Memory Lane Monday: Coco by Chanel

Hello, dear Posse folks! For the past week or so, I’ve fallen into a bit of a fragrance slump, not really wearing much of anything. But a happy accident the other night as I was digging around/straightening up my bedroom changed all that.

I stumbled upon a mostly full spray bottle of Coco EDT. It had been in a dark makeup bag in my dark, cool bedroom, so how bad could it be?

Turns out it smelled pretty good. I couldn’t tell that anything had gone off, but it did seem to pack a little less punch than it used to, or maybe my nose was referencing the EDP. Poking about, I found a small sample spray of the EDP and tried that on the other wrist. Definitely more oomph, of course, but equally lovely and longer-lasting. (Mine are older versions of Coco, not sure how the modern iterations compare.)

My scent discovery happened with perfect timing, as we were getting ready to go out to dinner, and I always felt that Coco bloomed extra nicely on a chilly night.

And bloom it did. I felt surrounded by a lovely, delicious aura all evening long.

I mentally kicked myself for not wearing it more often; it was a favorite for many years. Way back in the ’90s DH bought me a gorgeous gift set of it and I foolishly sparingly used the body products “saving them for something special.” Arghhh!

But you know, now that I think more on it, my newly discovered EDT spray might just be from that gift set.

Anyhoo, any of you Coco lovers out there? Would love to hear your memories of it and if you’re still wearing it. I know I’ll be reaching for it much more often for the rest of this winter.

  • HeidiC says:

    I adore Coco — I have a bottle of EdP from the early ’90s that’s about a quarter full and still smells divine. In fact, it’s my son’s favorite, and today he’s wearing a small dab. He’s only 8, and keeps hitting me up for the rest of the bottle!

  • March says:

    OMG I ADORRRREEEEE COCO.  One of my earliest extravagant treats to myself as a young filly….. I really was never that into quieter scents, I suppose having come of age in the era of Poison and Paris and Coco.  I have, like, five vintage variations of Coco.  Gonna go put some on right now.

  • Pam says:

    Hi, Ann! I loved Coco years ago and still have a bottle of edt and a bottle of extrait. Yes. You heard me. The real perfume is superb. Haven’t worn it lately. I must get it out!

    • March says:

      squeeee, I have some extrait too!  I kind of like the brash EDP better for daily wear, but the extrait is the bomb when I want something closer to the skin.

  • Tara C says:

    I don’t have any vintage but I enjoy the current Coco edp and body cream. I also like Coco Noir edp and parfum. Curiously I had not even tried Coco until a couple of years ago, it never crossed my radar. I was busy wearing Giorgio, Poison and Ysatis. ūüôā

  • Filomena says:

    Yes, I still have a vintage bottle of Coco.  I have not smelled any other vintages.  And yes, itwas and is one of a kind and has an aura all its own.

  • Erica says:

    Gorgeous fragrance and one that is on constant rotation along with many others of that era. 

  • Portia Turbo says:

    Hey Ann,

    Coco fan here.One of our closest girlfriends wears it as her signature and does so superbly.

    Porttia xx

  • Rina says:

    Loved it, wore it for years. It was my wedding frag over 30 years ago. Have tons of it, all vintage. I don’t reach for it nearly as much as I should. Thanks for reminding me. I should go spritz some right now!

  • audrey says:

    Love Coco Chanel, I wear it to start my day, everyday:) I hadn’t considered the bloom of it on a cool evening. I will now.