And The Heat Goes On..

Coming hot on the heels of Musette’s post from yesterday (hot on the heels, get it? He’s here all week folks, tip your waiter!) I will write that it has also been hot in LA. This year we seem to have pretty much skipped the usual “June Gloom” where it will be overcast unto foggy until mid-day at least. Back in the day when I worked in Santa Monica in retail, I could pretty much judge how busy a day it would be by the “marine layer”: if it was socked in by Lincoln Blvd there could be a chance of a decent day- it could burn off by noon. If it reached 26th Street, forget it. This June, not so much, and this past weekend we had the trifecta of heat, humidity, and bad air quality from some pesky (but thankfully contained) wildfires.

So I didn’t do much.

I did receive some samples from en ever-generous friend, but I have to write that I just wasn’t moved. They just didn’t do anything for me. Since they weren’t from some place that claimed to have hand squished the essences from flowers who volunteered for the job, or was stratospherically priced, or was from a big house I couldn’t get behind saying anything. Everybody’s baby is beautiful and it’s just churlish to say otherwise. Mostly.

So Musette musing about Amouage Lyric and Cinnamon about Guerlain SDV and layering made me think about the few times I did buck the usual response to any temperature that’s higher than (insert name of someone you dislike here)’s IQ and chose not something like 4711 or Eau de Hadrien but one of Lutens heavy hitters. One of those stewed fruit chewy ones that are meant to evoke the souk or a balmy night in Marrakesh. Like Arabie or Fumerie Turque. The latter was one that I tried a liberal spritzing of in the heavily air conditioned counter at the late, lamented Barneys (news on that later) then calmy left the store to triple digit heat and single digit humidity. And as fabulous as I thought I smelled at Barneys after a few blocks walking Dayton Way I was freaking glorious..

I am relatively sure that I have a bottle of it in a cupboard, Since we have a long weekend coming up here in the US I suppose I could mark Independence Day by going through and organising those closets. We will see if that happens.

My friend sent me for my birthday (I know, I milked that like a nanny goat. Sue me) a couple of these newfangled pots I’d seen advertised on faceplace, and which she loves. Anyday- kind of an update of pyrex with lids that can seal for steaming. Apparently you can cook rice or pasta in it (no time savings but you don’t have to stand over it) and create fabulous one pot designer meals that will go from microwave to icebox and back, wowing your friends and filling them with envy. So far I’ve steamed brussels sprouts, asparagus and broccoli. I like them.


So, the Barneys news. The Saks Beverly Hills location is going to go through some redevelopment. The original Parkinson & Parkinson building and the Paul R. Williams one will remain while office buildings and apartments will be built around it. The Saks women’s store will move to a re-done (former) Barneys down he street while the mens store will remain at the old I Magnin. The developer has been pretty cagey about whether the women’s store would move back to the original store upon completion of the construction and what will happen to the glorious Williams-designed first floor shopping levels of the original Saks buildings. It would be a crime if they were lost. The architects are ones that I have a lot of respect for and ones that have been responsible for some very sensitive updates on other period buildings, and none of this has come before the Planning or Historic Commissions nor been passed by the Beverly Hills City Council so we will see what we will see…

I did notice on last week’s post that there were late comments from a retailer linking back to their store. Now the comments were obvious PR blurbs, cut and pasted (and not exactly up there with “I’d Like to buy the World a Coke” or “Think Different” either). I did respond that I felt kind of like someone who had a tea party only to have someone bust in and try to sell tupperware. Kind of NOKD, IMHO. What do you all think? AITA?

I did place an order with one of those frag houses (the one where you have to make sure to click on the “coupon”) and got a few things. So upcoming will be Arpège (also got a beensy perfume off of eBay) and that staple of the 70’s Halston Z-14. So it will be back in time and cheap and cheerful again.

So, here in the States is going to be a long weekend where we celebrate our independence by scaring pets with random fireworks displays. (no, I’m not bitter, much.) What are your plans for the weekend? Going anywhere? Most importantly wearing anything? Let us know in the comments.

Photos: Pexels, my iPhone, Marmol Radzinger Architects

  • Musette says:

    StChance had a vinty Arpege parfum that blew the doors off my Cadillac – and sparked an Arpege-a-thon~ I’d forgotten how much I love that perfume. Especially in vint.

    I’m going to do Absolutely Fecking NOTHING this weekend – because I can. M. Jacques may or may not get stoned – depending upon how he handles booms. As I live at the back of beyond it’s not just fireworks. And the gun range is right down the road… I’m sure it’s gonna be loud.


    • Tom says:

      So far I’ve done nothing. Stayed up reading, then kept waking up going “uh, no..” Until 4pm. That’s right. 4pm. It was delicious.

  • March says:

    It’s been cool and crazy wet here — after no rain for WEEKS we got, like, 2 months of average rainfall in 10 days! I worked on not sulking since we need it all … I had to dig a sweater out, it was nuts. It’s gorgeous here now though, 70ish and sunny. I want to get back to LA one of these days, when I can bear the thought of getting on a plane again! No plans for this weekend, just hanging out … I bet you smelled fabulous in that Lutens!

    • Tom says:

      I’d love it if you’d come to LA, although with the price of gas practically the only thing I could offer you is chips and diet pepsi by the pool..

  • cinnamon says:

    Still sad about the demise of Barneys. Please send us some of your heat and sun and we’ll send a bit of our cool and damp. House stuff has become a lot more interesting than clothes shopping.

    • Tom says:

      As they say in Amuurrica, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” I’m sure you neither want nor need any of that. But if you have any spare rain…

  • Dina C. says:

    I like your new pots, Tom. Very snazzy. I’ve been married long enough (31 years) that my original housewares are aging, and I look with envy at fresh, new stuff. I think I understand your feelings about redevelopment in your city. When it’s done well, it’s a boon to the neighborhood. But when you’ve lived somewhere a long time, you hate to see landmarks, or even retail stores of distinction, get turned into something banal like a Subway. I always wear Cartier Declaration on the 4th of July. It’s my jokey little perfume pun.

    • Tom says:

      I love Declaration on the 4th!

      The big issue here is water. We are told we can’t take more than 3 minutes in the shower but these new buildings are going up hither and yon. And most of them are pumping ground water into the sewers (high water table in the area) so the basements don’t flood. Why aren’t they being forced to include water reclamation of that water? It’s not necessarily potable, but they can flush the toilets with it and water the landscaping with it..

  • Portia says:

    Heya Tom,
    I can imagine you swanning through Dayton Way smelling super fine.
    The new Anyday pyrex stuff sounds good.
    Portia xx