Creed Monday: Aberdeen Lavender

Aberdeen essential oils
Happy October, everyone! I know it may seem a little weird to be talking about lavender just after fall has started; it does seem like more of a spring or early summer kind of thing. And I’m really not much of a lavender girl. Those sachets, room sprays, essential oils, etc., have tended to give me a headache in the past. But on a recent trip to the big city, I passed by the Creed counter and the bottle of Aberdeen Lavender was sitting out, front and center.

Normally, I’d have walked on by, but years ago, a chance encounter with Chanel Jersey left me surprised and pleased and not nearly as anti-lavender as I’d been in the past, so I stopped and spritzed.

I found the Aberdeen to be elegant and soothing; the hints of lily, tuberose and lemon rounded off the lavender nicely and resulted in a gently floral but ultimately warm, smoky, almost YSBB (your skin but better) scent. A hint of a fougere draped in a light Oriental wrap, I found it eminently wearable and deliciously cozy. Its lasting power isn’t heavy but it does leave a pleasant veil of scent lingering for a good while. In fact, this beauty might be a prime candidate as a late evening, bedtime scent.

Now I wouldn’t want to spritz this on at this time (too warm where I am), but it was nice dabbed on in the early evening ,and I’m looking forward to wearing it fully on upcoming cooler days. I realize that Creed does not come cheap but thankfully, decanters like Surrender to Chance carry the line and make it easy to sniff.

I really liked Aberdeen on me, and am thnkining it’d be pretty amazing on a guy. Will have to sneak a bit on DH when he’s not looking and get a whiff for myself.

Notes per Fragrantica: bergamot, rosemary, lemon, artemisia, lavender, lily, tuberose, rose, patchouli, leather and vetiver.

Have any of you tried Creed Aberdeen Lavender? What are your favorite lavender scents and/or Creed fragrances?


  1. OOO I love lavender and Aberdeen has been on my to try list for a while. I do associate lavender with the fall and enjoy the pure essential oil straight up or mixed with other oils such as cedar, patchouli or vanilla. I recently tried the EB Florals Lavender and thought it was beautifully done. I also enjoy Jo Malone’s Amber & Lavender.

  2. Heya Ann,
    This line from Creed, in their lovely bottles, sparked my interest from day one. They are all very nice takes on their themes. The only one I purchased was Iris Tubereuse but now you have me interested to go back and try the Lavender again.
    Portia xx

  3. I love L’Artisan Parfumeur Bucoliques de Provence – Lavender, Iris, Leather. A nice bedtime perfume, too.

  4. this sounds like a must-try for me. I’ve become a lavender fan the past few years. My favorites are: Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her, Gris Clair, Encens et Lavande, Reverie Au Jardin.

  5. Not a Creed fan, but I sniffed this one and found it decent. I prefer gourmand lavenders: Kiki, Lavandes Trianon, Fourreau Noir.

  6. A cozy lavender! That sounds like an oxymoron! I like lavender as a soothing aromatherapy scent, but don’t wear it much in perfume, other than Encens et Lavande, which is kind of a Goth lavender.

  7. MEM is my lavender true love. But Forreau Noir and Jicky are so good too, at the smooth, soft, furry other end of the spectrum.

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