Smoke and Mirrors

Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque – I was expecting something more outré. Basically this smells like the inside of a tobacconist. Not a bad thing; it´s a perfectly nice smell. But I´d rather smell like the inside of a tea shop, thanks. I still need to smell MKK and Cuir Mauresque before I complete my pleasure tour of Serge´s Sweaty Side, which – no kidding – I am really enjoying. Chergui turned into my first Full Bottle Purchase.

Tauer Perfumes Le Maroc Pour Elle – Moroccan Petitgrain (bitter orange), French Lavender, red Mandarin, Moroccan Rose absolute, Moroccan Jasmin absolute, Moroccan Cedarwood from the High Atlas, Sandalwood, Patchouli. I can´t stop putting this on and smelling it. Be warned – this is not a timid scent. But give it 30 minutes and a little space and wrap your mind around that rose rising up in all its herbal-green-sappish glory. I have nothing else that smells even remotely like this, and I mean that as my highest compliment. A stunner.

Frederic Malle Editions de Parfums Carnal Flower – I´ve had this for awhile, and I kept putting it off, idiot that I am, because the whole heady white flower experience is a hard one for me. I dragged my @ss until Legerdenez wrote: “I don´t smell all of the above components that constitute tuberose in this scent. I smell wintergreen oil´s florist shop chill with an orgy of tuberose that trills and then melds to my skin´s seemingly subdermal musk.” Well, okay, that sounds interesting. This is the fragrance that has, at long last, solved my Fracas Conundrum – I own Fracas, because I love the way it smells, but I never wear it, because I consider it basically unwearable. But this is the tuberose with just enough refrigeration to keep it from overwhelming me (well, okay, the first half hour´s a little tough.) But the rest of the day I stood in a mysterious snow from heaven, drifting all around. This scent has singlehandedly caused an entire rethinking of the white-flower possibilities.

Les Parfums de Rosine Rose d´Argent – In a sick twist of fate, I discovered this amazing sample just as I’ve begun to come around to the possibilities of the rose, and I was so intrigued I did a little research, which allowed me to learn that (of course) it´s been discontinued. It´s green and rampant and a little dangerous, a thorny climber into my heart, and I refuse to smell it again, because I am not falling in love with yet another discontinued frag. I am afraid of turning into the perfume version of the pathetic chick who only falls in love with unattainable, emotionally unavailable men.

Evening in Paris (Soir de Paris) – I need to thank Victoria O. for this silky, sophisticated Perfume from the Past. The drydown is a cross between the gentle violet-anise of Apres l´Ondee and the spicy carnation of My Sin. A grown-up scent that is retro but not dowdy. It´s a gorgeous skin scent after 20 minutes. Fans of vintage smells without vintage risks: you can get it new online at Vermont Country Store, which is where my sample came from.

Sperm for Surfers (S-ex Perfumes) — Okay, I don’t know what it’s called. It has a little swimmer on the glass vial and it says: (for surfers). You tell me. Actually, you tell me what it smells like, because I cannot smell it. Can. Not. Smell. It. It doesn’t smell like sperm… not that I’d know what sperm smelled like. What I mean to say is, it smells vaguely ozonic, like that Demeter stuff (Thunderstorm?), but basically it might as well be water. Maybe I’m anosmic to whatever this is? Maybe it IS water, because — dude — what could be a better surfer smell, right?

camellia –
Edouard Leon Cortes – Snowy Evening Paris
sperm –

  • Patty says:

    Marina, it was a friend, and the hint was in their user name. I don’t even know if she had any more than just the teeny bit.

  • marchlion says:

    Katie — so that’s what it’s called? Jet Scent? (It’s against my perfume blogging creed to look up useful information myself.)

    Salty and woody? So maybe it does smell like sperm. If I keep writing stuff like this in the blog comments section, do you think Mistress P will kick me off?:devil:

    I’ll apply more heavily and see what I get, will also try over S-ex.

  • Katie says:

    Oh that is a shame – of all the non “sin” scents by S-Perfume, the Jet-Scent by Morillas is the only one I wear as an actual scent for the day, rather than just something to take a sniff at now and again. On me it is weirdly salty, woody, and green. You do have to be a bit generous with application however, I must admit. Did you try layering the Jet-Scent over the top of the S-Perfume? This works the best I think, in terms of giving it all some oomph and also staying power.

  • Marina says:

    I am all confused. I give up. Dear Rose-bearer, where did you find The One Rose? In the Mines of Moria? No, seriosly, where? :confused:

  • Hi – I do not see the “Original Formula” Evening In Paris on the site any more. The Soir de Paris in the half round bottle is not the same!

    I am writing to the Vermont Country Store right now for clarification.

  • gingele says:

    anxiously awaiting your opinion of MKK…..

  • marchlion says:

    Heather —

    Their shipping info says they’ll ship outside the US. Check out their unbelieveable selection of vintage fragrances!

  • marchlion says:

    Marina and Patty — well, I got rid of the Ring, uh, Rose by giving it to my sister-in-law… who really, really loves it. Whoops! Spreading the pain around, that’s me.

  • Heather says:

    Evening in Paris? – so now I’m going to have to get my credit card out – will they post to the uk do you think?

    I’ll smell just like my Gran! Have to have it!!


  • Patty says:

    March, I thought you would be the Crack of Doom for that D’Argent, safely disposing of it. I really never imagined… honest!

  • Patty says:

    Marina, stay away from the D’Argent. I had to get it out of my hands as quickly as possible because I just can’t fall in love with another discontinued thing. I thought The Ring Rose would be safe in the hands of a Rose hater.

    Apparently it is One Rose to bring them All and in the Darkness Bind them. That’s a hint on where I got it from, though I do not know if there is any more available. 🙂

  • Marina says:

    Why did you have to mention Rose d’Argent, oh why! The lemming is awake now. I must not sample this. :crying: