Le Parfum Intense Eau de Parfum by Elie Saab 2013

Hiya Posse. I’ve had this Le Parfum Intense (a flanker to the 2011 OG) bottle for ages, nearly a decade. I remember my first whiff of the original. On a mature woman, just back from buying it overseas. She was… Continue Reading

Bogie Doesn’t Approve: 3 Gardenias

Well, he at least doesn’t approve of it when Joel Cairo scents his visiting card with it- and yes, I would bet that Joel would have a visiting card. Nothing as tacky as a business card for him. As for… Continue Reading

Myrrhe by Headspace

Hello Posse Peeps, This bottle of Myrrhe by Headspace was a gift from the boys Nicolas and Enno while we were in Paris in December 2023. You’ll know their other work at Le Galion, Aether. They are working on another… Continue Reading

I Was Warned: Aromatic Elixir by Clinique

The only downside of having such fun writers on this blog is that I immediately want to run out and buy whatever they’re writing about. The latest one that hooked me was Portia’s review of Aromatic Elixir by Clinique. It’s… Continue Reading

Jasmin Bonheur by Guerlain

Hey there Posse. Jasmin Bonheur is a 2022 addition to the Guerlain L’Art & La Matiere collection. My 1ml spray sample came from Surrender To Chance. I will tell you straight up that Guerlain have priced themselves well out of… Continue Reading

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique 1971

Hiya Posse! One of my great perfume loves that has been in the grab tray for years is Aromatics Elixir by Clinique. It’s a fragrance that instantly whisks me away to far off lands and remembered holiday adventures. Even though… Continue Reading

Myriad by Louis Vuitton

Hey there Posse. Skyrocketing costs of buying perfume, you know my thoughts. Currently Myriad by Louis Vuitton sits at AUD$1,040 for a 100ml bottle. Yes, it’s extrait. I just deleted a LONG rant that was boring as… Suffice to say… Continue Reading