Hermès Terre d’Hermès, Eau d’Hermès, and “The One In the Green Bottle”

Well my inbox and facebook feed were bombarded over this past week with the notice that there was a new mens Hermès fragrance, available at Nordstrom, called H24. Despite the fact that there is a Norstrom right down the street… Continue Reading

Iris Perfumes – Atelier des Ors Iris Fauve, Coolife Le Sixième and Armani/Prive Iris Celadon

Iris Perfumes

It’s iris day!  Three new iris releases or releasing soon – Atelier des Ors Iris Fauve, Coolife Le Sixième and Armani/Prive Iris Celadon.  Can there be any better day on the face of the earth than when three great iris perfumes… Continue Reading

Frederic Malle Perfume Comprehensive Guide

frederic malle perfume comprhensive review

Frederic Malle perfume has been around since slightly before 2000.  Founded on a philosophy of giving the perfumer a very broad idea of what they wanted, then letting the perfume create it.  Then, the almost always unseen, unknown perfumer got… Continue Reading

10 Best Niche Perfume Lines (small) 2016 Nobody Knows About

top 10 niche perfume lines 2016

Finding the best niche perfume lines is tough if you aren’t following all the perfume blogs or Facebook fragrance groups.  The mainstream perfume industry has no problem making sure you know about their newest flanker – they spend millions (billions?)… Continue Reading