Not Even Remotely Interesting!

No, these are not my dogs, but just how I feel about perfume in the summer. I really do like sniffing it randomly, but I just know that summer is the worst time to make decisions about what I like and don’t like.

First tomato came off the tomato plants!  They still look weird, all wilty on the further out leaves, but a lot of people in this area have the same problem, so I’m thinking it’s something else. I did see one Japanese beetle, but we squished it, and I’ve seen no others.

Not watching the Olympics. I’m not sure when I stopped? I think it was around the time they had more than one channel full of Olympics stuff. I like my sports soft served up and ladled into my not very Olympicky head. Just the highlights in swimming, lots of gymnastics, the best parts of field and track, and then run through all those other sports really fast or show them during the day when I’m not paying attention.  I miss the days when we had three channels, and where I grew up, we didn’t have a strong enough signal, so we only got CBS and NBC. I only saw Happy Days when I went off to college in re-runs.  There are so many channels and streaming now, I’ve moved into a post-TV world.

My mom was here for a visit, and that was so nice.  One of us drives out to get her and drive her here, and then we drive her back.  She doesn’t feel comfortable doing long distance driving and especially not in cities anymore.  She’s pretty much back to the same health she was in pre-Covid infection last fall, put all the weight back on, regained her strength. She finally took my advice of making sure to go up and down stairs to keep your leg muscles active. She used to wag her finger at me for buying houses with stairs, and I just wagged right back… well, if you don’t use stairs, your legs will forget how, and you’ll be sorry!  This is one thing I turned out to be right about.  Patty 1 Miss Nadine 1,753,492.  I’ll take my W!

Now that July is almost done, I’m getting sad. August starts to slip into cooler nights, and the mornings won’t be all steamy 70 plus degrees at 6a. I’ll feel like I no longer live in the tropics, and I’ll remember that summer is so short and how much I’ll miss it and be counting down the days until next summer.

I’m still playing around in indie scents.  I do recommend a couple of brands that are real gems with small lines that I was recommended  – Libertine and Chris Rushak and Boyd’s of Texas.  I keep sniffing Gilded from Libertine and that Beast thing from Rushak and those are two I know I need just a wee bit less summer around to appreciate completely. They are beautiful, but lots of scents seem to just blow off my skin/melt into my skin with this much heat, unless it is a big old white floral or incense.

See? I warned you in the title!  Nothing even remotely interesting.  What have any of you got going on that’s more interesting?  Planning for school? A great vacation?  My only other remotely interesting thing was I chickened out of the Shingles vaccine three times.  Not sure why, I know I should get it, but ack, I don’t want to potentially waste a couple of days of my summer feeling puny, though I know not everyone does.

  • SpringPansy says:

    Yay for your mom’s recovery! I’m enjoying my sample of Dirty Coconut (thanks, Patty) and your mini reviews of these indie fragrance houses that I’ve never heard of. Libertine sounds interesting also. Thanks for introducing some of these to us and please continue.

    I’m looking forward to my son (who lives across the country) visiting at the beginning of August and then just relaxing and enjoying summer and my garden.

  • Musette says:

    Yay! to Miss Nadine being back to normal. Take that W, girl – you know it’s probably the last one you’ll get in the Great Mom Wars 😉

    My ‘thing’ I’ve got going is I’m not counting down the days to anything anymore! I’m trying very hard to live as much in the moment as possible because I realized a few weeks ago that days are morphing into weeks, etc with shocking speed and since I’m not a Vulcan I mos’ def have fewer years ahead of than behind me. And I’m FOINE with that – but I don’t intend to waste any of those years ahead, if at all possible.

    It’s 9billion degrees here so I spend a few minutes out in the garden in early morning, then I call it a day. I still have lilies blooming – right now L. ‘Casa Blanca’ is going strong (I have 10 of them this season) so early morning is a great time to smell them as they burp their last until evening rolls around.

    Working. But not for the sake of working, like I used to do. Just trying to get some paying gigs in the pipeline.
    Enjoying a thoroughly uninteresting times!


  • March says:

    It has been weirdly cool and cloudy here, with afternoon rains that may or may not come… in an arid climate I’m not supposed to feel resentful of the overcast days with their potential for rain but I do, a bit. I try to go out for long walks every day. I got some pots off Craigslist and have some plants out front which make me happy, apparently I have to be growing SOMETHING all the time lol.

  • Cinnamon says:

    Great your mother could visit and that she’s significantly better. Sigh. Summer. I am trying very hard to take things slowly and appreciate even the mad rain we had yesterday afternoon for an hour. I am certainly not ready for autumn. Some of my plants are happy, some not so much. I really want the strawberries to strawberry. So far, no joy. Plans … there are some but nothing firm till closer to time due to Covid. Feh.

  • Portia says:

    Hey Patty,
    YAY for a win in the Mum wars. They are small but important victories. Glad you got to see her and that she is recuperating well. That must be a huge relief.
    I think you’d like Sydney’s climate. We don’t really go much below 5C and our winters sit around 12-20C during the days. It’s beautiful.
    Portia xx

  • Kathleen says:

    From Libertine, I sampled Fin de Siecle; a FB is on my wishlist! Gorgeous vintage-style perfume.
    My tomato plants look weird as well like you said wilty, and not green on the further out leaves. I watered more trying to fix that and got fungus, grrrrr.
    Summers with over 90 degrees heat is a struggle to get my dog his needed exercise with our runs, early mornings and late evenings only and its still a slog. Looking forward to fall, my favorite season!