February Things I love on a Trashy Friday

Brit’s shaved head…. WTF? Brit, babe, rehab, stay more than a day, chain yourself to the toilet if you have to this time. It won’t be fun at first, but surely… surely it will be worth not losing custody of your boys. I’ve gone through a divorce, and I know it’s a killer feeling that you failed at something you had so much hope for, but you need grow up, lose the selfish crap, quit wallowing in pity and pull yourself together. Easier said than done when you seem to be losing your damn mind in such a public way. But trust me, we are all out here pulling for you and want to see you back healthy and happy.

American Idol — who watches, and do you have a favorite? I’m going for the bank teller that belts out a song like Etta James. She may not win, but I’d buy her albums.

Anyone watch About a Boy? That movie with Hugh Grant and the goofy looking kid? You can see him in the inset photo on the right to nudge your memory. That bigger picture is what he looks like now. Yeah, exactly. It was a great movie, one of my favorites, despite having Hugh Grant in it.

So those mornings you wake up, look in the mirror and think…. ugh…makeup may make a difference, but I just don’t want to even make the attempt on this fug (extra points for any who knows the origin of this word, which is different by about 10 years from the place I first heard it). Because, sometimes, trying to make it better makes it look a lot worse. I used to do stained glass, and I’d sometimes (often?) make a boo-boo with my soldering gun or with the foil, and then I’d try to fix it. The longer I tried to fix it, the worse it looked. This rule applies to tired faces too, and the older you get, the more it applies. Sorry, Pam, you just do no makeup so well.

These are my favorite products for those days when you have to put on something, but you just can’t do a full face because you’ll be risking the “I have a Mask instead of a Face” look, which also serves well in the dog days of summer. Becca shimmering skin perfector in opal — makes you look like you have a glow when your face-bulb has gone dim or out. Beauty Addict pointed this amazing product out a couple of weeks ago, and it is perfection. It is even more amazing if you dust some Caron La Poudre in Radieuse over it. Caron’s powders are simply the best thing in the world –finely milled, they make your face ultra smooth and NOT powdery. The powder starts out light, but just melts into your skin and gives you a great glow and smooths out your complexion. I don’t even like face powders and wear none, and I adore this. Then I go directly to the Chanel Winter Nights quad, which is quite simply the best eyeshadow quad ever made, the colors are perfect and can go from subtle to smoky, and it’s a complete shame that they did this as an LE, it should be a staple in the line. You can do this as light or as heavy as you want. On the crap-face days, take a really light hand there, Astro. Finish it all off with the YSL gold tube mascara in the color green. I have lots and lots of mascaras that I love and use for different reasons, but I adore the YSL mascaras, and the colors they make them in are just perfect if you want to make sure to avoid raccoon eyes. Now you can head out the door without worry.

Drawing for this Friday — I have been remiss and not expressed my deep love, affection, admiration and lust for the House of Caron this month, so let me do it in a drawing. I have most of the Caron urn parfums. So (my most overused word, Lee) drop a comment that you would like in the drawing, and the TWO winners can choose two Caron samples each they would like sent to them.

What is/are the product(s) or fragrance you use on those days when any attempt to make you look better has a 75% failure rate?

  • Anya says:

    There’s nothing like YSL’s Touche Eclat for brightening around the eye area and placing some highlights on the tired face — makes you look refreshed and dare I say, younger.

    About the Carons — hope I win some because (dramatic pause) — I’ve never smelled one! Helg on Perfume Shrine blog compared one of my perfumes, the wildly changeable, narcotic, citrusy, grassy, salty Fairchild, often termed a challenging, difficult perfume, to Caron’s Alpona. Who knew?

  • This is exactly how I woke up this morning (at 5 am, thanks to the hairy beasties). I took a look at myself and thought “for heaven’s sake, is this the face of someone who actually gives beauty advice? I look like Margaret Hamilton!”. My solution is always to make myself actually do it right- primer, foundation (Chanel Vitalumier) and the whole evening things out dance. Then some black eyeliner, a touch of a neutral eye shadow (because anything else would take me back to the bad parts of Oz) and the best lip gloss I have (Besame in that clear red color). And, look! not as scary.

    I’ve been curious about the Carons for a while now, so of course I’d like to be in.

  • Oscar says:

    I’d love to be entered in the drawing.
    Never smelled a Caron before…!

  • Flora says:

    Oh, yes please enter me in the drawing for the Carons! I just love them and I have hoped to one day try some of the “urns!”

    My fail-safe cosmetic rescue? Dark green eyeliner to wake up my eye color, mixing my (non-silicone) primer with foundation to keep it sheer, and putting on my loose powder with a velour puff – really keeps it from going on too thick and looks very natural. Using a sheer tinted lipgloss instead of heavily pigmented lipstick helps too, when one really needs to look fresher. All this is topped off with a hair product that adds extra shine, such as Shine Junkie or Creative Genius, both by Bed Head. (They both smell great, too.)

    As far as fragrance, if I am having a very bad day with low energy, I use one of my “armor” perfumes – the ones I know very well and make me feel strong. Josephine, Ubar, Sublime, Alchimie, Gardenia Passion, Datura Noir. Two new candidates for this list are Absolu de Rochas and Lucien Lelong pour Femme. Looking at this list I see that they are all very “womanly” fragrances, and would never be mistaken for anything else. I guess I really like feeling feminine! 🙂

  • hope not too late for the drawing —:((

    I’m too old for make-up to fix most anything—-I like an “internal fix”—send the second chakra energy spinning up the body–think deep, hot thoughts, embrace your inner magickal child—and you are good to go—blessings all!

  • Theresa says:

    Wow. That boy has completely unfugged himself.
    Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks.

  • Martha says:

    I hate when I write a tight pithy paragraph or two and then delete it by accident. It is especially distressing when the deletion is caused by a stray body part that has no business getting near a keyboard. Too much information for so late at night, I’m afraid.

    The most important thing I wanted to say is that all of the suggestions above for dealing with those “I can’t face myself, let alone the world” days are great, and I think I’ll need to compile a list to investigate further, because these days are happening with increasing frequency.

    I don’t get to do my blog-reading until late, so I hope it’s not too late to join the Caron party!

    Feel better, Patty!

    • pitbull friend says:

      Is it just my filthy little mind, or is everyone else also wondering what body part Martha is talking about? Sure has me confused!

      • Martha says:

        Ellen – I guess my comment was kind of cryptic, and I am so embarrassed that anyone may have misunderstood it. What I was trying to express was my frustration that I had composed a comment that addressed Britney, American Idol and makeup for a bad day and as I was about a sentence away from completing it, I reached around my laptop to grab my glass of diet Pepsi and either my elbow or my bust or something managed to connect with the delete key. I felt stupid! – and tried to make a joke of it (except I guess I forgot the punch line). Anyway, apologies for creating confusion or discomfort. I’m really not that weird, just a novice or aspring perfumista blundering my way through the blog world.

  • Meg says:

    Soup it up, Patty– and watch your favorite movie. Oh, and some warm, fuzzy socks. The combo will inevitably work like a charm. (Feel better soon!):)

  • Meg says:

    If it’s not too late, I’d also love to be in the drawing. There are still so many Carons I haven’t yet sniffed…

    Parfum Sacre has never failed me. Tabac Blond, goddess that she is, is my favorite late-night “make me feel better! now!” scent.

  • Susan says:

    Would love to be in the drawing, please.
    So far, I’m loving the Carons. Keep thinking I need to order some of the fragrances in larger sizes, but its hard to choose my favorites.

    Wore Nuit de Noel to a dentist appointment today. How’s that for a make-you-feel-good fragrance?

  • Deborah says:

    When I’ve got a cold or the allergies act up, a dusting of Bare Escentuals “Well Rested” helps to nuetralise what needs nuetralising around the eyes and nose. A dab of 1000 makes me feel better too.

    Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  • Dana says:

    Bad face days… Well, I’m forty and still break out with acne. Talk about humiliating! Everyday Minerals has a foundation powder in a shade called winged butter that, thanks to its slightly greenish shade, is great for covering my red spots.

    And please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  • evilpeony says:

    awww…. sleep and get well, patty. for some reason, i had a vision of you ordering a mobster-style hit on a pesky, really plump rooster while sniffling in bed. don’t ask me where i got that one :-”

    on days when i’m feeling extra un-pretty, a swish of chanel lip gloss does wonders. 🙂 that, and a liberal spritz of chaisse aux papillion extreme layered with mimosa por moi 🙂

    caron me please…. you know i never say no to caron!

    btw… march? which brand is lipfusion?

  • Lavanya says:

    I don’t use makeup..except for some minimal eye make-up sometimes..
    on days when almost nothing works,I massage coconut oil into my face and
    wash it off with a mild face-wash/cleanser..
    usually works..(I wonder why I don’t do this everyday)

    I would looove to be entered in the Caron drawing

  • Solander says:

    Ooh, Carons, yes please!

    And I don’t see why everyone should treat Britney as mentally unstable just because she shaved her head? It’s just hair, goddamnit… I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons to treat her as mentally unstable, and I have no idea why she did it since I neither read the celebrity gossip nor watch tv, but still, it’s just a haircut, it’s not even permanent like a piercing or tattoo or plastic surgery… This is a weird world.

  • Patty says:

    Hey, guys, sorry little or no responses today. I’ve got this stupid fever and am buried in work, and that’s really cutting into my play time!!!

  • minette says:

    when hormones are messing with me, no makeup looks good. so i just go for black mascara (Cover Girl Professional is great), a touch of Armani shadow (it’s a dark denim blue) as liner, and a touch of Susan Posnick’s loose powder blush with lip gloss (Revlon has a new shimmer gloss that is just perfect for me). at those times, foundation looks muddy, so it’s best if i forego it. it’s like the hormones eat whatever i put on my face – and reapplying just makes things worse.

    would love to be in the Caron drawing, thanks!

  • Jacki says:

    I am a fragrance newbie but makeup is an very big weak spot for me. I have tons of makeup, sorted by frequency of use. You know, the everyday good stuff, the department store stuff that didn’t work out but you can’t bear to throw out because it cost so much, the drugstore stuff that you don’t want “infecting” your good stuff so you keep it out of your train case and lastly the combination of retired stuff that you use to play makeup with your daughter. My husband gives up on understanding this…
    Anyway on one of “those” days I find it’s best to keep it simple. Good cream, right now Dior Capture Total, smashbox primer, prescriptives magic powder, benetint on the lips, definicils mascara for the eyes and a good swipe of bigelow mint gloss.
    I must admit my go to fragrance right now is DK Gold. I love it, I promise I don’t over spray 🙂 I havne’t come across another in my area that wears it otherwise it might ruin it for me or at the very least I will have to move on to another lemming.
    I have no experience with the Caron so I think I might like to be entered in the draw.

  • Larissa says:

    Please enter me in the drawing, thanks!

    Since my ick days are usually due to a (ever-so-slight) hangover (heh heh whoops): Kiel’s Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub to get my skin feeling buffed and clean, something simple and fresh-feeling for scent to wake me up (ie. D&G Light Blue, the only time I wear it) – and Visine.

  • MC says:

    I mix just a bit of my Prescriptives foundation with my moisturizer and smear it on instead of trying to actually apply the foundation solo. That way, no failure.

    Please enter me in the drawing for the Caron samples. I’ve been dying to try those!

  • Maria B. says:

    I’m also rooting for Melinda Doolittle on Idol. I’m glad she’s getting a chance to come out into the limelight. The bank teller, Lakisha (?),is fabulous too. Like Gail S, I’m steamed that Antonella and Alaina didn’t get to go home last night, especially Antonella. The DH and I started watching Idol only last season. We got hooked on it visiting my mother in the nursing home.

    When I’m not looking too good, I avoid mirrors. Next to that tactic, there’s under-eye concealer. I use Paula’s Choice and Paula’s Select products–swear by them. However, her foundations are too yellow on me. If I put on the tinted moisturizer when I’m especially pale, I appear jaundiced. I have very pinkinsh fair facial skin, the kind that requires the very lightest foundation in a make-up line. (My arms are darker. I’m a patchwork.) Anyway, a light, bright blusher helps (if it’s not too brown for me). Yeah, I just avoid mirrors and wear a fragrance that is lovely and soothing–Fendi Theorema perhaps.

    Poor Britney. I understand divorce stress (been there, done that), but she has a responsibility to her children to pull herself together. It’s too bad she has to do it in front of cameras.

    Please do enter me in the Caron drawing. I :x:x:x Caron, thanks to you, Patty.

  • Kelly says:

    Please enter me in the drawing – I’m curious now what kind of relationship Caron and I could have.

  • Teri says:

    I’m such a bleeding heart. I feel just awful for Brittany. It’s bad enough to have a meltdown for any reason, but to do so while affixed so firmly in the public eye must be just dreadful. Hopefully someone – a friend or a family member – of whose love she feels completely secure, will step in and help her find her way back to normality.

    About a Boy was a delightful movie. I’m not a Hugh Grant fan at all, but that part seemed to really suit him.

    Don’t get me started on American Idol! lol I have my own Idol blog in which I’ve held forth on all the contestants during the past week. I’ll just say here that I’m pulling for Melinda Doolitte, the former background singer. She was a fabulous surprise on Wednesday.

    Being a pale blonde with transparent skin if I’m even the slightest bit tired, my undereye dark circles bloom to outrageous proportions. On one of ‘those’ mornings, I lay back down for a few minutes with witch hazel pads over my eyes (an old folk remedy, yes, but it works) for about 15 minutes. Then apply a very light amount of makeup one shade lighter than I usually wear under my eyes. Following that, I line my upper and lower eyelids lightly in a soft blue. Mascara is a daily thing for me, because I have such blonde eyelashes. I like Mirenesse mascara because it separates my lashes nicely and comes off easily.

    As to “bad day” fragrances, anything that makes me feel good works just fine. If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have bought it, so all my fragrances are candidates.

    I don’t want to take up anyone else’s space in the drawing, because Caron fragrances and my skin don’t get along well at all. :((

  • Justine Tamaro says:

    I’m having such a day right now and I think it is more my foul mood than my actual face. No matter, I have to put on some base, otherwise my rosacea is ridiculous, but I’ve found that Armani’s Shaping Cream is the bomb. Looks like I have nothing on, but my skin is even yet I still ahve a little pink in the cheeks. Even my clueless hubbie said, looks great, very nautral.

    After that I have to use the Laura Mercier cake eyeliner to “tightline” my eyes. That’s where you put the eyeliner up under your lashes and the result is that your lashes look thick and your eyes lightly lined, but its so subtle, its looks like its all you baby. A swipe of maybelline’s full and soft mascera, LOVE this, and my eyes are done.

    I then put on some of Laura Mercier’s lip gloss in Rasberry. It’s the color of my lips, but slightly darker/brighter, more alive looking.

    Now today, because I am feeling like such a complete and total biatch, I doused myself in Musc Ravaguer. I love that scent. It smells sexy and in control and I am seriously hoping it can morph my angry bad vibes into something more palatable. It’s one of those mornings where I’d just like to get away from myself for awhile, but everywhere I go, there I am.

    Don’t, please, put me in the drawing because this type of mood should not be rewarded in any way.

  • JenniferR says:

    Delurking, not so much to enter the drawing (although I’d like to!), but to ask … where/how do I get my hands on the Caron powder? The Caron website would seem to indicate that I cannot do so easily in the U.S. I don’t find it easily on eBay. I really should get back to work … aidez-moi! I also am not a powder-wearer, although I own some Bare Escentuals Mineral Glow that I sometimes use when I (foolishly) decide to really go for the ’20’s look. But I have to exfoliate like crazy beforehand …
    My go-to products for Bad Face days are Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and Tinted Moisturizer. And DuWop Surface for concealer — the first concealer I’ve found that doesn’t settle into all those lines under my eyes and just show them off more than without anything (in which case the dark circles take over …). And I’m a fan of LipFusion, too … Oh, and my latest fave, Decleor Experience de l’Age Creme Legere, which has a faint pink tint to it and really does make my skin glow a bit even without makeup.

    • patachamour says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      The Caron shop in NYC has La Poudre. It is a fantastic product. It’s scented with Rose, very finely milled, doesn’t look at all powdery and absolutely worth every penny. I order it from them by phone. I have pale-to-pink skin and use Translucide. My mother’s skin is slightly darker and more yellow-based than mine, but Translucide looks great on her as well. It’s a very neutral shade.

      I’ve been having Uglidays a lot lately — not drinking enough water.

      Seconding Patty on Smashbox primer. A great foundation that smooths things out but never looks cakey is Prescriptives Traceless Skin Responsive Tint. Cuir de Russie makes me feel grounded and more comfy in my skin.

  • Terri says:

    I can be saved by two items when I need a pick me up: Jane Iredale Pure Pressed and Milani Luminous blush (something like $5 at CVS!)

    Meanwhile, the eternal search for the perfect mascara continues: something that dramatically lengthens, thickens and separates without flaking, streaking, smudging, clumping and can be washed off with soap and water. Apparently, too tall of an order.

    I would love to be entered in the drawing, Caron addict that I am.


  • tmp00 says:

    (linked above)

    I like the Clientele Anti-Aging Activator packets when I am particulary hagged out. They have tons of antioxidents and have a light brown tint that gives my pale flesh a healthy glow. They are also super-moisturising. I’ve used this line for about a million years now (it’s on QVC a lot these days) and they’re really good.

    Please enter me in the drawing

  • Jennifer says:

    I would love to be entered in the Caron drawing. As for what I do on days where I feel I look like crap, usually the next day pool the spa day. And on the regular, put some spoons in the freezer then cover my eyes for two minutes with them.

  • Terri says:

    When I need a boost, I rely on something amazingly cheap: Milani Luminous blush, found at CVS for less than $5. That on top of a light handed application of Jane Iredale Pure Pressed makes it all a new day.

    Meanwhile, the eternal search for the absolute mascara goes on: something that dramatically lengthens, thickens and separates, but doesn’t clump or flake and will come off with soap and water and not sting the eyes. Historically, it seems this has been too tall of an order.

    I would love to be included in the Caron drawing.

    Terri – Caron addict for sure

  • sara says:

    I would love to be entered into the Caron drawing. The products I rely on for some cosmetic get-up-and-go are MD Formulations tinted moisturizer and a Sue Devitt E-Z roller eyeshadow in Kouri–a sparkly champagne color.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I live and die by the Tarte Cheek Stain–I use Flush.It just makes you look refresehd and gives a “just in for the outdoors” type of look. Also, for a under eye concealer, brightener etc I love the Rimmel Recover Anti-Fatigue Concealer. It is really inexpensive and it is great stuff! My Father is a Dermatologist so I also got my hands on some Prevage Cream and have been using it for about six weeks. It really has worked some wonders. Smaller pores and my fine lines are less obvious.

    Would love to be included in the drawing.


  • donanicola says:

    Oh don’t mention that boy from Skins!I’d leched over him then felt dirty when I realised he was the same one as “AAB” – eeek! Having a Cate Blanchett in “Notes on a Scandal” moment and that Harry Potter….(it was the fine line of hair down from his belly button – oh stop!) Pulls self together. I think Becca stuff is fab also because it has serious spf in it. Those aussies know about sun protection. I’ve recently discovered Jane Iredale – the powder pigments you swirl on your mug (fug?) and they do a brilliant job of evening everything out without looking like you’ve got base on. Then blusher or maybe Benefits dandelion powder – pretty pink which perks everything up. Happy weekend!

    • Lee says:

      D – time for you to hope there’s no Denchalike hiding round the corner…;))

      • donanicola says:

        Lee – too right! And have been avoiding that park bench on Parliament Hill! Poor Jude looked like she wouldn’t have recognised a bottle of Chanel no 5 if she was hit over the head with it.

    • donanicola says:

      Oh and I forgot to mention – Bliss’s oxygen mask thingy. Its supposed to mimic the effect of their 3x oxygen facial. I wouldn’t know about that but it is very good indeed. 5 minutes of foaming which when wiped off reveals clear smooth bright skin. a miracle I tell you.

  • pitbull friend says:

    Patty & the other sweeties: Thanks for the ideas! I just wear mineral foundation & blush to even out my skin, plus lipstick. But now that I’ve entered that age bracket where my face takes a couple of hours to de-puff, more is in order.

    Anyone see that spread in Oprah magazine a couple of years ago where it showed Oprah waking up and then all the stuff they did to her to make her look good for the cover? It was absolutely inspirational! That beautiful lady is a schlub when she wakes up, too!

    Lately, Guerlain Rose Barbare and Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan are the two smells that can fix almost anything. Talk about “champagne taste on a beer budget…”

    • March says:

      BTW when I dug my msg yesterday out of the spam filter, I retrieved one of yours… have NO IDEA why it snagged you. In its defense, it caught 1068 spams between Feb. 6 and 20 (!), and browsing them, you and I were the only mistakes… anyway your msg to Lee is up there in yesterday’s post, and this spam filter caught me AGAIN this morning, twice!:-?

  • Allison in MA says:

    Hi! Please include me in your Caron drawing!
    On minimal makeup days, my pale lips need Morpho lip stain in zinnia topped with gloss. The color stays put and keeps me looking alive.

  • Christine says:

    Gah, poor crazy Britney. I’ve stood on the edge before, but never have I seen a leap so far.

    The only thing I’ll use on my face when there is just no hope is a bit of under eye concealer. It helps to keep me from looking like a zombie.

    Also, please enter me in the drawing! I have not yet sampled from Caron (oh the poverty, being a student with a blossoming interest in perfume makes the credit cards weep).

  • Marina says:

    Poor girl. I am certainly rooting for her to get back on track. Such a waste of a pretty person, if nothing else 🙂
    What’s wrong with Hugh Grant?
    Yeah, those boy actors, they are a-growing. Have you seen photos of Harry Potter…in a nude…with fantastic abs? 8-|

  • March says:

    Is THAT Pamela Anderson?

    Wow. I saw a photo of her Back in the Day and she was gorgeous when she looked real. If you know what I mean.

    If I draw in my eyebrows, put a swipe of liner on my eyes and gloss my lips, things improve 100%. I now have gotten several people hooked on the LipFusion glosses, which really do plump.

    Can’t believe that kid is the one from About a Boy!:-“

    • March says:

      Uh, what do you suppose it means that Askimet is consistently catching me as spam? Is it trying to tell me something? I mean, the last ones don’t even have dirty words in them./:)

  • Elle says:

    Loved About a Boy, but in that photo the kid’s almost got the vapid, pretty boy look of a future Will.
    On crap mirror days I reach for ISM. Pure comfort. And belongs to some alternate universe w/ only kind mirrors.

  • Gail S says:

    Haven’t really picked a favorite on American Idol yet but I definitely have least favorites and they DIDN’T go home last night! I was rooting for Antonella and Alaina to hit the road, but oh well…

    On really bad face days….I do the same thing I do every day! I just figure that sooner or later it will get better and don’t look in the mirror to verify that one way or another. I can’t name any particular perfume that I reach for on those days, but I have a feeling that I reach for one of the warm, oriental types. Pretty sure I don’t feel all fresh and fruity or floral on those days.

    Don’t really know about the drawing. I’ve tried several of the Carons and they don’t seem to love me. I find the openings interesting and like it for the first hour or so. But then they all seem to end up smelling the same. I think I remember reading something somewhere about the Caron base, but can’t find it right now. Anyway, I’m not overly fond of that base and it’s all thats left 🙁

    • Gail S says:

      P.S. Just wanted to say thanks Patty, for reading my blog and commenting. Now I might have to come up with something interesting!

  • Anne says:

    That’s 2 votes for YSL’s Touche Eclat. I do hate that you can’t tell how much is left though, so I always have a spare ready to go. Wearing SL Bois Oriental today as I’m saving the Chanel’s for the weekend when I can spritz with abandon! And please, (folding and re-folding a little piece of paper with my name on it) enter me in the drawing. Sending wonderful weekend wishes out to all! 😡

  • Flor says:

    I’m so glad that kid from “About a Boy” grew out of that awkward faze. He’s looking good. I loved that movie too, by the way.
    When I wake up in the morning, looking so much worse than Pam and can hardly recognize myself, I brush on some loose powder, and Guerlain Terracotta bronzer. It gives my face a fresh I’ve-been-walking-on-the-beach look. What also really helps is a beautiful red lipstick, the perfect fragrance and violá, I’m good to go.
    Have a great weekend all!:)>-

  • Julia says:

    As a matter of fact one of those bad days happened to me today. I’m glad I’m staying home all day… How ever, YSL Touche Eclat always works for me. It really erases those nasty imperfections you just hate. Today I put on En Avion (very lightly) to boost my confidence. Works everytime:)

    Please include me in the draw. Thanks!

  • Louise says:

    Oh-the British distortion of “fog”, maybe-a think, smoky, heavy atmosphere. (Lee???)

  • Louise says:

    Thanks, Patty for some early Friday cheer. Last night was close to what the French call a “Nuit Blanche”-that is, sleepless. Too many family and work woes overcame me. So today-some perfect cover-up tips from you! Here are a few of mine:

    I love Eve Lom Rescue mask-wonderful camphor and clay, and really leaves a glow. Almost impossible to buy outside the UK, but try ebay. On top-the new Lorac tinted moisturizer (SPF 30-yeah, baby)-which is just glowy enough itself. And then-Armami retouch concealer, red/rosy cream blush, Winter Nights eyes(yes, a miracle!), touch o’mascara. A happy but not too bright reddish lipstick. Takes at least 2 months off your age. Perfume today? Blue amber-will remind me I still like sex,even though I feel quite deceased.

    Please add me to the drawing pile.

    Oh-fug…”fever of unknown origin” is way old, and like many terms docs use, doesn’t reflect well on their literary abilities (not quite an acronym)-then there’s the stale atmosphere thing, a distortion of “fig” and the obvious distortion of “f—“. Which one ya got, Patty?

  • Silvia says:

    Bad days for me are when I wake up and my entire face is like a puffer fish, especially the eyes, impossible to disguise. Then I put some Benefit Benetint on my cheecks, which I read somewhere gives you post-orgasmic blush. My hope is that people will look at me and think that, ugly as she is, at least she is getting some, hehehehe. Prescriptives also do a pearly primer you can wear alone (forgot the name, Illuminating something) which brings a healthy glow where there is none.
    I don’t have an ugly-day perfume as such, but it is an interesting concept, I’ll think about it.
    Thanks for your lovely posts, all of you are so good and entertaining.

  • Lee says:

    I don’t feel able to comment on the make-up stuff. I’m hopeless.

    But I can on the About a Boy boy (loved the film too – though I kind of wish the kid had stuck with his ridiculous haircut and hippy thrift store look). He’s one of the leads in a fantastic new ensemble drama on TV here: ‘Skins’. I thought this was going to be a terrible teen drugs, sex and rock’n’roll monstrosity, but it’s so much better than that. Although every once in a while flipping into cartoon world caricature, it captures late teenage life in the UK better than anything else I’ve ever watched. Mr About a Boy plays an amoral, very high IQ sociopath who is fully aware of his looks, exploits and manipulates all of his friends (and their parents) – who let him because he’s got the charm of a champion snake oil salesman. If you can get to watch it, I recommend you do. I know it’s available online…

    Happy weekend, people.

  • Amerie says:

    Hi Patty

    Who doesn’t have days like that? I love my perfume but have always been a make-up nudie (apart from the old moisturiser)so my day usually takes this course: wake-up feeling like THAT so scruplessly avoid all mirrors and take a REALLY long shower hoping that using water will miraculously rehydrate my skin. Unfortunately need to use a mirror to do hair so try a new style to help me look/feel better. Huh!!! Temper frays, and hair torture session winds up with either 1. leaving hair out and tangle in wild mane hoping all any one will see is hair and not look at face or 2. drag back into bun and say to hell with it I’m **##** and I have earnt everyone of those wrinkles and bags so treat me nicely or else. Then I go to the perfume cabinet and choose a special perfume that I’ve been avoiding (too expensive/ too rare/too vintage) and splurge.

    Love the Carons but I can’t be too greedy. I will just have to get an order in soon for some more samples of those perfumes I can’t live without trying./:)

  • Alica says:

    Thank you very much for including me in the drawing for decants of two Caron urn scents. Would be wonderful!

  • delondraw says:

    When everything else makes me look like utter and complete crap, I turn to blush, particularly a gel-based one. Smashbox’s Skin Tints are portable sticks that look neon in the tube, but become radiant on the skin. I use “Infrared.” It’s always good for a healthy, natural-looking glow even if there’s nothing else on your face. Plus, Smashbox is cruelty-free, charity-friendly, and the packaging is adorable. What’s not to love?

    I’d love to be entered in the drawing.

    • Patty says:

      Lancome has some mousse blushes that are gorgeous too. I like a lot of the Smashbox things — their primer is wonderful!!!