Chloe Vanilla Plantifolia – Atelier Des Fleurs?

So I vaguely remember hearing about the luxury line of Chloe, Atelier des Fleurs about the same time Gucci did those super cute Alchemist bottles, and I think I was just awash in Louis Vuitton and YSL and all the lines doing these huge collections of expensive perfumes and just skipped the whole thing as just too, too much to sort out.

But as happens in all stories, I stumbled over the Vanilla Plantifolia in the Chloe Atelier des Fleurs lineup recently.  This thing lists no notes, except it is going over the smell of the vanilla orchid.  Yeah – :shrugs: – I’m captioning a baseball game and didn’t want to look it up.

But I spritzed it on, and it’s really good. It’s not sweet or it’s barely sweet, leans a little woody, some spicy.  I’m having a hard time fitting it in my vanilla pantheon.  It’s a space near Le Labo Vanille 44, and I’m not putting my nose on the vanilla bracketing it.  Hermessence Vanilla Galante?  Nope, not really that, but there’s something pestering my mind about it.  Eau Duelle?  Not exactly that either, but that’s some of the territory where it lives. except it has that really soft sweetness rolling around.

Has anyone smelled all of these?  I’ve ignored them, but are there others worth hunting down?

I was going to write about the Pineward that I love so much, Velveteen, but that takes more time than I’ve had in the last four days.  I’ll do more later, but this thing goes on and sticks on my skin forever, until I submerge into either a swimming pool or a hot shower.  It is warm and like the perfect thing. It is a foresty Cinnabar kind of thing.  Well, I love it, and it makes me happy and melancholy at the same time, and I think it will be my contented fall/winter scent when I’m curling up with a steaming cup of ginger/lemon/honey tea.

Someone spill on the Chloe things!

Winner of the Pineward Murkwood sample – Janet in California.  Just clickety click on the Drop Us  a Note at the top, send me your address, remind me what you won. I’ll send you a quick response when I get the email so you know it went through!

  • Jennifer S says:

    I’ll have to look up those samples as well! That Velveteen one sounds like a stunner!

    • Patty says:

      Velveteen is perfume sniff crack for me. I cannot stop sniffing it, and it sticks forever, and I move my arm and just get distracted. I don’t know that it would have the same effect for everyone at all, but it is like my dream dark scent!

  • Tara C says:

    I need to order that Pineward sample set, have heard so many good things about them and I love piney woody stuff. As for that Chloe line, never heard of it or seen it.

    • Patty says:

      You do! If you love pine or woods, you will find at least one or more things to love. I’m on the hunt now for another indie line I keep hearing good things about. More on that when I have some details. There’s a lot of interesting stuff being done out there, and this is a good thing from these small lines. And I really like to support good work!

  • March says:

    ….. Velveteen is …. a Cinnabar-type spicy thing?!?! Uh I need to order up that sample set hahahaha. Haven’t smelled the Chloes (and right now I doubt I could). xo

    • Patty says:

      Yes!!!! I’m trying to narrow it down, and will have more info next week as I do some comparisons. And the Cinnabar vintage parfum, not not current version. You wouldn’t sniff this Chloe, I’m sure, they aren’t dense, more light, but it sticks for an unbelievable long time. The Pineward guy has a great sample set. I think anyone would be hard pressed not to find something to love there.

  • Musette says:

    if they are tending towards the vanilla orchid it should have a slightly different scent than the regular distilled vanilla that we’re used to. Obvs the vanilla scent comes from the pods but the flower itself doesn’t smell quite as vanilla-y. I only know this from visiting orchid growers – since I’m not Nero Wolfe (I don’t have a heated glasshouse, alas) I couldn’t even begin to grow them myself.
    Other than that tidbit I couldn’t tell you anything about this line if it plunked itself down in my lap right now – I didn’t even know it existed!


    • Patty says:

      Same! I ran across it somewhere, and it sounded yummy so, welll, accidents. But it’s really great and has some other feel to it because of those differences you mention. Vanilla but not baking vanilla, except a very faint cookie thing.

  • Portia says:

    Hey Patty,
    We smelled that collection in Singapore airport just after they were released. It was the very start of the pandemic and a week before they locked Singapore down so no one was travelling. We got a really smart SA who spent an hour chatting and sniffing with us. Very cool experience. I’ve not seen them in Australia and didn’t buy the two bottles I fell madly for (we were coming back to shop with her but got sidetracked), so have completely forgotten which ones they were. Sorry.
    Portia xx

    • Patty says:

      Tuberose was one of them, I bet. Yeah, their release timing was bad, I think fall 2019? And then they added three more in 2020.