Products that I’m loving in October

Here’s a few things that have been my favorite products or tips in October.

How to apply a simple lip that stays for a while. This applies to people like me whose lip gloss and lipstick just slide off your lips in less than 30 minutes after application. Put on Chapstick first, then use a lip pencil over the Chapstick. That’s it. I always like a really natural looking lip that’s not overly done, and this is perfect and sticks for at least a few hours and doesn’t wind up in the corners of my mouth or clumped on the outer corners making me look like I’ve been eating chocolate ice cream. Got this tip from an Armani makeup artist. Favorite lip pencils this month, Chanel Rose Tawny and Armani lip Crayon No. 9.

Cle de Peau lip gloss. I think I’ve got No. 3, but it is a beautiful glossy natural pink that stays put about better than anything I can remember.

Laura Geller Eyebrow Tint and Tamer. One side applies a light color that stays put on your eyebrows, and the other side applies a gel that keeps your eyebrows in place. My eyebrows have never looked better and more tame.

Armani’s new Maestro mascara. Just picked this one up today. Put on one coat on my lashes, and it’s still on, and gives a very non-clumpy application, just gives you long pretty lashes, no smudging. I have really fine lashes, so it’s tough to get something that will stay but doesn’t give me spider eyes. I have a LOT of mascaras, but this one is going to the top of my list for everyday wear.

Shu Uemura Pearl loose face powder. I dust this on over my face really lightly when I’m all done with my makeup, and it just gives me a very pretty sheen that’s not too much, but just glistens a little.

Votivo Gingersnap candle — perfect scent for fall.

New candle melter. This is a little heating lamp, and you put your candle on the pad underneath the lamp, and it melts and releases scent and lots of it. I’ve used the heating pads before, but those melt from the bottom, and you wind up melting the whole candle just to get it to release scent. This melts from the top down, so it doesn’t all melt, and it starts perfuming the air immediately. I had it on for about 5 minutes, and the whole house smelled delicious. Very impressive doohickey!

  • Patty says:

    March, the brown thing works for us too! I have blondeish eyebrows, and the tint thing works as well or better than a pencil to draw them in!

  • Patty says:

    Trinity, not sure if this will work. It’s mostly about getting you length, so if you want to enhance your already long lashes, it could be great. But if you are wanting volume, something else would be better — maybe the Lancome FAtale?

  • Patty says:

    E — I got my candle Melter at Bed, BAth and Beyond in the candle section. I think it was $29 and worth every single penny!

    The mascara is awesome. I have so many because they each serve a purpose, this one is just great for “i want my eyelashes to be long and show up, but nothing over the top.”

  • Christina H. says:

    Hi March,
    I tried to write the Micallef people too and got a very “cool” response. I never get used to that mentality either but reading your viewpoints on it did give me a chuckle! Thanks!\:d/

  • March says:

    P — I’m going to get that brow thing for #1 Daughter. I’m drawing mine in, she’s pulling hers out!

    The lipliner idea is great. I mostly wear gloss, but I like the matte look sometimes. But they never stay on. This would do the trick.

  • trinity says:

    Hi Patty
    I’ve been doing the chap-stick lip liner trick for years, my fave lip liner is MAC Spice. It’s a your-lips-but-better color. Perfect!

    Have to check out the Armani mascara. I have long lashes, but they are straight and super fine. Wonder if this would work for me?

  • Elle says:

    Am constantly on the hunt for the perfect mascara. Will have to try this Armani.
    And I haven’t even heard of candle melters. I’m a candle sl*t…but obviously have been living in a cave. Must investigate.