January Grab Bag

I did wind up losing my much loved English Bulldog, Vinnie, a couple of days after Christmas.  He was a great dog, and I was crazy about him.  After I got the Frenchies, who he loved, every day I’d tell him he was still my favorite. I don’t know if he understood me, but I think he always knew anyway. 🙂

Grab bag for the first of the year will be random new releases and other samples I have laying about.

Oh!  Happy New Year!  Thanks for being with us in 2017, and I hope you’ll stick around through 2018!

Just drop a comment to be entered.  Did you get anything for Christmas perfume-related that you are still super happy about, or do you still have something on your list you didn’t get?  Does anyone even try to get your perfume without knowing exactly what you want?

  • Ann says:

    Oh, no, Patty — I am so very sorry to hear this!! (Am behind on my blog reading.) My heart goes out to you; I know how you loved and enjoyed him. And we did, too, eagerly lapping up his adventures and episodes of dress-up fun. Thinking of you and sending comforting hugs and prayers your way.

  • Maggiecat says:

    Oh Patty, I’m so sorry for your loss! I did use my Sephora gift card to finally get a bottle of Coco Noir, and my son gave me a bottle of Dame Perfumery Earth Mother with matching body cream, so it was a lovely scented Christmas, but my heart beaks for your loss. Hugs.

  • tiffanie says:

    Hope the Frenchies are doing their best to share their kisses and sweetie faces with you. It is so hard to lose a beloved furry family member.

    My family and friends generally prefer to remain oblivious to my perfume problems. So I was surprised by a Le Labo discovery set as a little holiday gift. It made me smile that someone remembered that I hoped to explore that perfume house.

  • Vanie says:

    So sorry to hear about the passing of Vinnie. Losing a pet is so heartbreaking!

  • Despina Veneti says:

    Vinnie looks like such a joyful fellow, my sincere condolences ?
    My perfume Christmas gifts included a bottle of Shalimar, a 15-year-old sealed special Christmas musical box edition of Lolita Lempicka and a bottle of Fath de Fath.
    Happy New Year to all!

    • Despina Veneti says:

      Needless to say that the questionmark above was an autocorrect initiative, and not intended.

  • Peppermoon says:

    Oh no! It’s always heartbreaking to lose a loved pet, I’m sorry.

  • Pam says:

    I am so sorry about Vinnie. My favorite, Dickens, passed away almost two years ago and I still miss him.

  • Anna Egeria P. says:

    I am so sorry to read of Vinnie’s passing during Christmas week. You can be sure that thelove bond between you is unbreakable. This year I treated myself to some decants and my favorite so far is H. Green’s Slowdive.

  • Kate E. says:

    Sorry for your loss, I’m sure he knew he was still your favorite even if you hadn’t said it! Be kind to yourself.
    I gifted myself some samples from DSH during the sale but I only got them yesterday so my sampling has just begun!
    Thank you for blogging, this has become one of my happy-places on the internet 🙂

  • Sapphire says:

    So sorry to hear about your Vinnie. Our dogs are 10 years old now (almost 11) and so far still think they’re puppies. I gifted myself some Angel Muse, Demeter Eggnog and Myrrh, and several decants for Christmas. My husband has given up on giving me perfume, specified or otherwise, since I had him get a bottle of Narciso Rodriguez for her (the original one). I had him get the EDP, thinking it would be better-longer lasting, etc, even though I had not smelled it. But it’s a much different scent from the EDT, which I prefer. He even got it engraved at Nordstrom. Live and learn.

  • Jennifer S. says:

    Aww. So sorry to hear about Vinnie. So hard to lose our fur friends but blessed to have been able to love them and them us.
    Just trying to navigate the perfume world thru samples at the moment. Coming dangerously close to springing for a fb of Rue Cambon! Happy 2018!

  • SnarkyShiba says:

    Such sad news about Vinnie — I’m so sorry for your loss Patty. *hugs*

    In terms of fumes, I worked my way through the Atelier Cologne advent calendar in December, but I shall have to retest many of the samples in the spring/summer when I am more in the mood for fresh, citrussy notes.

  • Tara C says:

    I’m so sorry to hear Vinnie has gone on ahead. I am sure he knew he was your favourite and is watching over you from the rainbow bridge. May his memory be a blessing. I’m glad you have the frenchies to hold close while you grieve. Big hugs to you.

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    Sounds like your dog was a good friend. I recently had to have mine put down due to cancer, I know this circle of life thing can be a tough go at times. For Christmas, I ordered myself a pack of samples from STC for Christmas and am just starting to go through them, super excited for a new fb-worthy find. No one gives me scents for Christmas because no one knows the depths of my addiction. I am fortunate to have my own closet that no one else shares. Best wishes for 2018!

  • Maya says:

    I had hoped that you and Vinnie would have more time together and am sad that you didn’t. I am absolutely sure that he knew he was loved. He was a cutie! 🙂

  • Tammy says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your sweet boy. I’ve lost several four-legged babies over the last two years and my heart feels permanently broken. Told my husband I don’t think I can do it again once our last one is gone. I’m getting too old for the sadness, don’t seem to bounce back! Sending hugs.

  • grizzlesnort says:

    I lost a beloved dog in 2009 and haven’t had the will to get another since. I don’t want another dog; I still want her! I’m sorry your Vinnie is gone. No fragrances for Christmas this year.

  • jenbat says:

    Oh no, I’m sorry about Vinnie, I hope your other pups are keeping your spirits up. I’m sure he knew he was your number one!

    Christmas-wise me and my loved ones all decided to get each other experiential things instead of tangible things this year (like trips to the museum and such), so the only perfume gift I got was the one I got for myself, which was a bottle of Organza Indecence, found totally by luck in an outlet store the week before Christmas.

  • Patty I’m so very sorry. I know that pain, and I’m glad you were able to have him in your life. For Christmas I got the Billie Holiday gardenia sampler set from STC and tried them all out the week or so after Christmas, and found I loved most of them. Jungle Gardenia rocked my world, I want a vat of it. Also tried a 1940’s bottle of number 5 pefume i found on ebay- which was incredible.

  • eldarwen22 says:

    I sorry for the loss of your puppy. It doesn’t matter if the dog was elderly, it’s still going to be a puppy to you. I have lost pets before and it doesn’t get any easier. No gifts of perfume this year but I am planning on a bottle of Hedonist.

  • Kathryn says:

    My heart goes out to you! What a cutie.

  • Heather Raine says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Vinnie 🙁 Sending all the hugs.

  • Ingeborg says:

    So sorry to hear anout your loss Patty. I hope the younger dogs keep you good company now. The unconditional love of a dog is so wonderful.

    No perfume for me this Christmas, but some very nice scented body products from Rituals. I may try to get Dior Ambre Nuit when a relative visits London in February.

  • audesko1 says:

    Sorry to hear about your Vinnie. It’s so hard to loose a pet, member of the family. Happier year from now on.
    I ordered samples of the January project and am excited to try them!

  • shiva-woman says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your Vinnie. He looks darling. Each one of my furry critter loves that has passed leaves me desolate, and they all take a piece of my heart with them when they go, so my condolences on the loss of your family member.
    Fragrance-wise, I gifted myself as everyone around me knows I will, hence it is not special. Memoirs of a Tresspasser, Etat Libre d’Orange Rossy de Palma Protection, and a slew of Solstice Scents including Casting Shadows, Estate Amber, Guardian, and Spice Gingercake. I over-indulged a bit…
    Hang in there Patty, and may 2018 bring new joys and comforts.

  • Cindi says:

    You have my utmost empathy for the loss of you pet/friend… It is such a sweet picture of him, above your post! Every year, my mother in law, asks me what perfume I would like, for Christmas… This year, I choose Lancôme’s La Vie est Belle. Other times, it has been fragrances like; Beautiful, Tresor, Polo, etc. I really need to branch out!
    Thank you,

  • HeidiC says:

    Oh, Vinnie. It’s awful to lose the older touchstone furry friends who have been through everything with you. I’m so sorry for your loss. No perfume for me this year, though I bought some samples.

  • Bastet says:

    My sympathies, it’s so hard to lose a beloved pet. With regard to scented gifts I received a travel spray set of MFK Lumiere Noire this Christmas, per my specific request.

  • AnnJune says:

    Aw, so sorry about your loss… he looks like a real sweetie. So hard to lose our beloved pets : (
    Scented gifts were a bottle of Chanel No. 5 EDP and 2 (two!!) bars of No. 5 soap, which smell heavenly, from family members that were specifically requested (only asked for the 1 bar of soap ; ). I’m also belatedly gifting myself a bottle of Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger Lily which I recently discovered and am completely smitten with! Also just found that they make a dry body oil, which is next on the wish list. For whatever reason, my fragrance “taste” has completely morphed in a completely different direction. It’s wonderful, in that I rarely found perfumes that I fell in love with, and now it seems I’m stumbling over them everywhere. It’s wonderful from a sensual perspective, but may be a disaster for the budget!

  • Oh so sorry to hear about your Vinnie. We never had pets but are clearly missing out on a special love.
    I haven’t been on perfume sites in a while – I have a FB of Amour Nocturne from l’artisan that I would love to swap if anyone knows of a good place thanks!

  • Karen says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you lost your pup. We had to put our quirky, beloved lab down this October, due to an inoperable oral cancer. They leave a hole in your heart when they leave, that is certain. I’m glad you have other dogs to soften the blow a bit. We’re still working on finding our next furry housemate. I hope it’s soon because my husband is one sad dude. So on to perfume tales. I’m not exactly new to perfume, I’ve always had it and worn it. But my scented life had become rather boring, honestly. So, it was time to do some serious perfume hunting, which is a trick in some places – like where I am: not much outside the standard fare around here. So this Christmas, I gave myself the gift of decants, and many trips to the mall counters to do as much testing as I could. And LOTS of reading. Wow. I don’t know why I should be surprised that perfume is a whole world unto itself. Anyway, I found myself seriously in love with Kilian Rose Oud, Malle Portrait of a Lady, and J’adore L’absolu, all three of which have me wanting to have my nose glued to my wrist from the second of application to the drydown. Anyway, I ordered a larger decant of the Rose Oud, and got a big ‘ol bottle of the L’absolu. I shall begin marinading and attempting to annoy my younger friends (who all seem to hate all scents for some reason), post haste. 😉 (And yes, I AM kidding about the marinading) Thank you for all the wonderful reviews, and seriously funny writing. With all the tripe on the internets, blogs that are both helpful and amusing, are like an oasis in a desert.

  • FeralJasmine says:

    Vinnie looks like an utter love. So sorry you lost him. So glad he had a home where he was loved and appreciated.

  • Ann says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. What a great pic of Vinnie.

  • DinaC says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of Vinnie. I bought some fragrance gifts for others this year (a mini RL Woman for mom, some Anthony products for the men in my life, a rollerball of Kat von D Sinner for my DD), and I scored a Sephora gift card from DS. I’m always open to trying new scents. Samples are great fun! Thanks for the drawing Patty. Thinking of you.

  • Fabs says:

    So sorry for your loss. I lost my Jack Russell, Shubie in November. She was my side kick for over 14 years and I miss her dearly. I’m starting a job in a new location that will keep me from home for longer hours and can’t at this point get another dog. My heart goes out to you.

  • Cecilia says:

    Sorry for your loss. Our fur babies are so loveable. Vinnie looks like a sweetheart. Sending thoughts of comfort to you.
    As far as scents are concerned, I would love to try some new fragrances. Thanks for the draw and have a Happy New Year.

  • Kandice says:

    I love the pic, and I am so sorry for your loss. We always lose our fur babies much too soon no matter when they go. My holidays were extremely difficult as well, and Christmas and New Year’s barely registered. Now that the holidays are past, I’m trying to buy myself a few small things I wish Santa had brought. Thanks so much for the giveaway. May the new year be filled with comfort for those who need it, and more peace and joy for all.

  • Rosemary says:

    Patty, I’m so sorry to hear about Vinnie, so hard when we lose our beloved doggies 🙁 Blessings to you, I hope the Frenchies are consoling you. I did get some fragrant gifting: we went to NYC for some concerts in Madison Square Garden, 4 nights, and the NYE show was amazing…but my husband and two sons came with me to the Aedes de Venustas shop, endured my squealing and sampling, and I got some Iris Nazarena, and I LOVE it! 🙂 Thanks for the drawing, Happy New Year!

  • Irina says:

    so sorry for your loss- I’m sure he knew how much you loved him….hugs

  • Taxi says:

    i’m so sorry you’ve lost Vinnie but glad you have other pups to ease the loneliness. I’ve loved my pets and feel pain & emptiness when they’re no longer here. It does help to have more than one pet, even though each personality is unique.
    This wasn’t a fragrant holiday for me – other issues were on my mind.

  • Sarah says:

    Oh sweet Vinnie. I think our canine evolutionary partners understand far more than we know. Lucky Vinnie to have been so loved by you and to have had the Frenchies to love as well.

  • Roxann says:

    Sorry to hear about your pup, that’s tough. Perfume related I bought myself a gift, my first blind-buy and I absolutely love it. Sticky Cake by Commes de Garcon. Reminds me a bit of Hypnotic Poison, only better. Happy New ayear.

  • Koyel says:

    Oh Patty, I am so sorry 🙁 My condolences and hugs. We have two elderly cats, one of whom has cancer. Losing him is terrifying to me. I hope to make it through that eventual tragedy with your grace and optimism. <3

  • Alica says:

    Ohh, my dog is 14 and it is hard to think about inevitable end, sooner or later. Still avoiding it. My condolences Patty.

  • Clarissa says:

    Sorry to hear about your doggie – very sad. I lost my dog 7 years ago and cannot bring myself to get another one.

  • Nelle says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Janet in Califor says:

    So sorry Patty. I know the pain of the loss of a beloved dog, it is heartbreaking. I am glad you have the Frenchies to help comfort you.

  • Maria B. says:

    Vinnie looks like such a sweetie. I’m sure he felt your love. No one attempts to buy me fragrance without pre-approval. 🙂 This was not a perfumed Christmas. I’ve had an upper respiratory virus/infection since Dec. 12, and I have been fragrance-free all this time! The horror! =:0

  • Tiara says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Vinnie. There aren’t any words to erase that pain but I hope knowing we care makes it hurt a bit less. No one tries to give me anything scent related any more. We all know I’m too picky. I gave lots of samples and partial bottles to my nieces and sister-in-law after Christmas. Seeing their excitement over trying so many new perfumes was almost better than getting something myself.

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    I’m terribly sorry for your painful loss. I’m sending a big hug. I hope find memories will ease your pain over time.

  • Oh Patty, I’m so sorry to hear about Vinnie. *hugs* I tell you – I really think they know when they’re the favorite. <3 . (and the rest of them do too!) . I didn't get anything perfume related this year – I'd sort of been on a scent hiatus during my pregnancy, but now that I'm at 32 weeks scent is bothering me so much so I've been really curious about trying things again. For some reason lately I'm really curious about a lot of the Guerlains – gourmand coquin, mon exclusif/mon guerlain, etc. We'll see if I get around to trying them since they're not easy to find and the samples are pricy!