Aou-aoud aou-aoud, aou-aoud aou-aoud, aou-aoud aou-aoud aou-aoud, aou-aoud

If my Marbleblog friend that loves baseball happens by, she´ll understand the bigger joke in that title. If not, y´all don´t need to know about the Doggie Duet.

Micallef Night Aoud – I still remain mixed in my feeling about Aoud. I like it in 10 Corso Como because it´s all woody, but it always feels vaguely oily and slightly high pitched in sharpness when it hits my nose. Micallef has some more Aouds, and one of them is the Night Aoud. From First in Fragrance, their propaganda – er, promotional blurb:

Beyond the exclusive company name and the fascinating scents in artful flacons stand two extremely creative and dynamic persons in Cannes/France. The French artist Martine Micallef and her husband Geoffrey Newmann. “We love our work, combining the art and extraordinary perfumes”says Martine Micallef. This couple had the “avantgarde idea” to create natural, exclusive perfumes in hand-painted or with beautiful Swarovski stones packed flacons. The dream of the orient is continued. The fairy tale of “Thousand and one Night” is wrapped in an extraordinary flacon. The brilliance and the atmosphere of the orient is intensified.

After nosing about, I still can´t find much information on it except it does have aoud in it, and it does evoke a nighttime oily ooze. For more information on aoud in general, Victoria covers it. It´s a little sharper than the 10 Corso Como, but it is smooth and definitely very aoudish. If you love aoud, I suspect you´ll love this one, but at 65 Euro for 30 ml and 10 Euro for 100 ml, I think I´ll take a pass. My money does aouze out of my wallet easily for perfume, but for an aoud, this just doesn´t seem to last that long, so it´s going to stay put on this one, but that´s NOT the case for the…

Micallef Rose Aoud — From the description at First in Fragrance

This scent was made for the kind of woman, who wants to feel the dream of “Thousand and one Night” with the whole magic of the Orient, but at the same time stands with both feet on the floor.In the upbeat of the olfactory sensation stand delicate rose notes and the lovely aroma of young fruits. In the heart-note you can find the scents of the precious essences of the oudbaumer and the base note consists of Rose Aoud with white chocolate, a hint of ambergris in combination with delicate vanilla and a touch of Gaià¤c wood.

This one is the keeper of the two aouds. It´s got that magic aoud bumping around in the background, and the rose just peeps over the top of it so elegantly, and the result is magic. A beautiful rose buoyed up by a darker smell which does not diminish it a bit. Six hours later, it is going strong, softenedMy money is definitely going to aouze out of my wallet and into George´s hands with this one.

Both are available at First in Fragrance.

  • Katie says:

    The Sashka Green got me some compliments, and couple gals who were over “shopping” both said “oooooh, pretty” when they smelled it. I don’t know that it’s really all that and a bag of chips, but we’ll see… I haven’t really made up my mind about what I think of it yet. It’s got pear, so it’s fruity, but that’s really cut through with this nice smokey leaf chord.

  • marbledog says:

    “Lord, that was fun, Laurie. I have no one to drink champagne from the bottle and howl with anymore!”

    I only wish I could remember it! I remember practicing in the kitchen, but by the time of the performance I was in black-out. I saw the pictures, though so I know it happened. I’m gonna try to make it out there this summer sometime. Get your vocal chords ready – and we need some GOOD champagne this time instead of that cheap stuff Alf bought. What was that anyway – Mumm’s? Only Dom for me.

  • Cait says:

    Drinking champers outta the bottle and howling. Now that sounds like the fun we have around my house! I like the reviews more than the perfume lately. Even if the perfume stop aouzing out of our ears, I still want to be sure to find some good jokes around here.

  • Patty says:

    Katie, did you like the kashka green? The whole Micallef line is new to me,a nd I’ve only seen their seasons series available.

    The rose one, if you like roses, is really, really nice. Now I just have to work that bottle into my budget. Eeep!

  • Patty says:

    March, hey, this is YOUR month! Rose is pretty, and it will find its way into your little care package I need to get finished with, along with the night. You might like that one, your skin may just set it on fire or something. George’s samples are expensive, but he sure does give you a nice sample for that price

  • Patty says:

    Lord, that was fun, Laurie. I have no one to drink champagne from the bottle and howl with anymore!

  • Patty says:

    Marina, you might want to try it, though. Given its name, I was expecting more fire in it or darkness and lasting power, like tar or something. Nothing wrong with it at all, and I suspect it will have some fans. I haven’t sniffed a lot of aouds.

    Rose Aoud is really pretty. The aoud gives it enough of a difference to make it an unusual rose take. Have you tried any of the other Micallefs? I tryied Giaic, and that one might be one you’d love, very woody aoudy, rich and resinous. Not spicy so much, though.

  • marchlion says:

    Wow, the roaooooose one sounds yummy!

    You guys and your goofy dog sounds.:rotfl:

  • marbledog says:


  • Katie says:

    The only Michallef scent I’ve tried is the Sashka Green – and I’m kind of with Marina on this post, as the Rose Aoud does sound very much like it’s worth trying out 🙂

  • Marina says:

    I usually react to Aouds in the same way, I find them rather high pitched. The only one that was not was Montale’s Black Aoud.
    I was very curious about Micallef’s Night Aoud…not so much now. But, judging by your description, Rose Aoud is still lemming-worthy.
    Still, it can’t compare to The One Rose, can it? :rotfl: