Share your stash Monday and almost happy 2020

stashHello, Posse folks! Hope everyone had a nice holiday last week. Not much
going on here, but wanted to see what cool gifts you guys got. So please do share your
holiday stash (perfumed and otherwise).

I did receive a great revolving shoe tree to organize all my shoes. It was sorely
needed, as I have to dress up for work now and was always digging around trying to
find matching flats. And also scored some nice gift cards (Ebay,
and Dunkin’ Donuts — to help keep me running).

Can hardly believe it’ll soon be 2020. Where did this past year (and decade) go? Seems the older I get, the faster time flies. Oh well.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun NYE and New Year’s Day!

Kathleen December 30, 2019

Chanel No 5 sparkling body gel!  Unexpected and so appreciated!  Also a spa gift card, I am happy! Agreed with time going faster as we get older.  Seems like yesterday we entered 2000, now 2020 already! Happy New Year Perfume Posse!  

Francesca B December 30, 2019

I bought myself a bottle of Beaufort Terror & Magnificence, which is fabulous smoke and leather, and I gave my husband a bottle of Tom Ford Noir, since he finally used up the mini he had and we both like it on him. Happy New Year, Posse! 

Shiva-woman December 29, 2019

I want that great revolving shoe tree-- and.... wouldn't it be great to have a revolving "perfume tree"....? I got loads of Solstice Scents and some cheapie and good Ganache perfumes.  Happy Holidays, last night of Hanukkah and New Year--may 2020 bring peace, some political decorum, renewed interest in healing the planet and people joining together in positive, constructive ways to change!

Filomena December 29, 2019

Happy almost 2020!  I never get perfume from anyone so every Christmas I buy myself a bottle.  This year I ordered a bottle from Italy on December 9th but still haven't received it.  I hope I will be getting soon after the New Year.