Is Spring/summer Ever Coming?

We had this beautiful week last week – spring rains, getting to 80s, and now we are dumped in the 40s.  With everything going on, I really, really need to have it be spring, for the weather to be nice enough consistently to get some planting done and to sit in the sun with my eyes closed and feel like I have something more than the four walls of my house.  I love my house, but I am sick of this seeming winter that is never really going to end.

Soon, right?  Don’t have a perfume review this week, a couple of things I want to talk about I don’t have my hands on yet.

What are you looking forward to as summer begins or we can start moving about more? I really want to go sit in a restaurant and order a nice steak/beet salad and have a glass of wine and chat and laugh with my friends.  I want to go visit my mom.  I want to see the faces of people in the store and see their smiles and not just peer intently at their eyes to guess if they are smiling.

I need sun and summer and a new perfume to fall in love with!  What about you, have you found any of those three things or a place/thing you’ve found that is bringing you joy?

  • Portia says:

    Heya Patty,
    Autumn here and we are cooling down.
    Lockdown is being released slightly this week. We are now allowed 5 visitors in our home and congregations of 10 for weddings and funerals. Outdoors we are now allowed to be in parks for recreation and mind health, not just exercise as it has been.
    Thank goodness for the dogs, having them has meant two walks a day, plus a wee break. That’s their normal but instead of a quick around-the-block it has been up hill and down dale.
    Fingers crossed you get your spring/summer ASAP.
    This week I’ve been wearing Guerlain exclusively. Gosh they have some fabulous fragrances in their back catalogue.
    Portia xx

    • Patty says:

      You know, I ran my little Special Needs Pupper out for a wee before bed last night, and the night air felt like summer. It was like the cold snap snapped, and this morning is that warm spring/summer air. I think we are there! Guerlain is slap full of amazing things. I can’t wait until the perfume all comes back to my house so I can play in it!

  • Musette says:

    I’m sorry, hon – I know how you’re feeling. Even with my garden work (of which there is a LOT) I get really anxious, which I mark down to the general anxiety that is permeating the world right now, with this virus. Luckily my weather has mostly been cooperative, so I’m doing a lot (a LOT) of unromantic work (digging paths to set pavers, putting up gutters to collect more rainwater)…. today will be nice so I’m going to devote some time to planting, ahead of the thunderstorms. But I do take some time to just sit out there, when I can. It really does help, even when it’s chilly!


    • Patty says:

      I’m whinging for sure. I just need sun so I can get outside and fill up with Vitamin D!! Then I’ll feel so much better.

  • March says:

    Awww. Well, I’m bummed about Camp Patty, I was really looking forward to that. And it’s cold again here this morning and I’m wearing my fuzzy hoodie AGAIN. But rumor has it that we will be in the 80s this weekend. I am so, so ready!

    • Patty says:

      Same! I saw it on my calendar and can’t bear to take it off yet, it just makes me sad.:( We are supposed to head to the 70s and 80s over the next week, with horrible storms along with, but that is a Kansas spring! I can deal with the storms if there is some sun.

  • Bee says:

    We’re having really annoying weather – hot then cold then windy and rainy with giant hailstones. It’s a mess. When it all settles down I ‘d like us to go to my favourite cafe by the river and we’ll sit in the sun with our dog and enjoy a cappuccino and a cake. I will never complain about queueing to be served ever again. And it will be blissful to just relax and watch the world go by… As this is London we’re talking about here this may not happen til summer 2021. Sigh.

    • Patty says:

      OMG, that sounds lovely. Exactly that. I don’t have a cafe by the river, but a cafe near a park. And I won’t care how slow the service is as long as I have a glass of wine or some tea to pass the time, and I will people watch and look at all the faces of strangers that I have missed!

  • Tara C says:

    I hear your pain. It’s in the low 40’s here too (except we haven’t been above 70 yet this year). As for the things I want to do, mostly I want to plant flowers and go for bike ride. Our stores are still closed until May 25 and who knows if that date will hold, they are starting to talk about moving it to June. I’d love to go perfume sniffing, but our local store has announced such unpleasant measures for the reopening I think I’ll skip it.

    And I really want to see my parents.

    • Patty says:

      Oh, brrrr. This is temporary here, and hopefully warming up soon, but it is taking too long and keeps switching. I need to air up my tires on my bike and head out. I’ve done enough virtual riding, I need wind in my face and the sun in my hair. And to get my hair cut and colored!