February Grab Bag!

Sorry so late today. It’s been one of those weeks. I think I had three gallbladder attacks last week – each one getting worse, until the third one where I had to actually call in sick to work (have not done that in like a decade!), have my son sit with me in case I needed to go to the emergency room.  Awful. Going to see the doctor this week to see if it was that for sure. Probably is, all the women in my family have had their gallbladders out at about this age.  My turn!  Can I have a glass or two of wine while I’m waiting for sonogram and surgery?  Can I heal it on my own or reduce the size of stones? My mom just had sludge in hers, no stones. So it could be that.  Hmmm. Getting old is the least fun thing I think I’ve done in some aspects, but it’s been the most fun too.  Cora over there with the not turned right picture, begging for me to lift her up on the couch, pleeease mommy.

Grab bag for February will be random new releases and other samples I have laying about.

Just drop a comment to be entered.  ED-   sorry, meant to edit this last part out, I copy and paste previous posts sometimes where I may want to use same language. Did you get anything for Christmas perfume-related that you are still super happy about, or do you still have something on your list you didn’t get?  Does anyone even try to get your perfume without knowing exactly what you want?

  • Pattie Campbell says:

    Hi Patty – I had mine out last year and it made me feel sooo much better. Years of digestive issues went away. The surgery is very easy, and recovery not bad at all. I had fairly signficant pain for a few days, but I didnt need painkillers. wine worked fine. On the other hand, my physical therapist has gallstones and has managed his for years without removal, so there are coping techniques.

  • Peppermoon says:

    Sorry you’re having a rough week! I kind of feel like the dog in the picture encapsulates my mood this week. Just bleh. Sniffing perfumes helps though 🙂

  • Ann says:

    Hope you are feeling better, dear Patty! I had mine out about 18 years ago, after intense pain (it ended up being infected), so hope you’ve gotten it checked out. And make sure, even if you get the laproscopic surgery, that they take preventative measures to prevent blood clots. I had several in my legs afterward, requiring yet another hospital stay, which could have been prevented had they put me on that machine that works your limbs or at least put on anti-embolism stockings. I had no recurring health issues from it, except for valve damage that causes my leg to swell after an hour or two on my feet. Oh, well, guess I didn’t want to wear dresses/skirts/shorts anyway! 😉

  • Ahhnamission says:

    Hey Patty – have you tried drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with some lemon when the pain starts up? I have a friend who swears by that. She also drinks a little bit of sauerkraut juice daily to promote bile flow and hasn’t had an attack for almost a year now. You can read about more simple/natural methods here : https://www.drdavidwilliams.com/bad-gallbladder-natural-treatments

    I gifted myself 30 ml of stinky vintage TPC Rose Poivree over the holidays and my mom gave me a bottle of Lolita Lampika – my first fragrance gift from her in 45 years. I don’t even like that perfume but I kept my mouth shut, smiled and happily polished my new, shiny blue apple anyway.

  • Karen says:

    Ah, gallbladders. Mine seemed to come on relatively quickly over about 6 months, and manifested as right quadrant pain – easy to mistake for just back pain, of which I have a fair bit already. The jig was up though, when I started throwing up with the pain. At that point, I had a pretty good clue, and shortly found I had a perfectly healthy gallbladder with one HUUUUGE stone. Pity humans don’t make pearls. But since there doesn’t seem to be any magic drain-o to dissolve stones, or in my case STONE, I had mine out a bit over a year ago. As surgeries go, it’s one of the easier ones, so don’t let worrying about the actual procedure keep you suffering and wondering when your next attack will be, or risking pancreatitis. I hope you get it resolved quickly. And yes, getting older is not for wimps, that’s for sure!

    But on to perfumes! I was not given any by other people, but sure gave myself a bunch. Lots of decants, a perfect unopened vintage No. 5 EDC, and a well-stored 1970s vintage Aliage, which I wore for years back in the late 70s/early 80s. I’d forgotten what a beast a perfume from that era can be. And how unapologetically…there. I’m actually having to re-calibrate my nose after decades of fruit and stuff that becomes a skin scent after 15 minutes. As for what I might get this year, my husband used to get me perfume (aided by a decent nose in a local perfume shop since his own sense of smell is pretty truncated) and did reasonably well. But this year I will probably ask for a perfume for a 10th anniversary present and give the boy an actual list. Ormonde Woman will definitely be at the top. I’m still working through my decants to see if there will be others to put on there. 🙂

  • Meg O. says:

    My gallbladder crapped out on me at 31, in spite of always having eaten really well and exercised. Thanks, genetics! 🙂 It took my body a bit of time to get used to digesting without it, but I don’t regret the surgery, ever. Mine went in a matter of weeks and was just…a terror at the end. LOL. When I was waiting to get mine out, hot baths and cardio helped, strangely (at different times, of course). Also, coffee (even decaf, even a few sips) was a total no no. It has a substance that activates the gallbladder, and was a fast track to pain. Hope it gets resolved quickly for you!!

  • Irina says:

    hope you feel better, Patty!

  • My family has a small list of perfumes I’d always be happy to get, which will probably change each year. This year, I’m still happy with my vintage No 5 found on ebay and my Billie Holiday Gardenia sampler from STC. So many good ones in there!! I hope you figure your health challenge out, it’s so hard not to know for sure what’s going on with your body, and have to make a decision on what to do next. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Ingeborg says:

    I hope you feel better soon! I have only had rather mild pain from my gallbladder, but don’t digest fat well, so no high fat low carb diets for me!

    Please include me in the draw, I love happy surprises. As I get older, I find winter harder and harder to get through. Surprising pen pals who feel the same way by sending a small fragrant gift, such as scented body butter or a special hand cream, makes my day a little brighter too. And my few amber scents and spicy scents are in heavy rotation!

  • audesko1 says:

    So sorry you are not feeling well. No gifts for me but valentines day is coming and I may receive a beautiful gift. Take care.

  • Mim says:

    feel better soon!

    If I want scented gifts for the holidays I have to buy them myself. I’ve got a wish list but no one in my life really is into that sort of thing.

    My budget this past year has been extremely Limited but I managed to get some samples recently, I splurged on Areej le Dore and I’m so glad I did.

  • shiva-woman says:

    I’ve been told to get my gallbladder out but I have not yet. I too am in the throes of an attack right now, mild but irritatingly constantly present. It’s been like this off and on for about 10 years. For Christmas/Hanukkah holiday I got myself my own scented gifts one being Slowdive and the other one April Aromatics Pink Wood. I knew I would love the honey in Slowdive but I just had no idea How Much honey was in Slowdive. It is an amazing perfume–I could just bathe in it. Speaking of bathing, my last gift to self was Lush Rose Jam Bath gel–and yes it is hype worthy, but I have to say the most surprising thing is that I also ordered a couple sets with the gel that also include Ro’s Argan “body conditioner.”
    This is off topic somewhat of perfumes but like probably everybody here on this board I’ve used thousands of products on my face including all sorts of expensive doctor-prescribed creams, lotions, potions elixirs, oils and glycolic acids. Ro’s Argan is supposed to be a body creme, which I happily used (I like the scent, though it’s rose plus some kinda weird, but good). Then I tried it on my face!
    Oh my goodness. I’m fifty, and this stuff really does create “dewy skin.” I’ve been using for weeks on my face and it’s ammaaaazzzing. Bought three more because I’m moving through it. I think I look 49….ha!
    Hope you feel better soon– I’m off to drink my lemon juice hot water in hopes of alleviating the GB pain myself.

  • Roxann says:

    Get well!!! The secretary at my school is going through the gall bladder issue now. I’m 56, hoping I can avoid it. I bought my first blind buy before Xmas as a gift to me. Sticky Cake by Commes de Garcons. I love it, but am not in a hurry to blind buy again. I’m afraid it might be beginner’s luck. I loved it so much, I bought Hypnotic Poison because it’s similar. I prefer Sticky Cake, but like HP as well. Recently I got Vanille Iris by Ormonde Jayne, love it!!

  • Kandice says:

    Patty, I hope you feel better soon and get everything sorted out. It’s horrible being that sick at any age. I didn’t get perfume for Christmas so made up for it afterwards by buying a ton of samples. I have to say one of my new favorites is TF Vanille Fatale that you have loved as well. Such a pretty fragrance! Take care of yourself.

  • rosarita313 says:

    I had my gallbladder removed a couple years ago and have felt fine since. It’s a minimum invasion surgery and recovery was minimal too, at least for me.
    My perfume hobby is incomprehensible to the people around me but most are very appreciative.

  • Taxi says:

    How awful! Glad your son is there for any needed emergency assistance.
    I haven’t bought any perfume for a while as I’m overwhelmed when I see how much I already have.

  • Jennifer S. says:

    Oh yikes. That’s no good. Hope you’re over it and on the mend quickly. That Cora though! Her face looks like an ‘old soul’. Wise and worldly! Thanks for the samples draw!

  • RoseMacaroon says:

    I hope you’re doing much better as of right now, Patty — very sorry to hear you’ve been ailing like this! Your Pup is outrageously cute…that must help! Closest thing to a perfume gift I got is Jasmine Hydrosol from Mala Apothecary. If I had the funds, I would go for some DSH Vanille Botanique and SOIVOHLE Cuir Buerre this winter (or maybe the En Voyage Chocolate Trio!). Thank you for the draw, and the sweet puppy pic!

  • Clarissa says:

    I got Grandiflora Queen of the night. Thank you for the draw

  • Maria B. says:

    I pray that you will soon improve. I have gallstones, but, as is the case for most people who have them, they don’t cause me problems–at least not yet. I’m sorry that you’re one of the unfortunate minority. Get well.

  • HeidiC says:

    Ugh — I hope the gallbladder issue resolves itself. Be well, Patty.

  • tiffanie says:

    Hang in there, hopefully you will get better quickly. I managed to keep my wonky gall bladder going for a number of years by changing what, when, and how much I ate. When those efforts no longer helped I had it taken out. I feel for you, and hope you find what works best for you.

  • Janet in California says:

    Gallbladder attacks are horrible. I had mine out about 12 years ago, no problems since and I can eat anything I want. I hope you feel better soon!

    Slow Dive is my new obsession. That and Tel Aviv were my gifts to myself!

  • Pam says:

    Gad, that sounds awful, Patty. I spent part of last week in bed with a bum knee (old age I think), and yours sounds worse. But my pup took care of me, as yours did.

  • James H. says:

    Sorry to hear that Patty. I hope the pain is manageable. My BFF Shirley is also out from work due to kidney stones. She never misses a day either, but the pain was too much for her. It is heck getting old, but the alternative is worse. I look at each new day as a blessing!

    Bought myself perfume for Christmas. I have “strange tastes” in perfume so my friends know not to attempt it! I got Burberry Brit for Her for Christmas because I loved how it smelled on my friend Tammy. Smells good on me too!

  • Rosemary says:

    Patty, blessings to you that you feel better soon, in my prayers! Thanks for the giveaway, I’ll take an entry please 🙂 I’ve been fortunate to be able to gift myself some perfume, and I did break down and get a small bottle of Serge Lutens Chergui…and am LOVING it! 🙂 If I could just get a small bottle of Rose De Nuit I’d be in heaven! Alas, only bell jars…maybe someday 🙂

  • Holly Walker says:

    Patty that does not sound like fun at all, I hope you feel better soon! And I love the pic of your baby, what a cutie! I’m a sucker for smooshy faces, I’m owned by Boxers.
    This year my ex blind bought/gifted me L’Artisan Parfumeur Al Oudh…After reading the reviews I joked with friends that he must have bought it to repel men away from me. Ha! It smells good on me after about an hour once all the cumin and animalic and funk calms down. I did buy myself Naomi Goodsir Bois D’Ascese and it envelops me with smoky bourbon woods all day…I love it.

  • Je Like says:

    Get better soon!

    I did not get any perfume-related gifts unless you count the one I got myself: the Etat Libre d’Orange Discovery set on sale from Sephora (…after Xmas). I now look forward to gifting myself Fat Electrician, Jasmin et Cigarette, or both.

  • Tiara says:

    My gallbladder was removed 30+ years ago and have lived happily ever after. Several attacks lasting more 12 hours did require ER visits but that’s how we finally figured out what was going on. Changing my diet helped somewhat but still had to have it removed. Hope you get it all sorted out soon!

  • Heather says:

    Oh nooooo! I hope you feel better soon!

    Nothing perfume related for Christmas that I hadn’t bought myself. I’ve been toying with the idea of making my own perfumes, and asking for essential oils and absolutes as gifts. But it seems overwhelming deciding where to start, from whom I should source materials, and so on. I’m sure I’ll get there.

    I did treat myself to a rollerball of Dahlia and Vines by Nest. It can be a smidgen overwhelming at times, but I looooove the crescendo of dark mystery, lush greens, and florals mixed together.

  • nicevulady says:

    Gallbladders should be taken very seriously. I hope you are finally getting better. I got nothing fragrant for the holidays. Oh well.

  • Gvillecreative says:

    Oh no! That’s awful– and how on earth have you not had a sick day in 10 years? Now THAT is work ethic!

    Even if the Christmas part wasn’t meant to be a part of this, I’m happy to post that my DH got me a PB of 28 La Pausa edt. I’m a HUUUUUGE fan of iris and love this bottle. So excited!

    Feel better soon!

  • Neva says:

    I never get perfume as a present because everyone knows I’m picky and have “a strange taste” as they call it. Hence I must buy it for myself. This Christmas it was only a Galop d’Hermes decant and after that I bought Warszawa from Puredistance. I just could not resist.
    I hope you’ll get well soon and I really hope you’ll be able to avoid the surgery.

  • Koyel says:

    Oh no, I’m so sorry 🙁 Feel better soon! My mother had to have hers removed about a decade ago 🙁 Sounds like this is more common than I thought.

    (The only perfumes I got for Christmas were presents to myself! I chose very well.)

  • VerbenaLuvvr says:

    Oh my, hope you get those issues taken care of and are feeling better soon! My mom, aunt, and sister all had their gall bladders out with little problem and life was so much better after that. As for Christmas, no one ever gets me what I want, so I generally say just forget about it, I don’t need anything then buy my own gift. On my wish list now is Majaina Sin, I might treat myself for Valentines Day.

  • Patty Pong says:

    No gallbladder issues here, but in plz. 🙂

  • Eldarwen22 says:

    Sorry to hear of your gallbladder problems! I didn’t get any perfume gifts and never do. I did buy myself Vanilla Flash and a half full bottle of Deneuve. I am waiting for tax season to buy anything else.

  • maggiecat says:

    Sorry to hear about your gallbladder issues, Patty. I know several folks who have gone through this – no fun at all! But I am super-happy about Christmas – I received a gift card I used to buy a small bottle of Coco Noir, and a nice bottle of Dame Perfumery’s Earth Mother perfume, with a big jar of body cream too! I smell pretty!

  • rina says:

    Not nearly as bad but almost as painful, I went on vacation to Paris and forgot my credit card… Only perfume I came back with was a travel set of Fragonard for 19 euro and a newfound jonezing for Byredo Pulp… Feel better soon!!

  • Gina Tabasso says:

    I am sorry to hear of your pain! My mom had her gall bladder taken when they repaired her hiatal hernia. She can eat normally again. It was about 8 weeks to be normal. I didn’t get perfume at Christmas other than the oodles I bought myself but my mom did pick up a small bottle of Givenchy Organza Indecence for $0.50 at a thrift store for me this week! Love it.

  • sharris007 says:

    I did not receive any perfume for Christmas. Unfortunately, every time my husband has tried to give me perfume, it smells terrible on me! Hope you feel better – this seems to be the season. Before you have surgery, you should check out Anne Louise Gittleman’s information on the gallbladder. She has a lot of posts about it and how important it is and her advice has always worked for me.

  • Coin-op says:

    Pick me, pick me!!!

    I suspect I have gall bladder issues too – my sister had hers taken out, and in recent years if I “stuff” myself I get really sick – not gorge type-stuff, just over eating. not fun. I looked into the all natural removal method online – but all medical advise says it does not work. Then what are the stones that you pass? It would be a commitment, you have to fast and drink lemon and oil, etc, etc. there is a whole process. So this is gross, but thank goodness for perfume!

    • Coin-op says:

      And Patty I hope you feel better, and find out what treatment you need, surprise attacks need some kind of treatment, right? Keep us posted!!