Comme des Garcons 888 — March’s Turn

Here´s an abbreviated post from me today (bet you thought you´d never see the day, huh?)We´re still in the thick of holiday family festivities and the kids are underfoot, which is messing with my powers of concentration.

First, welcome to our new look!Which you all saw on Monday before I did because I couldn’t figure out how to clear my cache! It´s kind of finished, but we´re still tweaking, and as I said in the comments on Monday, please please please let us know if you´re having any issues navigating the site, any suggestions for improvement, anything broken, etc.I am not sure whether Contact Us is working properly, and we´ve had some other glitches.So.Be patient, but please don´t assume we´re aware of a problem – go ahead and complain! Also, I’m learning to navigate a system with new bells and whistles, so bear with me while I learn the format.

Today´s review is of Comme des Garcons 888, which I have been enjoying for the past several days.”Comme des Garcons 888 was released for one week inLondon and won’t be available again until March of 2008.Perfumer Antoine Lie created 888, which was intended to capture the smell of gold. They settled on Safraline, a molecular derivative of saffron, created by Givaudan. Other notes are pepperwood, curcuma, coriander, geranium and amber.”

I am fond of the CdG line in general, and I admire the audacity of some of their scents even if/when I find them bordering on unwearable.I look to CdG for interesting ideas, and I can think of favorites from most of their series, including Incense, Red, Leaves and Synthetic.There´s been lively debate on the blogs recently regarding How We Feel About CdG Getting into The Luxe Game.Separate from the price, though, Luxe Champaca and (even more so) Patchouli certainly have their fans.Play, another recent offering, I am pretending does not exist.It´s like a spoof of a boring mainstream scent – and congrats, guys, you hit that ho-hum note right on the nose.

So I was a little worried about 888, with its LE rigmarole and eau-de-gold blather. Here’s what I got: 888 opens with a huge blast of pepper and coriander, but there´s also a strong, old-fashioned classic cologne note.The effect together is effervescent and really, really appealing.Right away the tone is set: okay, we´re going to have fun here.If anything, I´d have named this one Play.I don´t get much metal, for those of you avoiding 888 because of the m-word.”Curcuma” suggests either ginger or turmeric, and I´m going with the latter – along with the amber and saffron that begins to dominate as the cologne fades, there´s a mustard-like note.

888 is a wearable scent, while at the same time retaining its quirky, arid strangeness.The drydown is dry and bitter, like bancha tea leaves, with only a touch of amber.My favorite part (which doesn´t work very well in public) is sniffing it up very close on my skin, when I get the geranium too.

Verdict?It is not hitting me over the head with its astonishing virtuosity, and I didn´t Have A Moment (like I did, for example, with Palisander) where I sniffed it once and then reached into my wallet in a fugue state for my credit card.Having said that, I´m enjoying it, I don’t have five other things that it reminds me of, and 888 deserves its place in the CdG lineup.

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denise l. December 27, 2007

I like the new look! One thing- I doubt no one has brought this up yet, but the Perfume 201 link in the upper left says "Perfume 102." Happy holidays, everyone!

tmp00 December 27, 2007

reads like I can wait for it...

Patty December 27, 2007

Nope, nothing groundbreaking here, but I really did wind up liking it. I have a feeling, once spring/summer hit, it's going to be in more frequent rotation. Easy to wear weird, without being too damn weird that it distracts me. I thought the metallic was pretty gentle too. Silver Factory has a much harsher metal zing to it, though it gets all warmed up with incense, so it doesn't feel as harsh and jolting as it actually is. :) so I like 888 a lot, and it lasted on me for at least a day, which is pretty unusual for a CdG. The Patchouli is damn nice.

Divalano December 27, 2007

Holidays still? Mine have been so beyond strange this year that I can't even comment. I'm not even sure I know what day it is anymore. And that is NOT from ingesting intoxicants for anyone who's about to go there, lol. March, you've lit a fire under me. I've been wondering where to go sniff CdG in NYC & so far come up blank. I will persevere.

Style Spy December 27, 2007

Waaaaaant to smell this -- I'm a huge fan of CdGs in general, and this sounds spicy & delicious. Love the new look of the site!

Malena December 27, 2007

i ordered a sample of 888 from TPC the day before christmas. most of the CDG scents i only like in theory, but wouldn´t wear them, though i like strange, weird & ervything, but they just don´t feel like "me". their luxe patchouli is nicely done, but there are other patchouli scens i just enjoy more. a sample of champaca is hidding somewhere, too, but i still haven´t gotten around to test it. perhaps i´m a bit worried i won´t like it & that keeps me from sampling... i´m still on the hunt for a good champaca scent - i like the one OJ does (especially the rice note), but it doesn´t work always on me, sometimes it smells like nothing. i still couldn´t figure out when this happens :-? normally it depends on the weather, but with that scent this isn´t the case. i want 888 to be a big blast of galbanum, though i´m almost sure it will smell completely different from that. but dry & bitter doesn´t sound bad, either. well, i´m really looking forward to test it!

Louise December 27, 2007

Have big fun with the continuing holiday fun, Marchele. Just have a blast, and don't squish any kids. I will smell this one, just because it's a CdG-but this isn't rising to the top of the must-sniffs. OK, one site detail. I am not crazy about the ads between the text and comments. I don't mind looking at them on the sides of the blog, but my sense of PP continuity is disrupted by the placement there. Petty, I guess. Thanks.

Marina December 27, 2007

I didn't get quirky :-( I got generic. And this is a CDG?! :((

chayaruchama December 27, 2007

Between Lee's Van Cleef comment, and Nina with Patch Luxe, I'm going to have to pee... Ah figures you saved me a batch of money, girl. But maybe not... What do you think ? Will I swoon, or puke ? And THAT'S why we pays you the BIG bucks, baby- To sniff for us.

Nina December 27, 2007

I didn't get 'gold' from this one either, March. I did get a flash of metal, but mainly I got 'shrill'. It calmed down to something I found quite wearable, but I don't think I'd be flattening old ladies in my stampede for a bottle. Patchouli Luxe, though...old ladies everywhere should keep out of my way...

Elle December 27, 2007

I'm torn. Part of me is relieved and delighted to hear they have produced something original again, but the c*ri*nder is not thrilling me. Maybe by its release in March I can have consulted an olfactory hypnotherapist to help me get over my current problems w/ that unfortunate c note.

Anne December 27, 2007

Glad your Holiday Party is still going strong. I miss having little ones underfoot. Starting to actually allow the idea of grandchildren to enter my brain. Great review. I don't know about a bitter drydown. After all the twists and turns of a wild ride perfume I kinda like something that's comfortable to settle into on the drydown. Amber and saffron I can do but "mustard-like"...I don't know. That must be the "funky fanged fish swimming around underneath" that Patty described. Appreciate your different take on this one while I am waiting for my sample to arrive. :)>-

Lee December 27, 2007

The dry and bitter puts me off, given that tumbleweed seems to appear on my torso if a dry scent comes close to me. And then Lee van Cleef appears on the horizon. Whistling.

MattS December 27, 2007

I hope you're surviving the family festivities; all of mine are over and done with and with the help of some borrowed Valium, I survived! So it's back to work and business as usual. Blah! I just had a vial of the 888 in my shopping cart at TPC on Christmas Eve but took it out at the last minute and threw in the Luxe Patchouli. I figured, hell, it's a holiday, why not go all out? I do want to smell this, but since it's not available until March, I may try to sniff some other things in the meantime. How is the longevity on you? Sometimes some CdGs don't hang around on me quite as long as I'd like. I did order at last a sample of Mitsouko, in your honor. Enjoy your day.

Maria December 27, 2007

I'm looking forward to smelling 888. I won a sample. Yay! Of course, March, if you want to know what gold smells like, you can just smell yourself. :x I do have an objection to one of the new features. "Perfume is our poison." I don't think it fits in with the fun attitude of the site. It's your passion, but your poison? Hmm. I don't know. If you were all big Christian Dior fans, I'd see it. I do like the poison bottle though.