Zesty roses

Money can Buy some happiness… up to a point

Well, a little more money coming into my bank account and dispatched to Ormonde Jayne and Caron would net me the remaining perfumes I can not live without, and that would definitely make me joyous and smelling wonderful.

My Un Zest de Rose I got a great deal on in an auction on eBay arrived today, and it is the first rose scent I believe I have ever liked. de Rosine does roses like they smell in my garden. At my old house, I used to have a bunch of mint growing around the roses, and this is very close to what that smelled like. Lovely.

  • Marina says:

    P, Un Zest de Rose was the first rose scent I ever liked. Before that I was absolutely rose-note-phobic. Now not only am I not scared by rose notes, I seek them in perfumes. I hope you enjoy your Un Zest!