us got together for impromptu sniffage at Arielle Shoshana’s perfume haven in the D.C. ‘burbs. Unless I’ve missed something, Arielle is running the only niche gig in the area, filling a void left by the not-so-recently-departed Art with Flowers in Tysons. I had a great time chatting with Arielle about her customers’ shopping habits, interests, behavior, etc. because I am Miss Nosy Parker, and Arielle was very patient with me. She has her inventory grouped roughly by type – spicy, citrus, fresh, etc., which is a great way to sample.

Arielle has her own scent in the store, quite striking, built around two things she loves – passionfruit and saffron (we both took a moment to fangirl squeee over L’Artisan’s Safran Troublant, which she also stocks.)

Here’s a blurb: “Perfumer Cécile Hua used a proprietary CO2 extraction technique to create the first natural passion fruit extract in perfumery history.” So I guarantee you that you haven’t smelled this before. Complete list of notes: Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, Rhubarb, Mandarin, Peach, Saffron, Pink Pepper, Cardamom, Magnolia, Sandalwood, Ambroxan, Vanilla, Vetiver Bourbon, Iris, Musk.

It’s delicious. It’s mouth-puckering tart fruit at the top with a twist of citrus; then it warms up a bit with the peach, and it gets smoother and creamier over time. I don’t own a thing that smells remotely like it. How much you like it probably depends on your tolerance for the passionfruit, which (like boxwood) is not entirely polite, and not for everyone, and never really goes away, although after the first half-hour or so the scent has calmed down considerably.

Robin at NST found it a bit more …. shocking isn’t quite the right word but I’m going with it; and also kind of a hoot, here’s a link to her excellent review.  Anyway, if this sounds even remotely appealing, do yourself a favor and try it.  If nothing else, you won’t be standing there going, jeez, I’ve smelled this a million times. 

Arielle Shoshana is 3.4 ozs and quite reasonably priced at $125.  Samples can be had for a nominal charge directly from Ari, here’s a link to the page.  Full disclosure that I was going to do a sample giveaway but I’ve managed to lose mine somewhere in the house, lol.  These things happen.


  • ElizabethC says:

    I ended up buying a full bottle of this. It is really fabulous – such a cheerful, bright scent.

  • Keith Mccall says:

    This one is so interesting! its looks is so classy and fresh.

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    I’ve ordered a sample. I can’t read a review about a fragrance with notes I love and not sniff! I can’t wait to experience Ariell’s scent!

  • Ari says:

    It’s been almost five years since Perfume Posse graciously allowed me to write a few guest posts as a college student who loved run-on sentences almost as much as she loved perfume. It is nothing short of surreal to see a review of Arielle Shoshana EDP on here today! March, thank you so very much for taking the time to visit us- a perfume shop couldn’t ask for better (or better-smelling!) guests.

  • Alison L Miller says:

    I live about 5 minutes from Arielle’s boutique and love to drop in. She is just as delightful as any of your favorite fragrances. Do yourself a favor and visit if you can! Generous in every way, with time, knowledge and samples. @March how did I miss the gathering? Will pay more attention next time!

  • Musette says:

    I don’t like passionfruit. and ‘eh’ on saffron. And now it’s too cold for this scent. But I now want it. And for that I. Blame. March.


  • HeidiC says:

    Oh, fun! When I was in DC for a conference last winter, a friend and perfumista also at the conference and I snuck away for a few hours to visit Arielle Shoshana’s store, and had SO MUCH FUN there. And bought too much. But this signature perfume wasn’t available then! And it sounds just like something I’d love — I’ll have to get a sample.

  • MMKinPA says:

    I bought a sample after reading Robin’s review. On first try – definitely nothing I’ve smelled before, and fun. I need another try to really figure out if I like it.

  • Shiva-Woman says:

    Now I have to try this –I like the idea of a tart peach, or a “tarted up peach.”

  • Ann says:

    I recently got a decant from the NST splitmeet, and I love it! I’m not a fruity floral lover, but this is so true to the fruit, so high-quality – it is delightful – and I love it in the cold weather – it’s sunshine.

  • OTAMom says:

    Her signature scent has been on my want list ever since it was featured on Fragrantica earlier this year. I adore all things rhubarb, and “mouthpuckering”?! I must have this! Does anyone stock samples?