Stockings stuffers Monday: What’s (hopefully) in yours?

goodies stockingsFor those of you who celebrate them, the holidays are all about giving. And I know many of us enjoy looking around, investigating what’s out there and then picking out that perfect present for our nearest and dearest. But sometimes, it’s a little bit about getting, too. Especially, at least for me, when it comes to stockings, which can be the most fun and creative of all at this time of the year. A goodie or two in a stocking always seems extra cute because you know it’s got to be something that’s fairly small, unless your gift-giver is willing to cram an oversized item in there like a stuffed sausage.

At our house, our tradition is to open our stockings on Christmas Eve, which started mostly as a way to satisfy the little ones and help appease them until the big event on Christmas morning. But it’s evolved through the years and we still enjoy it, with a cup of hot chocolate and some festive sweets. We usually do it in the early evening after dinner, but since DH is having to work this year, it might be more of a late-night celebration when he gets home.

Fragrances samplers, travel-size products, cool socks, favorite sweets, mini candles, and little gadgets and gee-gaws have been among the most popular items at my house in recent years.

This year, I’m kind of hoping for some caramel M&Ms (love those things — so addictive!), a little Starbucks gift card or perhaps some a new tea or coffee to try. My son has asked specifically for some of his favorite tea and maple leaf sandwich cookies, and DH is getting a sleeve of golf balls and some travel-type items that he likes.

And one of these years, I’m going to make and pack up cute batches of homemade goodies for everyone, but until then, I’ll have to rely on the tried-and-true and ready-made.

So what are you hoping to find in your holiday stocking this year? What are you putting in your loved ones’ stockings? Or what other fun holiday traditions do you celebrate at your house?

  • Maggiecat says:

    Sometimes it seems as if the little stocking surprises are the most talked about and welcomed gifts. At least they are for my sister and mom – my DH, not so much.

  • March says:

    Hi honey! I’m still filling four stockings and in the interests of not contributing any more to the household clutter, they are mostly consumables from Trader Joe’s and World Market — gelt, chocolate oranges, etc. Any other items are useful things they need anyway — socks, lip balm, pens, etc.

  • Tom says:

    I kind of don’t do that anymore- I used to with friends and my godchild, but they moved back to NYC. I do get myself a little something of course, but there’s no surprise involved.

    • Musette says:

      you may not be old enough yet 😉 My friends and I laugh that if we buy something early enough – and wrap it – we can surprise ourselves on the Big Day!


      • Ann says:

        Now there’s a thought, Musette and Tom! I like the idea of surprising yourself. I kinda did it one year: bought several gifts, hid them too well and couldn’t find them (luckily nothing perishable).And I was surprised to find them a year later, but I was set for the next year, though, ha!

  • AnnieA says:

    The year at work has been tough so the assistants are getting makeup minis and perfume samples.

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    I love your stocking idea for Christmas Eve. I’m visiting my sister and husband and will do the stockings as well, so fun! Thank you for ideas. A great way to give adults some fun treats!

  • Portia says:

    Hey Ann,
    We don’t do stockings. It’s just the two of us.
    Jin is the hardest person on earth to buy for. I bought him a little car earlier in the year as an Anniversary, Christmas and Birthday present. So for Christmas he is getting a Petrol Gift Card. It’s nice to not have to pay at the pump and it will remind him of his gorgeous little baby (a 2002 tiny, baby blue, Daihatsu thing he bought off someone for almost nothing, don’t get excited)
    This year all our mates are getting Missoni Scarves from us. I have one that everybody comments on so I thought it would be excellent to make sure the crew have them too.
    Portia x

    • Musette says:

      wow, Portia! You do EVERYTHING BIIIIG! And I adore you for it. 😉 The only stocking I do is for The Girl – she gets some Blue Moon treats. Possibly a new collar this year in pale pink with rhinestones because I am sick and tired of everyone looking at her gorgeous, feminine face and saying ‘wow. HE’S really big!!!

      However, if I were doing a stocking…I would like some Avene cold cream and a GC for a pedicure.

      Happy Holidays, Ann!!! Love to you and yours!


      • Ann says:

        Hi, Musette! Hope you do get your pretty girl that collar — and post a pic of her in it so we can all admire her. Love, hugs and happy holidays right back ‘atcha, dear!!

    • Ann says:

      Portia, love that gas card idea — and the little blue car sounds adorable! And aren’t you sweet to gift scarves — what a treat!!

  • Jennifer S. says:

    Never tried the caramel m&m’s…the pretzel ones are where it’s at! Lol. Husband likes to fill them with candy and lottery scratch cards. Nail polish and costume jewelry were always a hit when the kids were younger.

    • Ann says:

      Yum! My DH loves the pretzel ones, almost as much as the old standby peanut ones. How cool about the lottery scratchers. But I’ve always wondered: if someone NOT in your family gave you a winning one, what would the etiquette be about sharing the $$$? 🙂

  • MMKinPA says:

    We used to wrap a couple of small gifts for each person in white tissue, and then had to guess who they were from. Anymore, we don’t really do gifts for the adults, but a few things end up in the stockings anyway. My husband gets iTunes gift cards – he is always buying new music. My teenage son gets socks!! I’m hoping for a Starbucks gift card, or maybe a gift certificate for the nail salon!