Replowing Serge Lutens 5 au Gingembre

Lee gave a great review on this last week, and I did a short blurb as well, but I am so much in love with this stuff, I have to write a little more about it – mostly because I’ve put it on every day since I got it.

This goes on like thick honeyed smoke, a more palatable Miel de Bois with some dark, rich Tea for Two and CdG Tea thrown in.  It can change back and forth from smoke to tea to honey being more prominent, with ginger overarching the whole composition, bubbling, but never getting oppressive, which is what I would expect from something with these strong notes.  This is one of the few scents I’ve worn out that I’ve gotten a compliment on – I do try to be careful about my sillage in public, though my private sillage is just embarrassingly ridiculous much of the time.

I stuck my sprayed hand under my youngest son Harry’s nose and asked him what he thought, and he kept my hand and just drowned his nose in it.  Since he’s only done that with a couple of scents, that is high praise indeed.

If you despise tea scents or smokey scents or all of the ones referenced above, The Five may not work for you, but I am guessing this will wind up being one of the better sellers for their export line. It’s brilliantly done.  And freaking hot.

A question, if you had to pick just two of the Serge exports and two of the Serge non-exports that you could have a constant supply of for your whole life, which would you pick?

Sara March 19, 2008

Well, I didn't separate them into export/non-export, but: Douce Amere and Un Lys. I also enjoy Chene, and sometimes Gris Clair. I like Mandarin Mandarine, but it doesn't work on my skin. I'm looking forward to sniffing Gingembre!

Un Chant d 'Amour March 13, 2008

I haven 't tested it yet, but I had fun reading reviews online, how interesting cultural perceptions on fragrances are; for the french FOCAG is honey honey honey and it 's all about tea tea and more smoky tea for anglo-americans but in both cases reviews are rather good.

Solander March 12, 2008

Tea with ginger, I've got to try this one... Though the honey note scares me - Miel de Bois is pure men's room awfulness. My non-export favs are MKK (of course!) and, I think, Ambre Sultan. My export... ummm... Fumerie Turque and... does Chene count as export?

evilpeony March 12, 2008

Ahh... I sense another SL lemming in the horizon. How evil this particular critter must be to come at a time when I'm leaving my cubicle and going on welfare? :-w So, if somebody kind would volunteer to finance by SL addiction indefinitely, I would go for the following non-exports: Mandarin Mandarine and Chergui. Exports: Gris Clair and A la Nuit for that slayer jasmine that just knocks the socks off my BF. (literally, he's swore to shoot that jasmine on site.) Anyway, please pass the hot tea down this way....

Vasily March 11, 2008

Of the dozen or so I've tried, I suppose my four would be Fumerie Turque, Bois de Violette, Arabie, and either Encens et Lavande ore Mandarin Mandarine. Chene very nearly makes it into the top four club, too. Oddly enough, the very first SL I tried, Chergui, left me cold and made me wonder what all the buzz was about. There are still about eight SLs on my To Try list - mostly winter frags, so I won't be getting to them until the fall.

rosarita March 11, 2008

I'm still sampling my way through Serge but the ones I've tried and liked enough to buy decants of are Encens et Lavande & Clair de Musc. E&L is amazing; one deep sniff and I can put an entire rotten day behind me. I've read so many reviews of CdM, saying it's boring, other muscs are way better etc., but imho it smells wonderful, so there. :d

parisa March 11, 2008

To date, I've had NO luck with SL. Tried the entire export range and a couple exclusives yet, same thing occurs, the notes are too heavy for my skin and I'm forced to wash/scrub it off. That being said, this post has been pulling me like nothing else. I'm going to take the plunge and order my bottle today from The Perfume Shoppe. I need to have it, I really, really do:) I 'feel' that this will be the ONE!!

Dusan March 11, 2008

Ok, I'm going to cheat here - my lifetime SG supplies would include SdM, FT, EeL, La Myrrhe, MM, BdV, FdO, Chene and a few others. What, you don't expect me to make such a major decision at such short notice, do you? Tsk.Tsk. You've got me dying to try that 5 o'clock shadow... um, ginger, you evil, wonderful woman! :x

Flor March 11, 2008

MKK Iris Silver Mist FT (I'm going to count is as a non export so that I can include it, because I have to have it) torn between Gris Clair and Douce Amere, truth is, I haven't had a really good chance to sample all of them, yet, so my options are limited.

violetnoir March 11, 2008

I feel like a retard, but after all these years, there's only one SL that has really got me going, and that is Daim Blond. That's it P...I can't think of any others that I absolutely have to have, although I do receive compliments when I wear Ambre Sultan. Maybe this new one will do it for me??? Hugs!

Tara March 11, 2008

Just received my bottle of Gingembre from the Perfume Shoppe this Saturday and it's LOVE! I was scared when I heard it was like Tea for Two and Arabie, neither of which I can stand, but it's not - it's a lovely ginger tea scent on me, which starts out strong but dries down quickly into a fabulous warm thing. My two non-exports are Tubereuse Criminelle and Iris Silver Mist. Export are Bois Vanille and Fleurs d'Oranger.

Maria March 11, 2008

Is Chene a non-export or an export? Is its exportness only temporary? Will it revert to non-export? Whichever list it goes on, it's the top. Non-exports after Chene: Iris Silver Mist and Rose de Nuit. Exports: A la Nuit it comes, Patty...Arabie. :d

Denise March 11, 2008

Um, is there a chart or something out there of the exports vs. non-exports? For the 'n00bs' (isn't that what we're called...) who can't remember which is which. All I have from Serge are decants; my favorites are: Encens et Lavande and Fumerie Turque, although it sounds like Five O'Clock will be joining the list once my sample arrives!

Disteza March 11, 2008

What a horrible question, making me choose only 2 non-exports! I'd have to say Borneo and La Myrrhe, but if I could I'd put the entire Bois line there. While I admire the non-export line, they don't wear particularly well on me, Miel de Bois being the exception. I wish I could wear Arabie; it smells so lush on my husband, on me it's currants and taco mix. Can't wait to try the new one--it's sounds like something I might be able to wear. BTW, will definitely start experimenting with the AG EdF as a base layer, even though by itself on me it's all Jiffy Lube and ashtrays.

Judith March 11, 2008

Hmmmm. . . hard question. I don't know whether to follow Billy's example and pick some LEs for my exports, or to play it, um, straight. If I could choose LEs I would do FT and Chergui. If I can only pick standard exports, it would be Gris Clair and Daim Blond. Now, assuming I have chosen standard exports, I would choose Fumerie Turque and Rose de Nuit for my nonexports. But if I have already chosen FT (clearly a must-have for me), I would choose either MKK or Encens et Lavande (well, if I have Gris Clair, I guess I would go for the MKK). I think that covers all possibilites (and lets me mention more perfumes than would otherwise be permitted):) Of course, all this might change when I sniff that Gingembre!

Debbie March 11, 2008

I have a suggestion for the next Perfume Posse club scent experience: tea. You could take the sampler on TPC, add 5:00 Ginger. Hopefully, you could keep them all, but if you've found that it would make for something too expensive to have alot of participants, then take one or a few out of the sampler. We're in between seasons, and tea would be a great bridge between winter and spring. Think about it. Or is the Perfume Posse Club Scent a thing of the past? :(( Or has nearly everyone here experienced all of these scents already? :-s

barbara March 11, 2008

non-export-bois de violette(people swer they smell incense-and it is me) and mandarin mandarin export-vetiver,chene,un bois vanille(really captures sweet cinnoman in creamy horchata)daim blond-which disturbs me, and keeps me coming back

sybil March 11, 2008

uhhmmm, let's see. My four are Encens et Lavande, Chergui, Vetiver Oriental, and Un Lys. And Fumerie Turque if my Un Lys-loving DD1 isn't standing over my shoulder...

tmp00 March 11, 2008

Non-Export: MKK Mandarine Mandarin Export: Chene Borneo 1834 I was told by the lady at Barneys that Chene is staying in the export, and I read that Borneo was going to be the next one to join the list so I am counting them. I am now sticking my fingers in my wars and loudly saying "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" in case anyone tells me I can't count them.. :[email protected]

MarkDavid March 11, 2008

Non-Exports: Tubereuse Criminelle Iris Silver Mist Exports: Ambre Sultan Chene (this is technically cheating since I have a bell jar)

Betsy March 11, 2008

Longtime lurker (and big-time fan) here, emergring sheepishly to declare my loooove for Gigembre-- which took me by surprize since I've never been one much for tea. But doesn't an unexpected swoon like that just make you fall even harder? As for the SL game, export would be Chergui (LEs count, right?!) and now the lovely 5 O'clock, and non-exports would be Borneo 1834 and bois de violette, no question.

Kelly March 11, 2008

Oh gosh I'm waffle-y on this one... I haven't tried it and don't know if I want to. Tea and Ginger = LOVE. Smoke = wretch. I know, I know, take away my Perfume Lover's Card. I'm afraid I'll try it and hate it and if I don't try it, I can imagine something really wonderful. How twisted is that? Whaddaya think, Patty?

Debbie March 11, 2008

I tried several SL's a long time ago and wasn't impressed at all, until I tried Chergui. That is THE ONE for me. How I love it. I want to retry the SL's at some point, and I definitely want to try 5:00 Ginger. I am kind of concerned, however. I read somewhere that it's more like Rousse on the skin that something more pronounced. I thought Rousse was just soft, round cinnamon and rather boring.

March March 11, 2008

Oh my goodness, that sounds amazing! I'm a dummy and don't even know which are export ... I haven't had much trouble getting my hands on samps :d So my faves are EetL, Fleurs d'Oranger, The Big Pencil and the (vastly underrated) Clair de Musc. Chergui I loved until it bit me.

donanicola March 11, 2008

This shouldn't be too difficult an exercise since I like/admire many SLs but love relatively few. On the exports I'd choose Daim Blond and Chene (I know it was an LE so a bit of a cheat but I bought it as export so am claiming it as such)and the non exports, Rose de Nuit and either Bois de Violette or Bois et Musc or (maybe, because my sample is on the way but I think I'm going to like it)Bois et Fruits. However this gingery one may throw a spanner into the works.

Theresa March 11, 2008

Hmm...this sounds amazing! Any idea if I can get my hands on some in the DC area?

BBliss March 11, 2008

Serge doesn't play nice with me, have yet to find an Export I could live without, much less wear in public - my skin just magnifies them...and they put me in a bad mood. :-w Maybe BdeViolette for non-export...maybe the Encens et Lavande, but again, they usually make me sullen and cross. Will I be banished from the Posse posts for admitting I'm not an undying fan?:o Maybe this Gingembre will be the break-through - it just sounds heavenly. But that's my problem with SLs - they always sound/smell so much better in theory for me...

Marina March 11, 2008

I'd pick Daim Blond and Tubereuse Criminelle, and that's it, I think

Elle March 11, 2008

I kept my expectations for this one low. Very low. Didn't even race to try it when I got it in the mail. When I finally did I wasn't bowled over and figured I'd been right to hold back on the enthusiasm. Then about a half hour later casually resniffed my wrist to see how it was progressing. Complete change of attitude. *Love*. Definitely along the lines of Rousse on my skin. I agree w/ you - think it will be one of the better sellers of the export line. But...choose just two faves from export and non?!!! No. Brain starts to scramble, comes close to exploding. Can't. Do. At. All. I love far too many too deeply. However, I could do two least favorites from each group. The honors for export would go to Louve and Clair de Musc. finding I can't really choose for non-exports. I'll just add two more to the exports - Sa Majeste (and this coming from a rose lover) and Gris Clair.

chayaruchama March 11, 2008

LE- would be Santal Mysore and Bois de Violette; exports are Ambre Sultan and Un Lys. Awaiting my samp, to see what it does....

Erin / Tigs March 11, 2008

Kind of hard to tell nowadays what is an non-export and what is not. What is Fumerie Turque, for example, or Un Lys? If we count the more reliably available LEs, my exports are pretty easy: Ambre Sultan and Douce Amere. (Though this new one sounds brilliant.) That also leaves me in a better position with the non-exports, which are harder, because I can honestly say Chene and MKK. If we count Chene as an LE, then I have to choose between something I love and admire, but don't wear very often (TC and to a slightly lesser extent Bois de Violette or ISM) and the Serge that I wear the most, but am vaguely uncertain about, Mandarine Mandarin.

Six' March 11, 2008

Isn't it just brilliant? I love the mastery of the composition, echoing the fresh/zesty and spicy facets of ginger all in one smooth, demure, wonderful package. To me, Five o'clock wasn't only FBW, it was an instant purchase, too, and that's sayin' somethin' ;) Also, choosing only two of Serge's lovely offerings is too difficult, and cruel to boot, so... ;) (oh, and hi! (Very-)long-time lurker here, finally taking the comment plunge!))

Sylvia Scarlett March 11, 2008

Non exports: Bois de Violette and Chêne Exports: Fleurs de Citronnier and Miel de Bois (though I'm hearing such wonderful raves about 5 au Gingembre, I think I'm very close to buying it unsniffed...)

Kim March 11, 2008

non-exports - the only one I must have is Rose de Nuit, although I also love Borneo 1834 and Chergui exports - 2, 2 you say, ONLY 2? I don't think so! Douce Amere (not sure why more people don't rave about this one) and Un Lys and Une Bois Vanille - all three are marvelous alone or layered with one of the others. And if 5 au Gingembre is that marvelous, I'll take it as well. And with those choices, woe to anyone downwind from me!!

Sariah March 11, 2008

My top 3 life time supply required SLs: Chergui, Douce Amere, and Santal de Mysore. Reading your post, this new one could very possibly be number 4. This is a kind of perfumista torture - reading this and waiting for my decant to arrive!

Divalano March 11, 2008

Tea, smoke & sweet spice ... wow, I need to try this, it sounds like Tea For Two (which is love or eh for me, depending on the weather & phase of the moon) only with more guts & glory. I've not read one bad review & glad to see Serge getting so much love after Sarrasins & Louve. You say choose? Easy. Datura Noir & Un Bois Vanille on the exports. Cuir Mauresque (& I don't care that my bf suddenly decided it's powdery, he's WRONG) & hmm ... perhaps this newcomer Gingembre? Or if we don't get along & if my spring test drive of Tubereuse Criminelle falls flat I'll go with the ltd ed, Fumerie Turque. I'll be receiving my bottles by tomorrow's post, yes? ;)

Billy D March 11, 2008

Hmm, exports: maybe Daim Blonde and...ok, I have to pick two "limited editions," Fumerie Turque or Chene. Non-Exports: Iris Silver Mist, no question, and...Chene again? :-)

Louise March 11, 2008

uhhhh...OK-exports-Arabie and Ambre Sultan (and a bonus-DT). Non-exports-FT and Bois Oriental. Ah, I am tempted to order the Ginger unsniffed...restraint called for here 8-|

Lee March 11, 2008

Non-exports are easier for me than exports. Encens et Lavande and Santal de Mysore (sorry ISM). Exports - Arabie (sorry Patty) and erm, er, well, oh, eeh, aah, umm, Santal Blanc? Maybe I'd actually choose 5pm, just because I can. I'm waiting for my bottle to arrive...:-w

carmencanada March 11, 2008

I'm off to sample 5 O'Clock this afternoon at the Palais-Royal... Non-export favorites? I'd be hard-pressed to name just two. Tubéreuse Criminelle springs to mind, as well as the newly-rediscovered (for me) La Myrrhe. I had a long falling-out with aldehydes but I'm very much into them now: La Myrrhe feels to me (but I think Victoria F. said it first) like a late 20th century response to Chanel N°5. But Muscs Koublaï Khan and Santal de Mysore are also on the lifetime supply list. As for the exports, I haven't explored them as much, but I'd say Un Lys and Fleurs d'Oranger. Lovely, dirt-tinged florals.

QuinnCreative March 11, 2008

Serge and I have a love/hate relationship. I keep wanting to love him without reservation and he keeps wanting to drive his black Rolls Royce over me while cracking a leather whip embellished with roses. We all love in different ways. I love Arabie in the same way you love Gingembre (which I haven't smelled yet), for all it's sweet dates and sticky honey. I wear it at inappropriate times and don't care. With the same unreason, I love its polar opposite, Gris Clair, for the wild and windswept way it does and doesn't smell of lavender. Oh, and it's probably for men and I don't care about that, either. Don't know much about the ones I can't get.I've always been inrigured by Borneo 1834 and Mardarine, Mandarin. They might even smell great together, but of all the scents i don't layer, it's Serge's. Every time I'm tempted, I hear him revving up his Rolls and checking the tread to see if he'd be pleased with the impression he'd leave, so I haven't. yet.