Mrs. Honey December 29, 2016

I had a sample of Santal Blanc. It annoyed me when I put it on (pencil shavings) but several hours later I was smelling this beautiful smell and I could not figure out where it was coming from until I smelled my arm. I bought a bell jar of Chergui on the evilbay when I first got into perfume (circa 2006). I bought a bell jar of Miel de Bois when I was in Paris in 2011. I have a mini of Feminite du bois. One day I will own Five O'Clock au Gingembre and Fille en Aiguilles.

Tatiana December 27, 2016

Kicking myself for not being patient about the crowded boutique when I was in Paris a week and a half ago. Should have waited it out and gotten a bell jar of Santal Mysore. Sigh.

Nemo December 25, 2016

What a great collection of perfumes!! Thanks so much for this compilation, it brought back some great memories, and lots of things to try!

ELIZABETHC December 24, 2016

I hadn't thought of wearing them together, but now I will definitely have to try :)!

Jaap Donker December 24, 2016

Thank you for listing them all. I visited the shop in Paris this year and smelled a few of the rare ones. I wish I could have pulled up a chair in that shop and spent an afternoon sniffing and re sniffing and re re re sniffing all the scents.The one that I liked instantly is enscense lavande. But didn't buy anything to add to my favourites at home. (I was in an ''do I really need another perfume" mood) Which are Cuir Mauresque, Daim Blond, Serge Noir, Bois de Violettes, fleur de Citron and for an amusing scent ride Miel de bois. I dislike the "foody/curry" ones like santal blanc and arabie. Ambre Sultan is too linear for me. Amber that is screaming amber for 8 hours straight.

Ingeborg December 23, 2016

Thank you for this interesting post. I own Five O'clock au Gingebre and it is good for winter and I can eaven tolerate it on days with migraines. I think Daim Blond is going to be my next FB from this line, or possibly Fleurs d'Oranger. I don't care for pine needle in my perfume (associate it with cleaning products) so no fan of Fille d'Aiguiles even if friends have praised it.

Bobbie December 23, 2016

Thank you Patty. Your insightful notes will benefit so many of us. I've wanted to do a Serge project for a while and you've inspired me to order samples and get started. Best holiday wishes!

Undina December 23, 2016

DNEM, I just want to say that it was an impressive job, I enjoyed reading the post. My favorite perfumes from the line... Boxeuses and De Profundis (my only two bell jars), but I also love and wear (regular bottles or decants) about 10 more perfumes.

mkirk350 December 22, 2016

I am glad you wrote and posted this article (and have worn or tested all of the Serges). I know I'll refer back to it again and again. I love many Serges, but have not tried them all. Right now I have on Fleurs d"Oranger - one of my favorites. Good, even in winter.

Rachel December 22, 2016

What an amazing resource to have all these reviews in one place (the re-sniffing must have taken ages since all the Lutens scents I've tried are very long-lasting). I really love ISM and Cuir Mauresque, neither of which I own (though I hope to someday!), and also Santal Majuscule. I think Encens at Lavande sounds so compelling and your description has also made me want to hunt down a sample of Mandarine Mandarin. Of the ones I've tried, the only one that hasn't worked form me is Bas de Soie - in fact, it was my first ever scrubber!

Clarochka December 22, 2016

Thank you for this great list. I found Miel de Boris extremely difficult and had to sell it to a better home. I am very fond of La fills de Berlin, Chergui, De Profundis, Santal Majuscule are all amazing. I have to try Rose de Nuit!!

Jackie December 22, 2016

My fave winter scent is Ambre Sultan. I find it warm and cuddly, but friends remark that I'm badass in it. Whatever. I love it.

Musette December 22, 2016

Just popping in here to say WOW! You know, every time I forget what an amazing writer you are, you do something like this to remind me. And ....wow! Your understanding and commitment to fragrance is .......wow! Now I gotta go open up the Uncle Serge box and sample some of these. Daim Blond is probably my favorite of his line(s) followed by De Profundis. (and DNEM, of course - just wanted to say WOW!!!) xoxoxo

SHMW December 22, 2016

Hope not too late for the draw. I love having all these descriptions in one place but it makes me realise I had a few unsniffed ones mixed up…….. great descriptions, though the thought of the dentist one is too awful to contemplate.

Karen A December 22, 2016

Fun reviews, and thanks for the draw! La Fille has gotten me more compliments, so definitely right up there. And I lovelovelove Fille en Anguilles, but can see where it might not work for others. And Serge Noire on me wore like a gorgeous incense, got a sample with an order and was really nervous to try it, given reactions to it.

Miriam December 22, 2016

Reading all of these reviews in one place was great! Brought me back to the heyday of MUA where I swapped for many samples and learned a lot. I have loved and hated many in this line and many more I have not tried or have sniffed once in the store and gone, eh, whatever. I love Vetiver Oriental and have worn it a lot. To me it is smooth and streamlined enough for office/ school/concentration but deep and interesting. Love mkk as well but it's pretty much the opposite. Santal de Mysore is a very curried coconut ish sandalwood and I love it to bits! One of my all-time favorites, which is so scarce I hardly ever indulge. Miel de Bois is a weird one which I adored and impulse bought many years ago. After a while I got the pee comparison and felt weird about wearing. Ambre Sultan is like the perfect amber and not boring but somehow I became bored with it. Chergui is one I thought I'd love and got a partial of it as well, but no. I have been meaning to swap/ sell but can't bring myself to. Maybe one day I'll get it? Same with Jeux de Peau. Got a partial bottle for about 25 bucks thinking it would be a sure thing but no. So, Cannibals. I weirdly love it. Like I am mesmerized and don't even know if I enjoy it but I need to smell it. I think the whole expensive line is silly though. I'd love to try the other santals, florals like FDC, and many of the newer ones! Please do count me in

katrin December 22, 2016

Thanks for the wonderful review and the draw! Actually, I quite like the Eau's, and am considering getting one (perhaps the latest) so that I'd have a Lutens which I could spray with abandon. This is not something I could do with most of the other perfumes in the line! and I've been sort of missing that. I like or love most of them. There are still some that I have not tried (in bell jars mostly). My first real love is Gris Clair (which I prefer over slightly more masculine Encens et Lavande), and there are some on my wish list, such as Tubereuse Criminelle, Daim Blond, La Religieuse. Bas de Soie. The only Lutens that has left me completely indifferent was De Profundis, it's very cold and aloof. But surprisingly, I loved MKK from the first sniff and El Attarine. So my Lutens wishlist is long...

Sheila December 22, 2016

All about the jungle-y tropical florals: Un Lys, A La Nuit & Tubereuse Criminelle, though I haven't yet tried Fleurs d'Oranger. Impressed by your aromatic adventure - you've conquered all the peaks! I was introduced to these Serge Lutens fragrances on the old MUA by great noses (one in particular) who shared my passion for perfume and lament the demise of the swapping function on the site. It allowed people from all over the world to connect and educate each other, regardless of their differences, and helped the environment by allowing all of us to get rid of stuff we wouldn't use and acquire stuff we WOULD.

Neva December 21, 2016

OMG I wasn't aware there were so many of them! While I was reading your post, I wrote down a list of the ones I'd like to try, so my list is ready ;-) I haven't tried many but my favourite is Feminite du Bois and Santal Majuscule and I'd love to try De Profundis most of all. Thanks for the draw and merry Christmas!

Maya December 21, 2016

DNEM I just wanted you wish you a great holiday and a wonderful new year. This is a great post. Sadly, I have tried 9+ Serge Luten perfumes and do not like a single one. I actually hate Jeux de Peau. So I am sticking to the lines I like and sampling new ones. I have found some great likes and new loves, so it's all good. :)

Libby E-Z December 21, 2016

i'm looking for the perfect fleur d'oranger, and thinking maybe it's Serge's?

ELizabethC December 21, 2016

Thank you for the drawing. I love, love, love Serge Lutens. His Un Bois Vanille is what started my perfume obsession :) I am also lucky enough to have a bell jar of La Myrrhe!

Rincoglionita December 21, 2016

Wow, what a great giveaway--thank you! I have a FB of Feminite du Bois and lots of decants and samples. I think my favorite of all is Fumerie Turque, with Ambre Sultan very close behind.

malsnano86 December 21, 2016

Oh Lord, Oncle Serge. I think at this point, there is no reason to enter me as I've tried most of these except the most recent releases. Serge has a pretty poor record of success with me. Out of the 42 I've tried, I enjoyed 14 of them, but in a "ehh, I guess I'd wear that if I didn't have to pay for it" sort of way. (Surprisingly, I like Serge Noire. I know, I'm crazy, but I kinda dig that IcyHot vibe.) I absolutely hated and despised 19 of them, including Fleurs de Citronnier, GASP HOW SHOCKING but really it smells like toilet cleaner on me. I don't like Chergui, I don't like Bas de Soie, I really hate Fille en Aiguilles. And I love only one: La Myrrhe. Which makes me cry, it's so beautiful.

grizzlesnort December 21, 2016

Few full bottles of anything but Ambre Sultan is one of them. Please enter me in your draw. Thanks for this great review. I will refer to it if I win!

Jirish December 21, 2016

Can't believe I still haven't tried Iris Silver Mist. Must remedy that. Chergui and Cuir Mauresque were my first Lutens, later joined by Fille en Auigille and La Fille de Berlin.

solanace December 21, 2016

Chergui is my dope. Thank you for the draw and happy hollidays, Patty!

Alison December 21, 2016

Wow, I've smelled most of them and my favorites are Tuberose Criminelle, Daim Blond, and Fleurs de Citronnier. I also must check out this Kafkaesque blog! Please enter in drawing.

Olivia December 21, 2016

I've only tried Louve. Oh my gosh, I didn't realize he was so prolific in his creations.

Rosemary December 21, 2016

This was a wonderful review, thanks for the time and effort, Patty! The only one I've tried is Iris Silver Mist, and although I preferred the iris in Hermes Hiris, Silver Mist did help me identify iris as a note I enjoy. After reading this review, there are definitely a bunch that pique my interest, L’Incendiaire and de Profundis near the top. Thanks again for the review and the drawing!

Queen Cupcake December 21, 2016

Patty, your notes represent a ton of work! So, thanks for doing it. It is great to see them all on one page. I think I only have one SL: Un Bois Vanille, and I would love to win this draw, if only to ask for the weirdest ones so I can compare my notes with yours. Best wishes!

SharShar December 21, 2016

Thanks for this! Great fun to read. I've tried a small smattering of Serges (1 ml samples. I have to stop doing that, it's spray or go home for me). I keep coming back to 5 o'clock Gingembre and Chergui. Mmm, warm perfume hugs. But my absolute favorite thus far, surprisingly, is the oft maligned Miel de Bois. Honey is wonderful, and it's easy to find a pleasant, straight-forward honey in just about any line...But a challenging, unusual reminder that honey is a gift of the animal kingdom and does not just spontaneously appear in plastic bear containers? A true tribute to bees. Miel de Bois is the entry that convinced me that I need to try every Serge I can get my hands on. A long road ahead of me, but hey, maybe I can skip the l'Eaus and the Section d'Overpriced.

BostonScentGuy December 21, 2016

Loved reading this little journey; I myself like to take a little tour of a house over the period of a week or few days or something...I particularly enjoy this with the precious bell jars I do have! My favorite Lutens is probably still my first bell jar--Fumerie Turque. Such a glorious scent, but it is tied with Chergui and Borneo, because I find it a bit easier to wear those. Fumerie smells perfect, but unfortunately gives me a huge headache--the only scent that really does that to me--unless I wear it with extreme caution (i.e. *very* lightly)--definitely a cruel bit of irony. Thanks for this review and drawing!

Janice December 21, 2016

This is a great roundup, and now I want to go back and revisit some of these, and track down some of the ones I’ve never tried. For what it’s worth, I completely agree with your description of Fille en Aiguilles. I own a few from this line but I think my favorite is Douce Amere.

filomena813 December 21, 2016

Thank you for doing this! I pretty much agree with you on most--especially the ones that I own.

Michelle Little December 21, 2016

I've never tried a Serge Lutens and there are so many amazing choices! I go for the heavy, animalic with amazing florals so that would help me narrow down choices. Thanks for this review Patty!

Eldarwen22 December 21, 2016

I have tried a few Serge Lutens offerings. My favorites are Iris Silver Mist, Sarrasins, De Profundis, Rose de Nuit.

Brooke December 21, 2016

What a wonderful giveaway! My hands down fave is Datura Noir, a friend told me that that it was "very me" and she's not wrong! Please enter me, I would love to sniff some of the more challenging of the bunch. Thanks!

Audrey December 21, 2016

I still love Un bois Vanilla but would love to try the violette. Thank you for the chance. Amazing article.

Christine December 21, 2016

I had a sample of Un Lys given to me generously about 8ish years ago. Went through it and am probably going to buy a full bottle soon. (After water proofing the basement and the holidays because ouch!) but man - that was some lovely stuff. Thank you for this generous giveaway!

Philip December 21, 2016

I have tried Chergui and liked it. I like Sandalwood so the Santal de Mysore sounds interesting. To try many samples would be wonderful.

Morrigan December 21, 2016

Wow, what a giveaway! I've tried a handful of SL, my favourite is Fille de Berlin. It's this perfume that single-handedly convinced I could love rose... and since then I've come to appreciate numerous other roses.

Kirsten December 21, 2016

Un Lys is my thing at the moment. Unbelievably perfect!

Laurels December 21, 2016

My favorite so far is Ambre Sultan. And I am with you on Fille en Aiguilles-I thought it was kind of interesting to smell from the decant, but unbearable to actually wear. Fir/pine notes just do not wear well on me.

Connie December 21, 2016

Proud to say I've tried almost all of these except for the hoards of newer ones, which I can't deal with. On the wish list are Rose de Nuit and MKK (I have De Profundis and Une Voix Noire). Would love to give Un Lys another try too. Serge is a great brand but unfortunately for me not as lovely now as it used to be.

rockinruby December 21, 2016

I'm surprised you find Douce Amere difficult; that one was always very easy for me. So many of the Serge scents that are staples for other people are difficult for me. But I found true love with Fumerie Turque, and I cheat a little on the side with Chergui. Once in a blue moon I might turn to Chene or Cuir Mauresque for comfort. The entire rest of the line have become vague memories at this point. I wonder if I should revisit them all as you have done, or if I should give them away.

Finanna December 21, 2016

Wow! I had to get another espresso to finish reading this post:) Not because it was boring, but I wanted to pay attention to each word of these wonderful descriptions. I wholeheartedly agree on most of them (l'eaux, Chypre Rouge, Cedre) but I am with the rest of the world on Fille en Aiguilles. Loved reading your description, though. Still need to sniff Veilleur de Nuit. Santa, can I get a trip to Paris (with a couple of nannies preferably)?

witnessofsense December 21, 2016

What a great round up! The Serge Lutens fragrances fascinate me and I keep coming back to them but I haven't found one that I love (yet). Un Lys came close as did Fumerie Turque. Thanks for the draw!

greennote2 December 21, 2016

There is so much in this line, there is something for everyone. Love Iris Silver Mist, Un Lys, Jeux de Peau (how different are all of those?). Not overly keen on MKK, Daim Blond. Tried quite a few, but still, so many... and which body part do I need to sell to get a bell jar? And they're not even that big. But I shall love what I love and enjoy it. Happy holidays / Merry Christmas all.

furriner December 21, 2016

I love a lot of Serge scents. If I had to choose five, I guess they would be MKK, Miel de Bois, Mandarine Mandarin, Arabie, and Bornéo 1834. I'm not nuts about some favorites like Chergui and Daim Blond. Both Chypre Rouge and Filles en Aguilles smell like crayons to me. The only ones I actively dislike (and this includes the Eaux) are Ambre Sultan and Chypre Rouge.

sarahpatto December 21, 2016

Thank you Patty! Noble work. so many winners in this line... And they can't be judged too quickly.

Sylvia December 21, 2016

Oooo I loved your post and read through everyone of your comments in one sitting! Thank you for writing such a comprehensive review. My husband bought me Santal Majuscule for my birthday and I adore it.I'd like to smell the other ones you loved! Merry Christmas to you!

lqtang December 21, 2016

I remember I really loved Daim Blond! I can't find the little decant I had of it-- think I've only worn it maybe twice? But I've also been obsessed with the idea of De Profundis (yay, Latin and medieval religion!) for a while now and definitely want to try it

crystesmom December 21, 2016

I cherish my tiny sample of De Profundus and hope to try many other SL's someday. I am particularly interested in trying Boxeuses, as leathers are my first love. I also want to thank you for making this comprehensive review post of the Serge Lutens fragrances. I'm saving in every possible way for future reference. Thank you so much for this draw!

Tara C December 21, 2016

Great post, thank you!! My husband wears MKK and Fumerie Turque, I am partial to Sarrasins and Bois Oriental. Would love to sniff Veilleur de Nuit, hopefully this summer I'lll get the chance. The only one I absolutely hated was Serge Noire, total BO armpit dire stanky stench. Walked that sample straight out to the trash.

Spring-pansy December 21, 2016

Several that I like although I am not sure I've found MY Lutens yet. (Like very much: Chergui, Douce Amere, Un Lys, Un Bois Vanille, and sometimes even Tubey Crim. Please enter me in the draw!

Koyel December 21, 2016

This post is so impressive!!! Thanks for this, Patty; it'll serve as a great reference. My favorite SL of the (apparently!) few I've tried is Féminité du Bois--a warm, spiced hug :) I'd love to sniff Fumerie Turque. Thanks for the draw!

HeidiC December 21, 2016

I commented on this over on the Facebook link -- I'm so thrilled you went through with the 30 Days of SL! It was so fun to go back and revisit these -- I bought the non-import sample set from STC a while ago, and have several samples of stateside-available ones. But I haven't tried most of the recent ones, from about Fille de Berlin on, and none of the Section d'Or ones. I would love to own a bell jar or two -- especially of Fumerie Turque! I wish I liked La Vierge de Fer -- it's the most badass bottle of the bunch, as is the name, but the scent does not measure up. Thank you so much for this compilation!

Taxi December 21, 2016

Wonderful descriptions! I've tried only Nuit de Cellophane which seems to disappear immediately. I'll have to try others.

Mocha December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas, Patty! Thank you for the fantastic retrospective. I am a big fan of the SL line and really appreciate seeing all these reviews in one list. I have tried a few SLs over the years and have a special spot in my heart for Un Bois Vanille and Santal Majuscule. Would love to try Mandarine Mandarin and De Profundis (by the way, so very sorry about your brother and I hope next year is much better for you).

Caryn Spriggs December 21, 2016

Bas de Soie is what I am coincidentally wearing today and it my all-time favourite perfume (narrowly beating out a Balenciaga and a Chanel). Thank you for the review of all these ... it is always a pleasure to read about Serge Lutens perfumes.

tiffanie December 21, 2016

Thank you for the exhaustive Serge round up. You've reminded me that I have Sarrasins on my jasmine must-try list. I hoped A la Nuit would be perfect but all I got was unwashed panties. I love lavender so Gris Clair (such a pretty name) is also on my list.

Shelly December 21, 2016

Un Lys was NY gateway scent to Serge. I got it way back in the day when you could get decants on EBay. I forget what I had bid on, probably vintage Avon something or other, but it came with a small vial of Un Lys. Id never heard of Serge Lutens, but I was a goner. A few years after that I managed to save enough money to take a short trip to Paris and made a beeline for his salon with my hard earned money. I think I spent nearly an hour in there trying out every scent. I was in absolute heaven. I finally decided on two bell jars. One was Un Lys and the other was Rahout Lakoum. I've never regretted spending that money and I've never lost my love of his creations. ?

Diana December 21, 2016

Fumerie Torque, Rose de Nuit, MKK, Santal Majuscule and La Fille de Berlin are my favorites of what I've sampled from this line thus far. Haven't tried anything released from 2014, onward, so would really love to have a sniff of those.

Fernando December 21, 2016

Nice survey! I own several of these, and your reviews reminded me of how good most of them are. And that I've got to grab me some Forreau Noire...

Debbie Stahl December 21, 2016

I fell in love with Fleurs d'Orangeur and Ambre Sultan. And then went on to other fragrances. Your post has inspired me to discover more Serge Lutens!

Jeanne December 21, 2016

Thank you for the interesting and very entertaining reviews. Merry Christmas.

GrandmaGaga December 21, 2016

Patty; loved your reviews, as usual....dry humor mixed with useful information! I believe the only Serge Lutens scent I have had the opportunity to try is Muscs Kublai Khan and it was so long ago, I can't remember details. Would love to sample these...they all sound like 'experiences' I'd like to take part in.

cynthia3403 December 21, 2016

Obviously I need to revisit some of these. And quite a few of these reviews are good for a chuckle!

Anna December 21, 2016

Wow, that is an amazing job, obviously a lot of work, so thank you. I have Sa Majeste la Rose and would like to try her dirty sister. I didn't read the entire piece yet as it is too much to take in one shot.

Christine December 21, 2016

Five O'clock au Gingembre is my go to scent. It's probably...bigger than most of the occasions I wear it, but I love it unreservedly.

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