Happy St. Patrick’s Day — ready to go green!!

green Wishing a very happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you wonderful Posse folks!! Seeing all the green this weekend and today, plus shots of the celebratory green Chicago River, has me wanting to sniff some leafy scents.

When you think of green scents, what do you immediately think of? It’s different for everyone, but I’d say Balmain’s Vent Vert, Chanel No. 19, and Carven’s Ma Griffe are likely near the top of the list. I also think of my old favorites, the original Gucci Envy (it even had green juice) and Shiseido’s Inoui. Estee Lauder’s Aliage, Clinique’s Calyx, and Martin Margiela’s Untitled also come to mind.

And as a new season is right around the corner for some of us (a few of us have already experienced a taste), the galbanum-heavy scents remind us that hope springs eternal, and spring cannot get here fast enough. Especially considering the winter many of you have had.

It’s still a little too chilly here in my neck of the woods to go totally green; a late winter cold snap has me still reaching for my warm and cozy vanilla, incense and coffee scents. But I did layer Bond No. 9’s coffee-rich New Haarlem with a wee dab of their citrus-y Little Italy for a fresher bout of yummy comfort. But later in the week, when we warm up more, I’ll be pulling out my little bit of Envy, Untitled and No. 19 for a green fix.

What are your favorite greenies to wear? Can’t wait to see what your loves are!

  • hczerwiec says:

    Galbanum is one of my favorite notes! Most of my faves have been mentioned — Vent Vert, No 19, Silences. A couple more I really enjoy are Scherrer No 1 (super bitchy, but gorgeous), and Niki de Saint Phaille (weirdly compelling). Zoologist has some good ones too — I really like Macaque and the opening green crash of Elephant, though I’m not so crazy about Panda. Oh! and the galbanum in Bandit really gives that leather its whip-crack!

    • Ann says:

      Oooh, Niki de Saint Phalle — yes, yes!! And Scherer as well, if I’m remembering it correctly. I never could wear Bandit, but appreciate its power. Need to go try my Zoologists now. Thanks!!

  • March says:

    Oooh, this cheered me so! I guess Calyx? Although I’m not sure that even counts. The green Annick ones, for sure.

    • Ann says:

      Glad to hear it, dear! Yes, I’d say yummy Calyx has lots of green among its fruit. And AG’s Eau de Camille is a lovely green (haven’t tried any of their other greenies). Hope you are doing well and the sniffer is improving! Hugs …

  • Portia says:

    Hey Ann,
    GREEN! It’s my favourite colour in life and I love it in fragrance. You’ve al mentioned a load of my faves but Bulgari eau thé Vert (tea, yes, but green too), Chamade reads green to me, Hermès Monsieur Li, #3 Green, Green, Green and… Green by Miller et Bertaux and Futur by Robert Piguet.
    I know thew minute I press send there will be a dozen others but these are the ones off the top of my head.
    Portia xx

    • Ann says:

      Hi, dear!! Right there with you — I love green all the way around as well. Chamade is so lovely, as is Futur, but I need to try the others. Although I love green tea, the green tea-ish scents don’t seem to work well on me. Now off to find my Chamade and Futur samples!

  • Matty says:

    Greens are not my favourite but I like Envy and Wrappings XX

  • eldarwen22 says:

    I can be a little iffy one greens but adore no 19 and Deneuve. I have a decant of Vent Vert sitting in my STC cart.

  • Kathleen says:

    Green fragrances to me are fresh and lively, crisp and sharp. I don’t gravitate to those fragrances however; No 19, Silences, and Calandre are the green fragrances I have and enjoy.

  • Queen Cupcake says:

    I think green perfumes are my favorites! I adore DSH Vert Pour Madame, Annick Goutal Folavril, Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil, Paco Rabanne Eau de Calandre, Rochas Byzance, and my all-time favorite summer signature scent: Yves Saint Laurent Y. There are many more that I love but these are the ones I have, wear and cherish.

    • Ann says:

      Thanks for that great list! I knew you guys would mention some that I’d forgotten all about. We were cleaning and I just found my mini of the Byzance, so that’s perfect!

  • Maya says:

    I have tried a lot of green perfumes, many of them vintage. I am very surprised that none of them is anything more than just OK to me. I may simply give up on green fragrances On our recently warm, in the low 60’s day, I wore Penhaligon’s Ostara. Now that made me think of spring!

    • Ann says:

      That’s OK, Maya, green may just not be your thing! But I have to agree that Ostara is indeed lovely and evocative of spring.

  • Neva says:

    I love green perfumes. Clinique Wrappings is my all time favourite but it was already mentioned. Here are some more from my collection: Patricia de Nicolai Weekend (in Normandy), E.Lauder Private Collection, Jean Louis Scherrer.

    • Ann says:

      Howdy, Neva! Wrappings is great, isn’t it? And I can’t believe I forgot to mention EL Private Collection — what an elegant green!!

  • Gina Tabasso says:

    Many of my fave florals are very green, like a dry green grassy rose, lily or hyacinth.

    • Ann says:

      Love those scent notes as well! Gucci Envy has a lot of hyacinth and LOV in it, and also enjoy Tom Ford’s Ombre Hyacinth.

  • Ann says:

    Yay — another vote for Envy! And I’d forgotten about the Silences — just gorgeous!!

  • MMKinPA says:

    Gucci envy, Jacomo Silences, AG Grand Amour.

  • Brigitte says:

    Thought of a few more, 1000 Flowers Fleur no 1, Calandre, Metal and St Clair Scents First Cut.

  • Brigitte says:

    Eau de Lierre
    Eau de Givenchy
    Gap Grass
    Clinque Wrappings