Once at Patty’s Perfume Posse

(Sung to the tune of ‘Once in Royal David’s City’)

Once at Patty’s Perfume Posse
arrived a silly chap named Lee,
where two women, wise and gifted
wrote on perfume, all for free:
Patty was the first of these,
March joined in, composed with ease.

He admired their words and writings,
grew to love their tastes and all.
‘Til one day, as if by magic,
he received their call, in thrall:
“Dearest boyo, will you write?
We do like you and hope you might.”

And, through all the following year,
he would honour and obey,
write, then read the welcome comments,
living scent the Posse way:
Everybody who loves perfume
Must enjoy the PP institution.

And the commenters all were special,
in their individual ways;
whether first-time, old hands, newbies,
regulars or chief mainstays.
Those responding, I do know,
we love you all, don’t ever go.

Whether Mitsouko, Shalimar or L’Heure Bleue
or a handful of Carons,
New releases, vintage extraits,
At the Posse, you can’t go wrong.
Cos those girls in all their choices,
Thrill me, fill me, with their voices.

Therefore Patty, and dear March:
I really have to be sincere,
Thanks to both for letting me join you
for nearly all of the past year.
For I’ve never felt less lonely,
Than with you all, my perfume homies.

Sincere apologies to Cecil Frances Alexander for my sacrilegious rendition. Here’s how it should be. I hope you all had (and are, if possible, continuing to have) a wonderful and perfectly scented holiday. Much love to you all.

  • Maria says:

    Lee, thanks for the brilliant entertainment. I am so thrilled that you combined a mention of the classics with the phrase “perfume homies.” :d It’s so wonderfully you, dear man. 😡

  • Amarie says:

    :((Feeling that emotional overload of Christmas togetherness.
    Just wanted to say thank-you to you all for sharing with me.:x

  • violetnoir says:

    The Happiest of Holidays and love to you, too, Lee.


  • Gail S says:

    “Perfume homies” =))=))=))

    You, sir, are the author of one of my favorite posts ever, the infamous Chanel exclusive “one-liner” reviews! I still refer people to that entry :d

  • Patty says:

    YOu are such inspired, talented rogue. Would not be the same at all without you. You are the leather to our lace, the root to our flower. well, yeesh, this is gonna go off the rails fast.


  • rosarita says:

    Oh beloved Posse, how I do love all your words. Lee, I very much enjoy your creative writings! The wassail must have affected the male perfume writers this morning as Mr. Columbina has done a carol paraphrase on PST, also. Enjoy your day, everyone! 😡

  • BitterGrace says:

    “don’t ever go”–Please, Lee, as if we would. PP is a great blog, and your posts are the high point of my week. Merry diverse greetings of the season to you.



    PS. Love the choir vid.

    • Lee says:

      And to you, loveliest of lovelies. Carols from King’s is the start of Christmas for me. I always tune in to the radio on Christmas Eve to hear it. Though I’m a traditionalist with church music and they keep bunging in all this fancyschmancy new stuff.

  • March says:

    Ah, Lee — I was filled with emotion reading this, particularly right there at the end. When you worked “lonely” and “homies” in there together…:)>-

    Wait, this blog was lacking in ba– , uh, testosterone?

  • Elle says:

    As always, brilliant! You all make me smile every morning and often laugh out loud. Great way to start the day – I owe you. Thanks!! 😡

  • Louise says:

    Poetry and prose? You stun me, oh, brilliant cutiepie.

    I, too, bless in my agnostic way the warm community I’ve found here this last year. It often feels that my living room is filled in the early morning with a klatch of fascinating, beautifully scented kindred spirits, being led through a serious/comedic/insightful reading by you and Patty and March. Love you @};-

    • Lee says:

      You know L – I started writing for the posse just over a year ago but I always think of 2007 being the year I began writing about my perfume obsession, rather than just feeling it.

  • Anne says:

    Special people, all who venture here. From the bottom of my heart I wish all a Merry Christmas. Lee, thank you. Your posts are always amazingly creative, always with that a special twist. 😡

  • Bless you Lee, I had a chuckle!
    Merry Christmas to you (and the whole Posse team) and thanks for making us laugh.
    May the new year bring you everything you wish for.


  • MattS says:

    Mister, you’re a poet! Loved the post and always love the funnies you make. Hope your Christmas was excellent with the best of New Years to come. I’m with Anita–I wonder if this is really more of a support group than anything else. Love it. Love you guys. And yes, there is a Santa Claus. I got my first SL bell jar for Christmas. I believe!

  • Anita says:

    Dear Lee – and Patty and March,

    Thank you so much for all the illumination and humor (often sidesplitting). Frequently, you have literally made my day! Your corpus of commentary has sometimes saved me from that horror that all addicts know – a rush to buy unsniffed. More often, it has done the opposite, but I forgive you all because what could be more pleasurable than surrendering to one’s additions? I wish all of you and your readers a Wonderful New Year.


  • Gina says:

    Great holidays to you, Lee. Love the poem, such a great thing you guys have here at the PP. Wouldn’t be the same without you.


  • MarkDavid says:


    Amen for Testosterone.

    You’re all so special, and I’m just getting to know you…

    Lee, anytime you find yourself stateside, you will come visit me, I will cook for you. Promise!

    Heres looking forward to a marvelous New Year for the Posse and Pals.


    • Lee says:

      I’ve read a couple of your recipes, so I know that’s an offer I can’t refuse!

      • MarkDavid says:

        Oh you have, have you? Well then maybe you can tell me what to make for New Years Eve b/c I haven’t a clue…but I’ve been volunteered to do a spread.

        I just clicked the YouTube link. Its not a Christmas for me without Kings College Choir, either. I’ll take the Vienna Boys Choir if I must, but sometimes their Austrian accents annoy me a bit. There, I said it. As much as I’m attracted to accents, they seem to push all of my buttons while singing in it. Poor children, they know not what they do.

        My iPod playlist for KCC is 94 strong, with the first 52 being Christmas carols.

  • tmp00 says:


    I hope you continue to help keep some testosterone going on these blogs- we boys have to keep our oars in!

    Seriously though, hats off to one of my favorite blogs- you kids rock! :d

  • chayaruchama says:

    Nicely put, sweetness.
    We would miss you, were you not here.