Onward 2024 …

So, a new year. Hoping for good things.

As of 6 pm UK time today (Sunday) I’m officially retired.

Anyway, I was thinking about what to do with a first-of-the-year post and decided I didn’t feel the least like looking back or forecasting forward. At the moment, I just want to be. My plans for January are to think. In general, I’m an optimistic, hopeful person. So, for this year I’ll simply say I’m cautiously optimistic and cautiously hopeful.

I have a list of things I plan to do this year, plus there will be some travel late in the year but likely a London trip fairly soon. Otherwise, I need to adjust. Soon, there’s a flood group meeting in the village and the dog has a spa visit – and I have a Zoom meeting with my finance guy (what we need to talk about so early in the year I don’t get but we’re going to do it).

So instead of forward/backward, how about the three perfumes that made the biggest impression on you in 2023?

I’m not necessarily talking your favourite new finds or things that made it on to your want list (although maybe these did). Rather, this is about the fragrances that stayed in your head even if you are unlikely to ever buy or wear them.

So, here are mine.

Numero uno. Eris Perfumes Delta of Venus. I wrote about this here. This is skanky tropical fruit that might just be thinking about going off very soon. Sexy as hell. Is it on my want list? No, actually. But that may change. Who knows. In any case, it’s what I’m wearing today as I finish writing.

Number two. Victoria Beckham Suite 302. Apparently it took VB eight years to get to where she was happy to release the line. I wrote about this, Tom wrote of this. The beauty journalist in The Guardian newspaper wrote about this. We all had vastly different responses. Mine was ‘oh, my, this is the bomb’. More sexy as hell and also new to me in that I own nothing to do with cherry – and the cherry things I’ve tried (I am looking at you Tom Ford) have been really off-putting. This, however, sings on my skin. It is also stupid money and slides on and off my want list. It would be an immediate purchase if I won the lottery.

Nummer drei. Perfumer H Smoke. Ah, Smoke. Of the three perfumes I’ve chosen to focus on this to my mind is the most ‘perfumy’ – ie, the most ‘ah, this perfume smells great’. Plus, this smells gorgeous on me, especially the dry-down, which is sophisticated vaguely sweet smoky gingerbread. Delicious without being cutesy. Mouth-watering but not a true gourmand. This is actually at the top of my want list. But, I’m going to have to work my way there somehow as it’s also at the top of my even vaguely ok price point. I am, however, expecting that somehow, at some point this year, I’m going to justify a bottle of this. At some point it will happen.

There you go. Looking forward to reading your comments. And offering wishes for a new year that is … as you would wish.

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  • Maggiecat says:

    A belated congratulations on your retirement! (I’ve been traveling and came hone with Covid so I’m really behind.) Wishing you all the best in this new phase of your life!

  • Dina C. says:

    Hearty congratulations on your retirement cinnamon! I’m so excited for you. The theme of 2023 for me was Neroli. All the scents I purchased had that lovely, uplifting note. Bottega Veneta Knot. Vintage Lanvin My Sin. Veronique Gabai Souvenirs de Tunisie. And my bestie sent me hand lotion from Beautycounter that was neroli scented, too.

  • Great choices! That’s so cool and creative for David and Victoria Beckham to have their own perfumes as a married couple!

  • Tom says:

    Congrats on the retirement, and I think it’s a good idea to take a month to decompress. Heck, take two.

    As far as 2023 perfumes I’m going with a perfumer- Nail Morris, who for some reason I never tried until now. Reasonably priced and really, really good. Giant samples for $5 shipped. I’ve bought several myself and purchased some as gifts.

    2024 for me is going to be super austere money wise. I think I’m going to have to get a new car so I won’t be frittering money away like I did last year. Prrobably for the best for my finances and my waistline..

    • I totally understand! Greg buying decants or bundle sets instead. Also, you can sign up for perfume subscriptions. They help you to explore new houses at an affordable monthly cost.

    • Taliaferro says:

      I totally understand! Try buying decants or bundle sets instead. Also, you can sign up for perfume subscriptions. They help you to explore new houses at an affordable monthly cost.

  • Jennifer S says:

    I’ve not liked the cherry scents I’ve come across either but Suite 302 sounds interesting as does the Perfumer H Smoke, considering I’ve been wearing my decant of JM Ginger Biscuit quite often. Worth sampling I think!
    Congrats on your retirement!

    • cinnamon says:

      I definitely recommend trying Suite 302, and certainly Smoke if you are into that sandalwood sweet-ish thing. Tx on retirement—it’s a lot to get my head round.

    • Hmmm… yeah cherry scents can be tricky.

      You can try Room 129 by The Taliaferro or Room 1015. Also, there’s another cherry fragrance from Kayali that has a nice cherry note.

  • Kathleen says:

    Happy retirement Cinnamon! Exciting year ahead for you! Perfumes that had the greatest impact on me in 2023 were from the past, I didn’t smell much new. I always go back to No 5, such comfort and elegance. DAME Duality is a perfume I can live in for days. I revisited perfumes from my perfume beginnings as a teenage and still enjoy them including YSL Paris and Yvresse, Shalimar, and Anais Anais. Happy New Year!

    • cinnamon says:

      I have a friend who wore Paris in the ’80s. It’s never been one of mine but I loved it on her (haven’t seen her in ages but might ask if she’s still wearing it). Ah, sigh, Shalimar.

  • Maya says:

    What a lovely New Year’s wish. Right back at ya! And wishing the same for everyone reading this. 🙂

    My number one perfume is: PG Pierre Guillaume Bois Naufrage 16.1. I wasn’t even interested in this perfume. I simply threw the sample in an order I made. When I opened the 1ml vial, the scent burst out and I said OMG! That’s never happened to me before. This will be my first bottle buy in the new year.
    Next – MEMO Lalibela – a like that turned into a love.
    Then – Fueguia 1833 La Captiva – not complicated, but beautiful on me. Wish it were less expensive.

    • cinnamon says:

      thank you. I love when things surprise you in a good way. maybe a wish for this year is that some perfume houses will lower prices a bit for some unknown but considerate reason.

  • Portia says:

    Hey there Cinnamon,
    Welcome to 2024 and retirement. Congratulations on achieving both.

    The current top 3 on the To Buy List are
    1. Celine Saint-Germain-Des-Pres
    2. Ma Bette: Eris
    3. Café Cabanel
    We had a retailer selling the last of their Eris for almost no money and I did not have the funds at the time because every spare cent and a few more besides went into travel in 2023. So I’m a bit grumpy about missing that one. Saint-Germain-Des-Pres is ridiculous money and I was in Teo Cabanel in Paris last month but again, all my money was already spent. Not complaining, we had the most extraordinary year and it will live long in our memories.
    This year we are staying home and hopefully rebuilding some savings. Also doing a bit of study, more anon.
    Portia xx

    • cinnamon says:

      oh, my, you had some year in 2023. I hope we’ll see some bits of it in posts here. and it sounds like everything put into all those trips was well worth it. life is balance? a bit of excitement, a bit of quiet?

  • March says:

    Woohoo, happy retirement!!!!! That is fantastic. Here’s hoping for a nice, quiet, boring 2024 — that’s what I’d like, anyway, especially since it’s an election year.

    • cinnamon says:

      woohoo indeed. now to get my head round it all. hoping we have an election this year too — just waiting for our useless PM to have to call one. last night was rainy and very windy. this morning dawned cold, calm and sunny. I am hoping that is auspicious.

      • alityke says:

        We will have to have an election by Dec 12th 2024 as there has to be one when a government has been in power 5 years.
        More likely to be the traditional May though.
        Can’t come soon enough!

  • How do I get my nose on Perfumer H? Will not buy unless I can try. Happy New Year to all.

    • cinnamon says:

      Dawn, have a look at the website. Somewhere, there’s a list of where this is available. It’s not the usual suspects (eg, in NY, the last time I looked at the list, it’s some gallery on Long Island out in the Hamptons). Good luck. Smoke is well worth trying.

  • Tara C says:

    Perfumer H Smoke sounds fabulous but I don’t know there is any way to purchase it from the US. Maybe some day I’ll make it to the UK again. As for me, I loved Meo Fusciuni Viole Nere, 4160 Tuesdays Hush Hush and SL Écrin de Fumée best this year. It’s been a good perfume year overall, and I’m planning to go on hiatus for the next three years to enjoy wearing what I have and not buying more.

    • cinnamon says:

      Fabulous is the right word 🙂 Availability: see list on website. You can find them in various places around the world. I agree that 2023 was a good perfume year.