Perfumes – Really Brief!

Oh, hey, this is an improvement. I can type for a little bit, and it only hurts like a little and then more.. and then I better get to the point before I hit my word limit.  It is really much better, the adjustments, acupuncture and Factor, along with slow and low back/shoulder strengthening in the stabby places is working. It’s just all low and slow healing. But I can now caption for an hour without a break and not cry.  I did a game last night and only had to get up and walk around every third commercial break.  So yeah!  It’s progress.

Lots of new things I’m trying, but I have to be short here.

Jo Malone Scarlet Poppy – Was neutral on it for the first 3 minutes, then  ran back by and it went, wow, okay, that is really pretty good, and  has a lot more voom than most Jo Malones.

Masque Milano Madeleine – has chestnuts.  But the open is a big mess, but hang in there for the chestnuty biscotti goodness.

By Kilian Love Don’t be Shy Extreme – I think this is a limited edition, which is a shame.  If you found the marshmallow too much in the original, this is less sweet and deeper.  It’s really gorgeous without giving you a toothache.

/ The Gucci Alchemist things.  I really love these, they are beautifully made, and the four or so I’ve tried I really like and keep going back to.  The price point just makes my ass ache, though.  I wish they had stayed below 300, like 175-225, maybe even 250.  They just aren’t going to get the love/wear that they should because of the price, and that is a shame. Not to mention, the bottles and packaging are just outstanding.  They come in this beautiful box, are tucked in a satin bag, and the colors and artwork on these are just so darn pretty.  Well, if you can catch one on sale, I do recommend them. Are they really groundbreaking?  No, no, not at all, just really pretty, easy to wear.

Okay, I’ve hit my limit, sorry!  Hope all of you  are well, I’m hoping next week I can get a little more typed without my arms  and shoulder complaining so viciously, but that’s it for me!

  • Choize says:

    These are really gorgeous ? And as you mentioned the packaging makes more beautiful

  • u-box says:

    The design of the perfume is very beautiful, but the exquisite custom perfume box is also an important way to show the products to the customers.

  • Portia says:

    Get well Patty. XXX

    • Patty says:

      Thanks, Portia! Every day is a little better or the pain is different and I interpret it as better. 🙂 No, it is better, I just have to keep slogging through it and working hard to get back!

  • Cinnamon says:

    How aggravating. Are they all saying time will help? I love acupuncture and have discovered myofascial release. Surprisingly gentle but very effective. I have yet to find a Jo Malone I get on with. However, the brand did (does?) offer an amazing grapefruit candle.

    • Patty says:

      Yeah, time, healing. Working on getting strength back in my back and shoulders. when it hurts, I don’t do things I should do, or I compensate with my shoulders when my back should be doing the work. And then eventually it blows up somehow. so I do all the things, and this time I’m not stopping just when I get it to ‘it doesn’t hurt too much.” 🙂 I have to keep working through it, just can’t afford to take off weeks at a time, which is how long it takes to get it to somewhere, but using it doesn’t seem to make it worse, at least the work I do, as long as I don’t do the other things. No mousing, no knitting, minimal typing. Those things just hurt so much, i can’t do them!

  • March says:

    “the price point just makes my ass ache though” I LOLED

    I’m glad you’re on the mend. It must be incredibly aggravating, given your work and … well, life in general, not to be able to sit and type. I have a neighbor who’s struggling with a foot injury that’s impeding her walking, which is how she’s been holding onto her sanity. It’s all just a slog right now.

    • Patty says:

      My mom’s fave saying. along with chaps my ass. She has a lot of those. I mean, I’m working, just a lot less because it hurts, but better all the time. I miss knitting! I haven’t had knitting needles in my hand since shortly after Christmas. Your poor neighbor. I get how getting old and losing mobility or strength sucks. I’m dedicating myself now to building muscle. I’ve always been so strong, but over the years, you hurt stuff and stop using it properly. It’s work to fix it and make it strong again!

  • Dina C. says:

    Those Gucci bottles are dreamy — worthy of a fancy vintage vanity. Dying to sniff them. Getting cabin fever with the winter and the stay-at-home orders and the snow. Sigh. Hope your neck, shoulder and arm continue to respond to treatment and heal Patty.

    • Patty says:

      They really, really are probably the prettiest packaging I’ve seen. Ready for winter to be done and heat to come back. We started the pool opening countdown 2/1. I’m plotting out how much weed suppression stuff I need to put down the 1st of March because it has been enough warm, the green bulbs are starting to show up, which means weeds are plotting the invasion right now! Thanks, Dina!

  • Tara C says:

    I really enjoyed the Scarlet Poppy, Madeleine and Love Don’t Be Shy Extreme as well. Casually sniffed a few of those pretty Guccis but thankfully didn’t love any of them. I agree it’s a shame to waste that gorgeous packaging on something so crazy overpriced.

  • Rina says:

    Oh Patty, sorry you’re in pain. I just started PT for a frozen shoulder (thanks AGAIN, menopause!). Had a friend with the same and she got an ultrasound-guided cortisone shot and felt better instantly with full range of motion back. Sorely tempted (no pun intended). Hope you feel better soon! I’m intrigued by the Scarlet Poppy!

    • Musette says:

      Rina – Here’s Nina Z’s and Baxter’s intel on Frozen Shoulder (there are 2 parts) – hope this helps.


    • Patty says:

      Totally think if you have frozen shoulder, get the shot and do the pt. I did that for quite a while, did a lot of swimming, and then found a chiro do that does the Factor, which is a tool that really gets the snarls and knots out of the tissue, and that brought me full range of motion. So my motion is fine, I’ve just got a disk in my neck that is so problematic right now and won’t stay put, so we keep having to put it in and then calm down all the things overworking from that cervical area down – the neck, etc.

      One thing that I just found that has been amazing is Zaturals Hot Hemp. I’ve used all the things – icy Hot, the patches. Make almost no difference, But the CBD Hot Hemp cream is amazing! Highly recommend using that as well. I hope your shoulder gets worked out. Deffo do the shot. When it is frozen, that’s the only way you will start getting motion back. you can’t use it all the time, because it degrades the joint if you do the shot repetitively, but doing it once or twice is a huge help!