Serge Lutens Sarrasins

Patty sent me a surprise taste of the new Serge Lutens Sarrasins, which is why I do things like offer her my first-born child (please, take her! She´s yours! I´ll throw in some earplugs and a year´s supply of CVS makeup!) The only description I´ve seen of Sarrasins is a floral with dominant notes of jasmine and ink.

I couldn´t tell Tunisian jasmine from jasmine growing in an alley in Sarasota, Florida. But I like jasmine as well as the next perfume freak, and I like mine dirty. My jasmine ideal is probably Montale Jasmin Full and the underrated Armani Prive. To me the entire point of wearing a jasmine-heavy scent is that naughty funk in the base. Serge Lutens Sarrasins is surprisingly skank-free on my skin. It´s heady – what you´d expect from a white floral from Serge – with a curious synthetic note (I´m guessing the ink?) along with a whiff of Play-Doh, humorous rather than offputting. There are other flowers at work with a green edge – maybe a dab of muguet and/or gardenia. It is fairly linear on me, with a musky base emerging over several hours, but nothing that would scare the horses. The drydown is mildly nutty.

The next question is: how does Serge Lutens Sarrasins compare to Lutens’ A La Nuit? I am probably the only fragrance blogger (and possibly the only jasmine fan) who doesn’t like A La Nuit, and a test-drive of the two side by side reconfirmed that. A La Nuit opens with a cloying cherry-jam-powder note, and when it fades it’s replaced by the faint smell of vomit. That’s the way it smells to me, but maybe it smells like heaven to/on you. (Indoles are often described as a whiff of garbage, or feces, but this is the only scent in which I get vomit.) So — I prefer Serge Lutens Sarrasins to A La Nuit, but that’s not saying a ton. Serge Lutens Sarrasins is considerably less sweet and more musky than A La Nuit, and less sultry than Datura Noir. It smells very expensive, as it should, being from Serge. It also reminds me of Ellie D., and like Ellie, it leaves me a bit cold, while I appreciate the artistry afoot here. I´ll be curious to hear from you lovers of big white florals when it hits the streets. My guess is you´ll be loving it.

This post has been hanging out in my drafts for a few days while I tried to sort out the missing piece that was bothering me. It came to me a couple of nights ago in the wee hours: I met the Serge Lutens line right around Miel de Bois. I remember that first day I smelled some Lutens, at Art with Flowers with Bill (do you remember your first time with Serge?) Regular readers know I’m not the queen of Lutens personally — some of them (e.g., Borneo) I loathe. But Lutens makes extraordinary scents; there is nothing else like them. It took me a day to recover my equilibrium after my introduction to the line, and not just because I’d put on MdB. I am not overstating it when I say the Lutens line was a revelation in terms of what fragrance could be; they are often like a scented journey, and I am happy to be on it.

So it caused me visceral pain to write the words “it reminds me of…” when writing about Serge Lutens Sarrasins. Is the world of perfume so big (or so small) now that Lutens can’t slay me anymore with some freakishly lovely originality, something that makes me want to weep at its beauty and smack my forehead in astonishment? Chypre Rouge did it for me, although very few of you; the others recently, like Rousse, not so much. I put the last two drops of Serge Lutens Sarrasins on my skin yesterday and meditated awhile on the empty vial. Maybe I’ll get a different impression when I’ve got a bottle to spray from, but, lovely though it was, the magic was gone. I’m hoping it’ll be back soon; my hopes for Louve are not high.

image: Process of Understanding, by Cameron Boyle,; quill pen ink, clay, black charcoal, coffee, various teas.

  • Tigs says:

    Now you see, I like the ol’ Chypre Rouge, but it did not seem so left-field to me. It’s a candied Chene. Very nice, but then I love Chene, so I feel no need for a whole bottle of CR. Rousse was also nice, but I found it extremely *buttery*, and it’s the buttery quality that makes me go through phases with Chergui (I also go on and off that one.) The mandarin exclusive was also very thick in the drydown, and wasn’t it you that suggested you could get a very similar effect with layering Fd’O and Chypre Rouge? I am positing a kind of Serge base here, much like the OJ base many speak of, that has made too frequent an appearance in the latest releases, IMO. They’re all kind of variations on a theme. My faves are all the more stunning “abstract” ones from a couple years back: Chene the most recent in 2004, Douce Amere in 2001 and TC in 1999. Arabie (2000?) is a great, great perfume, I just don’t wear it. And of course I think Ambre Sultan is the reference amber, the amber of all ambers, but that’s a long time ago now. Also, I’ll send you some FdB when I get my atomizers…

    • March says:

      Hmmmm… I will have to ponder your candied chene comment. Unwilling to admit to anything less than genius on CR, but what if I’m WRONG? (also it’s been pointed out to me that CR bears a strong resemblance to Dior’s Eau Noire, thanks to the immortelle.)

      As I said … up there somewhere, I’d like to take Serge’s bottle labeled SWEET away from him. Several of them could do with less of whatever that is in the base, and I totally agree there’s a consistency across the board, particularly for the newer releases. I wish Serge would release something really nasty again…:-w

      So. You think Ambre Sultan is the uber-amber? Not Ambre Narguile? Let’s get a catfight going. (I prefer Ambre Russe, passed out in the corner in its filthy clothes, smelling of vodka, but that’s just me.)

  • minette says:

    the vomit note! i know it! it is in chypre rouge! i’d never smelled vomit in a perfume until i smelled chypre rouge! it’s sour. it’s yellow-green, like bile. will be curious to see if i find it in this one, too.

    • March says:

      Well, er, I wasn’t referring to CR when talking about the vomit note. I was referring to A La Nuit (and jasmine in general.) But who am I to tell you you don’t smell vomit in there? Chypre rouge has a sharp note, plus immortelle, and now that I’m pondering, people who didn’t like immortelle much could definitely morph some combo of that plus musk/civet into vomit.

      The only other fragrance I can think of that whiffs of vomit to me is Nuit Noire — and I still wear it. Jicky parfum smells like vomit to all sorts of people. I think civet will get you there.

  • JenniferR says:

    A meditation on Serge, just as I was indulging in same myself. :). or :(, depending on your point of view. Without knowing it, I was an SL fan long ago, when Feminite du Bois first came out (and you could buy it at every Shiseido counter in the U.S., ). When I (re)discovered my perfume passion about a year ago, it was to the children of FdB that I first turned, namely, the Bois series. And it turns out that I most love the older other things, especially MKK and Rose de Nuit. In fact, it’s only recently that I’ve started smelling the export line. I have been sorely disappointed. Gris Clair turns to vanilla/heliotrope-to-play-doh on me, with just enough lavender to tantalize and frustrate me. Santal Blanc just sits there, making me wonder why I bothered to put it on, Rousse is red hots and nothing else, Arabie I want to love but can’t quite … the list goes on. I’m afraid to try any new SLs at this point. I guess I’ll just go off and curl up with my memories of excitement …

    • March says:

      Jennifer — thanks for your thoughts! I wish they were all available over here, although I understand the thrill of the hunt, too. It’s fun tracking down something interesting in Florence or wherever.

      I’m still kicking myself for not buying a bottle of FdB the last time I saw it in the airport. I need one of those (whines.)

  • Prince Barry says:

    How do you compare it with the Scent Systems’ Jasmine? I know the other reviewer didn’t like that one, so it would have been nice to read a review from you March, who would probably have appreciated it.

    • March says:

      Haven’t gotten it yet!! But Patty’s sending me her collection of viles — er, vials — none of them did she love. In fact, the Jasmine really disgusted her, which means I may well love it.:d

  • Lee says:

    Sarrasins is pretty – though i’m sure I got something camphoraceous on the tester strip (or, if you like the Roja Dove style, spill)… It’s probably beautiful, but doesn’t excite me. Louve smelled like almond and rose in a safe feminine blend…

    Although I liked Gris Clair… it bored me after a while with its relatedness to scents like Gucci pour Homme. That dry thing gets tiresome to my nose after a while. And it doesn’t have any of the spare elegance of EetL.

    I fell in love with SL a few years’ back – I was hunting down a fig scent in midwinter for a girlfriend of mine (hmm). The Liberty SA said, ‘This one has notes of dried fig’, and offered me a sniff of Arabie. I fell hard and fast in love, hard and fast. And my SL loves now include ISM, EetL, Santal de Mysore, Chene, Santal Blanc, Rousse (though admittedly this is a SAFE scent for SL), Vet Oriental, Chergui (a bit on and off), TC, etc. etc. There is no-one else like him out there, and even though his recent output – save for the admirably leftfield Chypre Rouge – seem tame in comparison, I hope he keeps on making scents, even though I’ve heard rumours that he’s almost finished with his perfume line…:((

    I still think I need a bell bottle with the word Bois in it, but other than that, I’m complete for now. I enjoy the revelations I currently own, and even though they sometimes seem too much, I know I’ll always fall in love with them all over again.

    • Louise says:

      Ooh! Ooh! A bit off-topic-but didn’t I promise you a, er, spill of Slatkin Black Fig/Absinthe? Perfect winter figgy.

      And where’s Arabie on your SL list???

      • Lee says:

        Honey – you did! And don’t I owe you something? Like some Carnation?

        Arabie is up near the top and always will be – there’s nothing quite like it.

    • March says:

      I love your list! All of them estimable Serge scents. I’m on and off on Chergui, too, BTW, sometimes it is just too sweet.

      I need a bottle with “Bois” on it too, but it’s Feminite du Bois, so it’s the wrong bottle anyway…;)

      Louise is gonna let me borrow from her, one bottle is way stinkier than the other.

  • Justine says:

    I was just musing on Serge last night. I have quite a few of his older creations, including a bell jar of the nothing quite like it, MKK, but none of his newer creations have moved me.

    Last night I was considering how much Tom Ford reminds me of Serge. Both put together interesting scents, typically with some skank. TF tends to add more vanilla than I like, but his scents take me on a journey. Granted, sometimes I’m screaming stop the bus, I want off, but it’s a journey nonetheless. Nowadays Serge doesn’t take me a journey. His scents have become more what you sniff is what you get.

    Has Serge lost his groove? Has Tom found his? Maybe.

    • March says:

      Excellent points. I’d like to take the jar of sugar-syrup away from Serge, make him use less. Tom Ford, I get your comparison, but the vanilla. Ack. The vanilla kills me. I have my bag o’ samples, and several in there I think I would have loved w/o the vanilla. But you’re right, they have that kind of density. When I think of heavy frags, I think of Serge and those Tom Fords.

  • donanicola says:

    I’m with Divalano. I love jasmin flower scent but I have yet to find a jasmine perfume that works all the way through for me. A La Nuit is too sweet almost and doesn’t develop though it is beautiful. Better layered with a sandlewood. Mona di Orios Nuit Noire is fabulous but a bit scary. But back to Serge. I’ve yet to spring for a whole bottle of his, export or exclusive! Have a nasty feeling though that were I in Paris now I would buy Rose de Nuit. (and maybe Snatl de Mysore). I will try Sarrasin if/when I can but doubt I’ll bother with Louve – the dread almond note! *grimaces*

    • March says:

      NN is scary, isn’t it? But gorgeous. One of my riper fragrances.

      And I love Rose de Nuit as a composition, but it’s not the sort of thing I’d ever reach for. I don’t think I’ve worn my sample once after blogging about it awhile back.

  • violetnoir says:

    Oh March…I love you, woman! Yes…I feel the same way about the SLs, too! While I admire and deeply respect their artisty, I am only really love two, namely Ambre Sultan and Daim Blond. I like A La Nuit (ha, ha!), but my husband and son complained so much about it the last time I wore it, I have worn it since.

    I must be the only perfumista (and a failed one at that!) who visited the beautiful Lutens boutique in Paris and did not buy a bell bottle for herself!! 😮


    • violetnoir says:

      And how many typos do I need to have in one little post???

      What I meant to say was: I really only love two SLs, namely AS and DB; and I have NOT worn AlaN since my husband and son complained about how much they hated it the last time I wore it.

      Sorry for the sloppy senior moment!

      • Louise says:

        VioletN-you can count me in among those who get away with no bell jar from SL-3 years running. In fact the Lutens that ever got a bell jar award from me is Ambre Sultan. I actually emptied the monster, and use it to fragrance my lingerie drawer!

        I bet I beatcha most days in typos. I blame my juvenile (!) attentional issues.

        • violetnoir says:

          LOL! I would love to have bell jars of Ambre Sultan and/or Daim Blond, but I already have the export versions, so I figure I’ll save my pennies for some other perfume house’s stunning creation.


      • March says:

        Well, the way you meant it was the way I read it, so great minds think alike.

  • Robin says:

    Oh dear. Going to hold out hope on the basis of the fact that a) I love A La Nuit and b) Montale Jasmin Full was so entirely dull on me, and the Armani Prive, while not dull, isn’t my sort of thing. So hoping we’ll be evil fragrance twins on the jasmine front 🙂

    • March says:

      Hee hee!! You rock my world, R. Jasmin Full was DULL on you? How do you kill that thing off? Not even a LITTLE vomit?;)

      I think that’s one of the ones I read: people threw their samps in the trash. Wish they’d send them to me.

      Well, A La Nuit smells divine on Bill, and I bet it smells great on you, too. So there’s hope for Sarrasins.

      If you come back: what part of the Prive wasn’t you?

      • Robin says:

        Honestly, I tried Jasmin Full 4-5 times, waiting for the coming of the miracle. No such luck. It smells like jasmine candy for a short while, then it smells like the jasmine left the room. I don’t get it.

        Eclat de Jasmin I thought was well done but not me, and that is all I can say because only tried it once so far & while wearing several other things (it is sitting in purgatory waiting for a second chance) and I didn’t take notes, and memory skills are so very dismal…

  • AngelaS says:

    March, I love your honesty about how you feel about perfume! It makes me feel so much better when everyone raves about something and I’m puzzled, or when people are not moved by a scent and I’m wild about it. I can only blame chemistry so long before I start to wonder if I’m a dummy for not flipping over a particular perfume darling. I know I can count on you to tell it like you see it!

    • March says:

      Yeah, that’s me, babe — Perfume Contrarian./:) Or possibly Rube. Take your pick.

      Stuff that’s just “meh” … I won’t write about, because then I’m bored. But disagreeing with everyone won’t stop me. To me, that’s the fun of blogging, no? I can have whatever stance I want. Also I think it’s helpful — surely x% of people reading this blog either like what I like, or THE EXACT OPPOSITE. So if I like something, they can just cross it right off their list:-“

  • tmp00 says:

    Well, I am hoping that I will like Louve, since I popped for a big decant from the Perfumed Court. I’d love to try Sarrasins (hint, hint) simply because I’d love to find a jasmine that I really like.

    I am afraid (even though I came around to Rousse) that SL is too committed to his bi-yearly release schedule and is letting some out that maybe he shouldn’t. That and the fact that there’s a lot more really good niche houses out there mean competition for our affections. Of course, it doesn’t help that is always seems that the truly great ones are the ones that are in Paris: I loved (and still love) Gris Clair but would throw it over in a heartbeat for Ensence et Lavande…

    • March says:

      Well, I ate the rest of my Sarrasins sample! The juice is a great color, BTW. My guess is as soon as P can get her mitts on it, it’ll be in the store.

      Almond-cookie for Louve sounds nice but not earth-shattering. But you’ll let us know?

  • Divalano says:

    I adore jasmine flower but still haven’t found *the* jasmine scent for me. A La Nuit is dull, dull, dull on me. Starts w/ a sultry, intoxicating blast of the flower & then settles in to just … nice. I still have high hopes for Sarrasins & really want to sniff. Jasmine Full made me gak, btw. Gave my sample away as fast as I could.

    And, my first Lutens was Daim Blond. My second was Chypre Rose. Both went to cough syrup on me, immediate scrubbers. Took me months to try another Lutens, & very happy I did, Datura Noir is now on my top 5 list. Agree about Louve btw, it sat on my wrist like an almond cookie. It was a big ‘so what’ for me.

    • March says:

      Datura Noir — oh, I wish that one loved me. It smells like coconut and buttered popcorn on me. On other people, it’s heaven.

      I hope Sarrasins works for you. I’m thinking not, if A La Nuit was dull, but I’ve been wrong before.

      Another “meh” vote for Louve.

    • Twibbet says:

      I would never have called A La Nuit “dull” but I will say it’s not ferocious on my skin – I get a blast of pure jasmine flowers at dusk, then it turns prettily, sweetly green and leafy. Actually I love it. Where on earth do you get vomit, March?

      Datura Noir is lovely on my skin, but it makes me feel like I live in the wrong climate. It needs sultry evenings, of which we have about two a year. Sigh.

      What was my first Serge experience? Hmmm…oh, I know, La Majeste La Rose! Stank up the car and my favorite leather jacket for 48 hours, phew. Fortunately I dared to branch out, and now own Fleur D’Oranger, Chergui, and Un Lys, and long for Daim Blond. Not loving any of the new stuff, which I suppose is just as well. Rousse is totally Red Hots, and Sarrasins sounds really unnecessary (Play-doh? ugh).

      • Divalano says:

        I love that first blast of A La Nuit, wish it would hover there for longer. The drydown on me is what’s dull, really nothing to write home about. I agree, Datura Noir definitely demands sultry. It works best for me on warm, rainy days, and summer nights.

  • Jennifer says:

    A Luten’s I will never need to smell; I’m not a huge fan of jasmine it has never worked really well on my skin, there are only a few scents where I can I really appreciate the jasmine note.

  • Marina says:

    I was underwhelmed by Sarrasins. It wasn’t interesting, it wasn’t striking, it wasn’t “Lutens” on me. Just conventionally pretty and quite sweet. 8-|

  • Elle says:

    I’m definitely w/ you in wanting skank from my jasmine scents. I must agree that Sarrasins doesn’t go the skank route, but the scent of ink makes me go weak in the knees (hence my abiding love for Odeur 71) and on my skin, that ink note really is amplified in Sarrasins. That allows me to overlook the sadly neutralized indolic notes. Sarrasins doesn’t make me worry about Serge. Louve is another story altogether. I adore Serge and have convinced myself that he was blackmailed into releasing that insipid, soapy scent. OK…I do know that there are people who think it’s divine and I have a blind spot about soapy scents…but, still…just can’t see any Serge magic in it.

    • Louise says:

      You know, Elle-you have an excellent point. Just because I don’t particularly like Sarrasins doesn’t mean I need to leave him entirely. And again-it’s Louve that should have us worried!

      • Judith says:

        Yes, but you know, I can’t remember the last SL release I WAS crazy about. Well, I do like Gris Clair, but I know I am in the minority there. All of my favorites are the older ones. I keep getting all excited, and then. . . . .

        • March says:

          Yes, that’s exactly it! I was looking at the list on Basenotes, and I think with the exception of Chypre Rouge, I had to go back to earlier releases to see the ones I think are really special. Gris Clair I like very much but to me it seems like a “light” variation on Encens et Lavande. (You are free to disagree.)

          Rousse was the one that really drove a stake through my heart. Cinnamon toothpicks would be welcome. I get essentially nothing.

          • Judith says:

            I don’t really disagree with you on GC. I am glad to own a bottle: I wear it happily in the heat (it’s my summer lavender) , but it is not revelatory. And Chypre Rouge, Man. Man., and Rousse are all different degrees of “meh ” on me. Where are the FTs and MKKs of yesteryear??

    • March says:

      Elle — obviously I’ll retest this when I have more and can spray it on, at which point maybe I’ll be doing one of my eatin’ crow posts. If I’d gotten more ink, as you did, I’d have liked it much better. Instead I smelled it and thought: jasmine, very pretty … so what? Those geniuses can’t give me something more compelling than a very pretty jasmine?!?

      I’m going to do a list of phrases commenters have used recently and call it Kiss of Death. So far: smells like a berry frag from BBW; Teint de Neige lite; insipid, soapy.:d Wasn’t Louve supposed to be about the she-wolf? Where are the fangs?

  • Judith says:

    Sometimes we smell SO alike! Everyone else in the blogosphere seems to be going on about tuberose, but I got mostly jasmine from Sarrasins, and very lovely jasmine, at that. I’m not sure that it’s more lovely–but I am willing to try again when I can spray more. On the other hand, I like A La Nuit–it’s just a bit, um, bland on me (better for layering). So I guess sometimes we don’t smell alike! :d

    • March says:

      Tuberose? No. Me, neither.

      I’m fascinated by what jasmine-lovers want from their jasmine, because clearly results vary. I thought the new Armani Prive was da bomb, mostly because it’s very indolic on me — a horse-manure thing going on. Everyone else says: meh. Some people think Montale is the grossest thing they’ve ever smelled, clearly they get the dreaded barf note in there.

      A La Nuit is bland on you? Giggle. The thought of layering that with anything gives me hives. OTOH as I said up there in my comments, it smells amazing on the men at Art With Flowers. They give it a musky-leather undertone and reduce the strength by 50%.

      • Judith says:

        Sigh. I do get the dreaded b. note (in spades) with the Montale. I had to give my decant away. And the Armani, like Sarrasins, was merely very pretty on me.

        I layer A la Nuit with woody scents (santal blanc, etc.)–or I did; I haven’t used it in awhile.

  • Silvia says:

    Ohhhh, let’s hope the well of creativity of the Lutens / Sheldrake duo has not dried up, I am a big fan. :((

    A La Nuit is gorgeous but very, very (did I say very?) indolic on me. Who knows, may be Sarassin will not disappoint me. Is the colour actually such deep purple?

    Got high hopes on Louve too.


    • March says:

      Now, if I got the right KIND of skank, I’d probably be ragging on Sarrasins as not living up to the brilliance of A La Nuit. I’d even be able to overlook the opening (like I do with the cumin in Fleurs d’Oranger.) But that vomit … ugh.

      Yes, the juice is deep purple! Did you see the special, uber-expensive bottle? It’s so gorgeous.

      • silvia says:

        Totally agree, the limited edition bottle is breathtaking. Only 30 made, shame I won’t be one of the owners 😉

  • Louise says:

    Hi March-finally home, and got the yucky jet-lag-so where do I go first-to read PP! See my loyalty?

    I’m not surprised that Sarrasin was only OK for you. I got my oh-so-secret purple dabbed paper at the Palais Shiseido (along with anyone who drops by), and no big surprise-I thought that Sarrasin was pretty, and not me. But-I don’t care so much for Jasmin, and A La Nuit is meh on me. Not vomit, but nothin’ great.

    I had a very sad reaction after trying Louve (which goes to Teint de Neige lite on me), then Sarrasins. I think I have completed with Serge. It’s been exciting for many years, but I beleive it’s over now. There really is so much “freakishly lovely originality” out there, elsewhere, and he just doesn’t move me now. It doesn’t help that his fragrances are so hyped now, either.

    My first roll with Serge was about 8 years ago-in NY at Bergdorf. I asked for a maybe oriental spicy thing, and the sweet SA sprayed me with Datura Noir. Big shock-I fell in love, and still like DT. I wear many SLs now, including the dreaded Arabie, Ambre Sultan, Fumerie Turque. And I join with you and a few others in loving Chypre Rouge (including, shhh, the main sales guy at Montale). But, barring a real twisty new scent, I have to leave Lutens behind.

    • March says:

      Louise — welcome home! We’ve missed you! I can’t wait for fall at this point, I’m ready for my fragrance-and-wardrobe shift, frankly. The lack of rain has only strengthened those feelings.

      You and Maria are (as usual) on the same page. Maybe Serge has lost his edge, or maybe the field of niche competitors just got a lot better. I’ve always had an issue with the sweet intensity of some of them (Arabie!:-ss) but, man, you didn’t smell them and go, hey, that smells like x.

      Wow, you were a young ‘un! SL would seem right for you, many of them, with your skin chemistry. And I forgot we shared the love on Chypre Rouge.@};-

  • Gail S says:

    Hmm..I’m not holding out much hope for Sarrasins now 🙁 Not that I should have anyway, since I don’t really like jasmine. But, you know, it’s a Lutens so there was some small desire to like it. Although I was completely unimpressed by Louve. The only word I can think of for it now is “unremarkable”. I got my bottle of Vetiver Oriental in the mail today from Barneys so I guess I’ll have to make do with that for now :d

    • March says:

      Wow, Louve is getting panned all over the place. Louise down there is calling it Teint de Neige lite, which is the kiss of death as far as I’m concerned. This from “she-wolf” or whatever louve is supposed to be about?:-?

      Now, Vetiver Oriental is, to me, extremely Serge. In a good way.

  • Maria says:

    What an amazing image you selected, March! I love A la Nuit, and it loves me. It does not overpower me with anything. It’s just a beautifful jasmine soliflore. I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t need other jasmines from Serge. You raise an interesting question about the lack of shock of novelty. Maybe a lot of other perfumers have caught up to him in the weirdness measure?

    • March says:

      A La Nuit smells great on Bill, so I think it’s got to be a skin reaction for me. And maybe you’re right — it’s not that Serge has gotten so dull (although read those complaints about Louve!) as others have gotten more interesting.

    • sweetlife says:

      Hey there everyone — I emailed the website to get the name of the artist, it’s Cameron M. Boyle, and he has other stuff up on the site if you want to see it.

      • March says:

        Thanks! It’s a really compelling image, isn’t it? Unfortunately it was sold… I’ll stick his name up there.