What’s your EBP? (Fall edition)

emergency EBP
As you all probably know by now, EBP isn’t some kind of official-speak, as in, “Hey, Joe, what’s your ETA to the next delivery stop?” It stands for emergency backup perfume, and it was coined by lovely Posse reader AnnieA, commenting on one of my posts several years ago. It’s something a lot of us probably do without even thinking about it: We apply a scent at home, then put the spray or vial or mini bottle into to-go mode and head out the door. And after a busy day or week — or in my case, sometime even months ? — we forget to take them all back out again.

Now that we (or at least some of us) are well into autumn, it’s time to share our current fragrances.

As for me and my emergency backup perfume, I’ve been enjoying something new and an oldie or two. I read somewhere that the newest of the Chanel Eaux, Riviera, was lovely layered atop Bois des Iles. And boy, is it ever! It creates a gorgeous scent that’s a little lighter and more citrus, just perfect for cool autumn weather. Also, another of the Chanel Les Eaux, Venise, is making my nose happy. It’s the warmest, most vanilla of the bunch, but still pretty light with moderate lasting power. As for oldies but goodies, I’ve pulled out Byredo’s Gypsy Water for a few cooler evenings as well as Costes 2, another old favorite that’s the ultimate in warm and cozy, without being a powerhouse cold-weather scent.

And even though I’m preaching to the choir — a word of caution: I try to keep my EBP items in a plastic zip-top baggie (a plastic-lined makeup bag would do nicely) in a feeble attempt at organization, but also mostly because I’m frightened of leakage. Having once had the lining of a handbag stained this way, that’s one fragrance emergency I’m not eager to repeat. And it is nice to have your scent choices all together and see them at a glance, instead of spread out all hither and yon in the bottom of your purse, which is what I used to do, before said accident.

Have a great week, everyone, and stay warm (or cool, as the case may be)!

  • Musette says:

    I’ve been up to my ears in work so I’m keeping it simple:  Beloved all the way.  It’s so PERFUME-Y!  and it gives both a glam vibe (even if I’m in fleece) and a bit of a power vibe as well.  I had to make it be part of my ebp because I didn’t have it in there, but now it’s crammed in alongside AdP Peony (sample) and AdP Iris Nobile and the always-vaunted vintage No5.
    Happy Autumn!

  • HeidiC says:

    It’s been pretty chilly here, and I am loving my decant of Cloon Keen’s Castaña as a fall transitional EBP — the chesnut accord hovers in this sweet spot between leathery and woodsy/nutty/vanilla that never becomes gourmand.

  • Portia says:

    Hey Ann,

    I’ve got travel sizes of PdN Fig Tea and Diptyque L’Ombre Dans l’Eau in my Trivia bag. They are in a make up zip bag with important things like CD, Balloons, Wig glue, Scissors, Safety pins, Lighter and Business cards.
    They stay there just in case of fragrant emergencies.
    Portia xxx

  • Eldarwen22 says:

    It’s been cold and wet in my neck of the woods. My stand by is vintage BaV and switched to Epic instead of Courtesan as a secondary emergency. I also have LADDM.

  • March says:

    It was rainy this morning, which was delightful, but then the sun came out and it’s 70ish and humid as all heck.  I HATE IT.  Really ready for cooler weather!  I’m sitting here sweating with the window open and the fan on.