Sugah Sugah

paris.jpgI’m just in the mood to review something different for a change, so Paris Hilton perfume it is.

Notes of frozen apple, peach nectar, wet ozone, sparkling muguet, freesia, mimosa, jasmine, tuberose, skin musk, sandalwood, ylang ylang, oakmoss, pheromone.

This goes on as a sweet mess that brings to mind the Archies’ song referenced in the title. I quite like that Archies’ song, though. I do like apple and peach, so I can’t say I hate the gooey sweet fruit juice concoction, it’s sorta like inhaling at the fruit bowl, which really does make me happy on some base level that likes things sweet and fruity, though I don’t like doing it for more than a few seconds, but I’ll settle in and see what it turns into… Which is a slightly mellowed sugah sugah after an hour. I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s meant for a young woman or girl, and it does seem to be perfect for what it is intended to be and well made. It mellows out the most syrupy sweet notes so it’s not overwhelming. Surprisingly, after about four hours, this really is lovely. I was on my way to pick up Buddy from the boarder’s, and I caught a whiff and just was pretty amused at how lovely and subtle it was. Now, I’m not willing to go through the first four hours to get to there, but it’s a shame they went so heavy on the top notes. A thoroughly innocent smell.

Which is a far cry from the woman it is named after.

I tend to not comment on morality much these days. Well, a little here and there… maybe a lot more than that, and I swear I’m not parispatch.jpga prude — I’m a former tart who is now fairly prim, not a prude, though — but this photo has bothered me since I first saw it on Gawker (that’s where I got it from). That’s a birth control patch back there on her hip. I mean, that’s a bunny costume to begin with, with limited material used in its making, and then the patch back there to advertise…. what? If I had a daughter, and I’m glad I don’t, and I saw her out in something like that with her patch in plain view, I would pack her patched fanny off to the convent until she learned some propriety.

Did we all hear that Kimora and Russell broke up? I quake at the divorce show soon to follow.

Serge Lutens Borneo 1834 — When you eat something really sweet, do you need to follow it up with something salty or bitterish? Yeah, exactly, it’s a vicious cycle, something sweet, then something salty, and by the end of Saturday evening, you’re lying in a sugar/salt semi-coma on the floor 10 pounds heavier croaking for water. Well, I had to do something else to balance out the Paris, and Borneo just fit the bill.

Notes of patchouli, cardamom, camphor, white flowers, galbanum, cistus, and a cocoa accord make up this perfume. I used to think I hated Patchouli, only to find out that I hate bad patchouli, the foul stuff that was around in my youth and always brings to mind “dirty hippies” (Eric Cartman) when I smell it. This patchouli is rich and earthy, and it must be cocoa that makes me want to just eat my arm when I put it on. I don’t wear it very often for that reason. There is nothing in the mix of this perfume that I should like at all, but I find smelling it intoxicating,and it never fails to make me happy. Despite that, I don’t wear it much. What I really want is to have it in the form of a candle or a room spray, or to talk my husband into wearing it or to spray it on the dog. I need it around me, but not so much on me.

  • Katie says:

    Did we all hear that Kimora and Russell broke up? I quake at the divorce show soon to follow.

    No! Omg, this is going to be the bestest soap opera/tragicomedy “show” put on display ever! Hee! Oh no, I forgot: do you think the high quality of the Baby Phat line will stop being maintained with the break up? I mean, I hate to see the integrity of such a fashionably tasteful line go downhill. Really, I am all broke up about the very idea.

  • Marina says:

    hee hee hee

  • March says:

    Yeah, but she sent you and me different stuff!

  • Patty says:

    Pretty flat. yes, send CZs, that seems appropriate!

    Borneo? Oh, criminy, I hope not! I just *know* that one of the things I posted on today was something I trashed in that sample test. But unless my sniffer is off, no Borneo in that mess.

  • March says:

    That girl must have no booty whatsoever. You got to see the uncropped pic, is that a bunny tail? God, what a slag she is. I thought it was some goofy purse.

    I can’t send CZs?

    I’m wondering if Marina sent me some Borneo, one of these has a sort of Chocolate Skank vibe…

  • Patty says:

    March, No decants of Paris, I’m not sure what to do with it now? DEfinitely from the back. See that little bunny tail? That’s on her badkside, silly.

    Send diamonds.

    Oh, heck, I’ll send you some Borneo, did I forget to send that at some point in my past?

  • Patty says:

    I think I know! Something smells vaguely familiar, but this one is JUST NOT changing.

  • Marina says:

    “Wet ozone”. The least atractive perfume ingredient has never existed. Ugh.

    On a different note, Patty, your description of a Mystery Sample #6 left me rolling on the floor laughing. I wish I could tell you now…but I won’t…:-)

  • March says:

    I need more info:
    1) Did you actually BUY the PH? Gonna be selling decants? Not surprised the drydown is decent.
    2) I’m gonna argue that her patch is on her front hip near her … ying-yang, cuz I think that’s her navel and her abs up north of the top of the … garment she’s wearing. Tres sexy. Agree she looks like a ho, she learned everything she knows from her mom.
    3) Saw the news about Russell and KLS, perhaps I should send flowers?
    4) If I promise never to post any more pictures of Kimora or Paris, can I puleeeeeeeeaaase have a taste of Borneo? Please? I’m down to that and MKK unsampled on my Dirty Serge list.