Frederic Malle Music For a While

Finally, Frederic Malle Music for a While showed up.  The newest launch, created by Carlos Beniam.   Notes of lavender,  patchouli, amber, vanilla, pineapple, mandarin, lemon and bergamot.

That note list scared me for a minute. You know what the world does not have enough of?  Great pineapple perfumes. Tricky to do, and the only one I can think of that I loved was MPG Bahiana.  Are there others?  But the genius of Malle Music for  a While is lavender splashed with pineapple.

Not if I had lived a thousand years would I have thought that note combination was worth doing, but it is!  Warming it up with amber and vanilla takes away some weird edged that might have otherwise induced some scent vertigo.  It goes on all bright and sunshiny, lemon and bergamot and lavender. This is my least favorite part, weirdly enough. Too much lavender for me.  But give it a bit, and the sharp lavender edges get rounded off with vanilla and amber, and then you get these little edges of pineapple adding joyful sweetness,.  The lavender becomes less lavender’ish.  Just typing that, I realize it sounds suspiciously awful, but it’s not!

Normally, lavender goes all sorts of wrong for me, but this works.  Not sure that it’s moved me closer to lavender. I am now and always will be a huge fan of joyous perfumes.  Frederic Malle Music for a While soars with joy.

I’ll give away three samples of this. Just drop a comment to be entered!



  1. I am neither a lavender fan (except in butter cookies) nor a pineapple perfume fan. But how can I not try a perfume with this name? And I’m a fan of Frederic Malle perfumes in general, so I feel like this is worth my time. (And…YOU like it. So….)

  2. I don’t think I have anything with pineapple so intrigued by this one. Besides, I could use a joyous perfume about now.

  3. Patou’s Colony, a fruity floral chypre, has a sort of syrupy pineapple note. I’ve only smelled the 1960’s version but I’ve read that Colony is one of the Patou reissues of the last several years. I’d love to smell that and also the new Malle which sounds as if it might be more sprightly. Thanks for the draw!

  4. Joyous sounds good. Lavender and pineapple? Not so much but I would like to try it. Cautiously. 🙂

  5. DnEM as I have a travel atomizer arriving Friday, but I am happy to hear you liked it since this was a blind buy!

  6. I have no idea what lavender and pineapple smell like when mixed, but I’d love to find out!

  7. I am always eager to try a new Malle perfume. Therese was my first love but I have had a few other Malles that compete!

    • Therese was a first love and it may still be my #1 of all time (not just of the Malles). Apparently I like melon. Maybe I’ll like pineapple too!!!!

  8. One of those note lists where I can’t imagine what this would smell like, but I’d be interested in trying it!

  9. Yaay pineapple! The early Aventus was heavy pineapple, but yeah…Bahiana might be it. Can’t wait!

  10. I love lavender! Can’t imagine it with pineapple, but Malle can probably do it, all right.

  11. I LOVE that wild note list, and I love a joyous scent! Please count me in.

  12. I’m very intrigued and would love to try. Lavender has been growing on me, if it’s done right. Like in vintage Blue Grass and very, very vintage Moment Supreme.

  13. I love Frederic Malle and lavender, but I don’t think I’ve ever sampled something with pineapple. Sounds promising!

  14. Ugh-Lavender.
    Double Ugh-Pineapple.
    But, Fredrick Malle!
    And YOU liked it.
    Hmmmm. Must sniff this one.

  15. Loved your review. When I first read the notes .. I Was like OMG horrible and what was he thinking.. I got to smell it once and I Was like, I shouldn’t have formed an opinion before smelling this one. There is a reason I have a fan crush on Frederic Malle (p.s. my only fan crush). CAn’t even imagine lavender and pineapple .. but so looking forward to really try it. I mean pineapple as a note .. got to be kidding me ..right 😀 and lavender ..arggh .. and no it doesn’t smell like cleaning spray 😀

  16. I have doubts about pineapple but accept lavender. Your description convinced me to add a coment to enter!

  17. Count me in on the drawing if you please! These notes are a little scary, but don’t they say if it scares you, then you must try it?

  18. I have been known to like a Malle or two, and anything with Music intrigues me, too, so I’d love to try this, and thank you!

  19. I agree that that is a weird conglomeration of notes. Very curious about how it smells on. Thanks for the drawing Patty.

  20. Lavender and pineapple sounds very strange, but I can imagine Malle making that work!

  21. The idea of a scent with pineapple is intriguing to me….can’t think of one I’ve tried before. I’m also a mild fan of lavender so might be one I’d love. Thanks for the draw!

  22. The only scents I have with pineapple are L’Artisan’s Ananas Fizz and Donna Karan’s Fuel for Men. I do have a sample of Bruno Fazzolari’s Unsettled. I’ve never smelled Colony or Bahiana.

    To be honest, when I first heard about Music for a While my immediate thought was that Frederic Malle was trying to attract the attention of Aventus fans. So it’s nice to hear something good about it.

  23. I have been waiting for this to be released and am excited to try it. I don’t usually do well with lavender and can’t even imagine pineapple in a perfume, but I could use some joy right about now and it’s Malle and Benjamin! Hard to pass that up for whatever reason. Thanks so much for the opportunity 🙂

  24. I’m curious to try this creation by Carlos Beniam. And I’m excited that you describe the scent as joyous! I can’t even imagine how this fragrance will smell, so unique with these notes. Thank you for the introductory review!

  25. Lavender yes, Pineapple ? hmmmmm sounds interesting for sure.

  26. Love love love Lavender, herbal lavender, sweet lavender, astringent lavender. Pineapple? I have tried it in one scent and think it’s a Patou but it was not a pronounced note. Thank you for the giveaway!

  27. I love lavender and would be so happy to try this! Thanks for the review and the draw.

  28. That combination is very intriguing! I am usually not a fan of lavender either, but you convinced me to give it a sniff anyway.

  29. I need a joyous perfume! I love lavender and grow a lot of it. I also love pineapple. I want to try this fragrance with a very intriguing name.. Thank you so much for this drawing!

  30. I share your feelings about lavender, but pineapple and amber, hmmm. Intrigued iin am.

  31. I’m trusting your faithful nose here. I’d love to try a sample!

  32. Viva la pineapple! 🙂 I’m no fan of lavender, either, but I’d love to give this one a try based on your review!

  33. Would love some joy as we dig out from our latest snow-dump in NE. Thanks for the draw!

  34. Lavender and pineapple, weird! So of course I want to try this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  35. Strange enough combo to warrant a chance! I’m game. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. L’Artisan’s Annais Fizz has a pineapple note and I like that one. Although I do like some more than others, I have never tried a fragrance from Frederick Malle that I truly disliked so I would love to try this one.

  37. I love the name, I love pineapple, I love lavender! Please enter me in the drawing!

  38. I’m intrigued by this combination of notes . I like lavender, but I’m not sure about pineapple in a perfume .But I also like Bahiana, so who knows? It definitely sounds worth trying!

  39. Ohhhhh, I need to try this…thank you so much for the chance! It sounds like it has to be beautifully weird or possibly even weirdly beautiful. Plus, the name is brilliant!

  40. I use herbes de Provence in savory recipes. Fresh pineapple makes a perfect accompaniment. Lavender plus pineapple is delicious. And I adore perfume names that refer to art and especially music, wish that were done more often. Thank you for sharing this one.

  41. this sounds super cool to me…i am a fan of colony and can’t wait to smell this one : )

  42. I have never smell a pineapple perfume before and while reading the comments on Music For A While before I get to smell it on a testing paper I was very nervous… It seems like NOBODY has ever fall in love with a pineapple perfume!

    I was lucky enough to make a trip to their NY boutique to get a first hand experience before the launching date. I was full of doubt and uncertainty until the scent on the testing paper strike me as a love-at-first-sight.

    I couldn’t try it on myself when I visited the boutique since they only had a small bottle for sampling and can only spray it on the testing paper so it will be different then when it is on me. But I LOVE the scent when I give myself in for it.

    There aren’t a lot of reviews online now about this perfume and I can’t wait to try it on myself sometime!

  43. Though I’m (nearly) from the tropics, and a huge pineapple fan (fresh, juiced, and in jellybeans and shampoos), I can’t say I’ve ever imagined a pineapple perfume. I can, however, say I’m very eager to try!

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