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First off: there was confusion and word incorrectly got out that the Chi-cocoa Scentsation event in September is “by invitation only” and people are asking how you get invited. ANYONE CAN COME to the event. Just please RSVP to chicocoascentsation (at) gmail (dot) com so we can set up for an accurate number of people. We´re charging a fee (I think it´s $20?) which covers the refreshments and doodads for the presentation space for Neil Morris and Liz Zorn to do their thing. If Musette will chime in here with the details, I think the PayPal account is set up.

Okay, having yanked everyone´s chain recently with the Dior Addict post, I felt the irresistible urge to touch the third rail again after reading during my research that a number of people like Addict Eau Fraiche better, consider it a superior fragrance (I know for some of you that´s a pretty low bar) and think that, in the words of one Basenotes reviewer, “Dior Addict Eau Fraiche is the UPGRADE!”

Dior Addict Eau Fraiche – and is it just me, or does the weirdness of that name make anyone else giggle? – was also composed by Theirry Wasser in 2004, two years after the original, with notes of mandarin leaf, vanilla, bergamot, gardenia, Bulgarian rose, tuberose, jasmine, rosewood, and sandalwood. For comparison purposes, the original Addict is a floral oriental with notes including mandarin leaf, silk tree flower; night-blooming cereus, rose, jasmine, orange blossom, bourbon vanilla absolute, Mysore sandalwood and tonka bean.

I love Addict. I took an informal survey among a few male friends (having allowed time for the drydown) and the unanimous vote was: sexy. If there´s anything addictive about Addict, it´s the fact that it lies somewhere between a dozen cupcakes and something more illicit. Diva smelled Addict on me and gave me an extremely rare omigodyousmellsooooogood! She´s hammering me for my little bottle, but I told her I´m not giving it to her until next fall, because it´s definitely not something I want to encounter for the next five months. I know a few of you came out of the woodwork on my Addict post to join me in my one-woman fan club, and the rest of you think it´s dreck.

Anyone reading those notes can spot some overlap between the two, but honestly, scent-wise the relationship is pretty tenuous. Addict Eau Fraiche pretty much misses the entire point of Addict, which is to experience the Poison-ish sensation of drowning in a giant vat of floral-tinged, spicy, vanilla-honey sweetness. In fact, I´m not the first person to note that the original Addict bears more than a passing resemblance to Hypnotic Poison. If Eau Fraiche blows in your ear, then Addict gives you a sloppy, drunken French kiss before staggering down the street and passing out on the hood of a car, hopefully without vomiting on your shoes first.

The top notes of Eau Fraiche are weird – tart and leafy and a little sour, and you can tell right away it´s much, much more civilized than the original. The rose, tuberose and jasmine are sweet but not overbearingly so. I was at the point of dismissing it as not interesting enough to review when I caught a smell reminiscent of tanning oil on salty skin. The sandalwood is more prominent than in the original, giving Eau Fraiche a pleasingly raspy counterbalance to the florals.

Looking for an illustration to accompany this post, I stumbled across this New York Times rendering of “a revived Coney Island” that clarified my attraction to Addict Eau Fraiche. There’s something surreal and exuberant about it — it’s a little Coney Island, but a cleaned-up version, and it doesn’t work my last nerve after three hours with its mania like Gucci Rush does.

I´m impressed by Eau Fraiche. I have no idea what the brief was – I assume it read something like: make us a lot of money. But it manages to be both commercially approachable and interesting. I have a fondness for a kind of subtle scent that conjures up the sense of skin – warm, salty, and subtly sexy. Eau Fraiche peters out a little after three hours, at which point I can reapply and (unlike with many of my other fragrances) not worry overmuch about where I´ll be heading next and whether it will offend anyone. I think you could get away with this in your office. At the same time I enjoy its oblique, playful sensuality. You could do a lot worse, and I wish this were available at Sephora along with (or maybe instead of) Addict´s other flankers. I have never seen it in stores (and I think it’s an LE) but it is found easily enough online.

Coney Island rendering:

PS. Progress in the shoe dept.! In addition to finding a couple pairs of wedges I can fit my orthotics in, I have purchased the following: an open-toed wedge so my tootsies can breathe; a thong sandal (yay!) with an allegedly deep-enough heel cup and high arch (we will see when they get here, aren’t they fab? they come in hot pink croc leather too); and those cute red sporty wedges that go great with the red patent leather purse.

  • Robin says:

    I like Addict better than Addict Eau Fraiche. Huge LOL at “make us a lot of money” — that’s what they all say, probably!

  • Shelley says:

    Organza Indencence. Yes, it’s worth paying for the a/c to run to have a chance to put that one on …or maybe Songes…and I’ll mention Kenzo Amour for a less whomping, nice-n-ricey form of vanilla…:)

    • March says:

      Yep! I love me some KenzoAmour. Lots of people find it meh. I think it’s perfect — if it were any more interesting it wouldn’t be as comforting. 😉

      • Shelley says:

        I agree with you there…complexity is not the name of the Kenzo comfort that is Amour. (And, in this case, complexity not needed.)

        In a different realm of searching for comfort through scent…am seeing if Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperiale really does have any beneficial effect on migraines…just got a sample, and wouldn’t you know, opportunity (aka the Head Monster) is knocking….

  • rosarita says:

    I can’t remember if I commented on the original Addict post or not, but I’ll say it again, I love Addict. I love it the way I love, say, Rush and Hypnotic Poison and Organza, which is that I want to have them all on hand for when I want to smell them, which is in the winter and not often. But it’s still love, not like. Know what I mean? 8-| I can’t help rolling my eyes at the realization that I have stuff lying around just because I love the smell of it hardly ever.

    Very cute shoes! I have found that removing an existing insole is sometimes necessary to get my orthotic to fit in a shoe; also, maryjane styles are great, because the strap helps keep your foot in place. And Famalores were fabulous! I had several pairs with the wavy sole. :)>-

    • March says:

      THAT WAS IT! The sole was wavy! I was trying to remember…. don’t you think if someone brought them back they’d sell like hotcakes right now with the wedge mania? I do.

      And I love your list — my list looks the same only I wear them. But not in the summer. Okay, that’s a lie. :”> I may put a teensy dab on my neck before bed. I like that sinful vanilla smell, it’s a good sleepy smell, our bedroom is generally cold, and, um, the Big Cheese likes it too. 😉

      I would have come up with an identical list btw. Are there any others like that you can think of? Actually, I can’t quite cope with Organza regular, I use/wear Organza Indecence. Yummy.

  • Musette says:

    Re: The Event.

    There is a PayPal account set up but I need to get the registration form, etc done – hopefully it will be all done shortly and we can figure out the connection to send you all for a click-thru.

    More later…


    • March says:

      Hey, hon — I’ll get those forms back signed as soon as I get them. Thanks again! Hope you are not melting today. >:d<

      • Musette says:

        It’s freezing here – well, not freezing, exactly but in typical Midwest Weird, it dropped from 93 to 70 in about 8 minutes, poured, shot back up to 90s…then a gale-force wind whipped through here last night, accompanied by torrential downpours…it was really working on getting up to the mid-80s this morning…now I’m in long pants and a hoodie.

        go figure.

        okay on the forms but that’s not the form I was talking about;;) – I need to create a registration form for the Event-goers. will so do shortly, as soon as I figure out how many slots go into each angle-frame so I can doublecheck the machining quote…..:-j It would really help if I could make heads or tails of this print, which I can’t be cause I am a l-)

        • Shelley says:

          Not a loser, but a multi-tasking bravura talent of a diva, who likes her Laboutins but knows when to wear a hoodie. 😉

          • Musette says:

            you are such a dear to say such nice things, though I feel the veriest moron right now. I just had a severe freakout on this bid, thinking “LORD, we are going to have to add welding to this because it only comes in 40′ lengths and El O needs 44blabbityblabb….so I make him come help me before I lose my mind and he looks at me like I am the Moron of Machining and says “hon. 44 INCHES.”:-s


            well, I can’t complain. Bidding means biz is possibly on its way and that always cheers a gal up, no matter how frustrating the bidding process


            tickticktick4 more days…

        • March says:

          that is some bizarre weather. And as far as the rest of it goes — better you than me. I’m terrible at that kind of organizations. Good luck with the, erm, slot thingy.

  • Christine says:

    I have nothing to day on Addict because I can’t even try to conjure it up in this heat. I’m just trying to make it through without thinking of my half hour ride home in my non-airconditioned sun baked car.

    Really I just had to say I love the shoes. And the post below. I didn’t catch it ’til just now and I just want to say Yes! Although I have been guilty of wanting to throttle people in front of me (although not the elderly) for taking a long time ordering. To wit, Saturday after running some errands on foot causing me to sweat like I had run a marathon, I stopped into my local coffee shop for iced tea where someone my age or younger took, no lie, five minutes to decide on a damned latte. I considered wiping my sweaty brow all over his back and arms to give him the hint.

    Generally I try to be a little bit nicer.

    • Debbie says:

      Would it be too rude to ask nicely if they would step to the side to consider the board while you placed your order? That wouldn’t bother me personally, but what do you think? I love the image of wiping your sweaty self on them to give them the hint. :d Some people aren’t trying to be thoughtless….they’re just not tuned into what’s going on around them.

      • Christine says:

        Debbie, that actually would have been a brilliant idea had I thought of it. I was probably too hot and angry to have been able to make such a request without being rude. However, I don’t think I did any huffing other than from just being hot or gave any indication of my impatience. Ah well, it would seem I’m not made for 100 degree weather.

      • March says:

        Seconding this suggestion enthusiastically. It has become clear to me over the years that I am hyperaware of others waiting around me, and other folks … aren’t. Other folks back up on to you, or spend five minutes ordering their lattes. I practice a cheerful, “Excuse me, do you mind if I go ahead and order while you’re thinking?” It sort of forces their hand in a nice way — they either order right away or they look startled and say, sure. I often have small kids in tow, and nobody’s said flat out no. As someone who has trouble making up her mind sometimes, I can see where they’re at too.

    • March says:

      Here, I will irritate you now by stating that I love this weather. Check in with me in August, but as long as I have shade and A/C in the house, I’m good with this. I even sit on the porch in it. I spend 9 months a year freezing my butt off, so 97 degrees is welcome. :)>-

      The rest of my answer is with Debbie’s comment.

  • Debbie says:

    I love Addict! Point me any scent that others label as “skanky”, “trampy” or “dirty”, and changes are good that I’ll love it. (CB Musk Reinvention is the only exception so far.)

    I don’t have Addict in my fragrance wardrobe either. I must correct that. Off to put it on my wishlist….both Amazon and MUA. I’ll add the Eau Fraiche too, since you like it. 🙂

    I admire your refusal to throw in the towel on your feet. Those shoes are cute; I don’t really like flipflops though. I am more of a Birkenstock kind of woman. (You guessed it all along, didn’t you, with the types of fragrance I like.)

    • March says:

      I tried some of the other more crunchy shoes … the thing is, I have to put an orthotic insert into it anyway. Just buying a Teva or a Naot or whatever isn’t getting the job done. So I figure if I can fit the orthotic into a shoe that’s more my style, why not? I had a Birkenstock phase, but I’m not there right now. 😉

      I don’t really like flip flops either. I am hoping for something to wear to the pool, my sneakers just look stupid. But not sure those flipflops will be supportive enough. They may be going back.

  • sarah patton says:

    Will say it again. Addict is yummy and universally liked by friends and relatives. Unlike some of the other LT and TS reviews where I read it, went back and smelled it and was shocked to recognize the notes that they mention so negatively (Bellodgia for example, Geranium and sour finish)I’ve tried to find vileness in Addict but can’t.

    • March says:

      I was really surprised by how much they hated Addict, considering how much they liked Poison and Hypnotic (although not the others.) Whatever they’re hating, I don’t get it either.

  • Georgette says:

    Didn’t get to comment on the first go round, but now . . . . I like addict, dont care who approves , I really like addict. It plays out on my skin with the sweet vanilla thingy, but I also get that cinnamony undertone in the drydown . . . I am normally a leather or green gal but something in Addict works for me, and so I really like it. Have not tried any flankers as of yet.

  • MattS says:

    “a sloppy, drunken French kiss before staggering down the street & passing out on the hood of a car” — that’s a a perfume I could actually respect, maybe not in the morning, but respect nonetheless.

  • Louise says:

    I retried the Addict recently after your post-and it starts out very nicely, then something goes tragically wrong, almost bitter on me-blame my weird chemistry 🙁

    The shoes are waaay cute-I impressed you’re attempting a wedge, and the pink number is muy March 😡 and very hot! Not to mention, but I finally had to succumb to a pedi-there’s no way I’ll wear a close-toe shoe in this intense heat. So out come the sandals!

    The notes of the Eau Fraiche don’t appeal, but I have been so wrong so many times that I know I’ll have to spritz on my next mall outing 8-|

    • March says:

      There is definitely that bitter something in Addict. I get a whiff of it, and I find it a welcome relief from the rest. (Hey, it’s that tinge-of-vomit note!) But if that got magnified on your skin — yikes. Look out. Addict going tragically wrong would not be a pretty sight. 😮

      I’m more comfortable in a wedge — I’m like those old ladies who can’t wear flats, the backs of my legs are so tight. I start Pilates today (yesss!) at the local studio, and the long term goal is to stretch my calves and Achilles tendons more, but in the short term even the podiatrist said an elevated heel would ease my tendons and take some of the weight off my heel spur.

      • Francesca says:

        Have you done Pilates before? It’s FANTASTIC. Saved me, so far, from having knee surgery. Good luck with that!

        I don’t know any of the Addicts but you’ve made me curious.

        • March says:

          I took my first private lesson today, preparing me for the regular mat class for beginners. (We looked at modifications, because I have to do it with my shoes on.) A 55-minute slo-mo butt-kicking. It was excellent. 😉 Two or three times a week of that and I may even get my abs back!

          • Musette says:

            Abs? ABS?

            Hang on! I’m coming with you!!!:d

          • Francesca says:

            Private lessons first is a great idea. That’s what I did. You’ll have really good form that way.

            And yes, I do have abs of steel. There’s just a little pad of fat over them, is all.;)

          • March says:

            Abs of steel. Sigh. I don’t think I ever had abs of steel. But honestly, by the end of the class at least I could do a halfway respectable roll-up which I have never been able to do in all my gym pilates classes. There’s something to be said for the instructor standing right there going no, do it *this* way.

  • sylvia says:

    oo, love the loafer wedges! you know rainbow flip flops have really great arch support for flip flops and they now come in lots of cute colors.

    about addict. after all the relevant blogs wrote about it, i decided to beg for a sample next time i was at sephora, and i wore it to bed one night. still not my very favorite, but it definitely has a sexy, trampy, fun appeal. but there is still something in there that doesnt quite agree with me but i cant put a finger on what it is. as for me, my new favorite tawdry sweet find is betsey johnson. i feel so, i dunno, fun when i wear it. plus the drydown is a delectable vanilla musk. love it! the bottle is mildly heinous though, in a charming way…

    • March says:

      I’ll go look for those rainbows — I am having a heckuva time finding a simple waterproof sandal I can wear in the shower (I know – l-) but I can’t stand without it) that doesn’t cost sixty bucks, although maybe I’m out of luck and just need to whip out the cc. Those ones up there are moszquitos, and cute as a button, but the tops are leather.

      Aw, Betsey Johnson is great! I don’t want it in the summer, but it’s still a great, sexy sweet scent. And unlike most people I think the bottle is hilarious and wonderful. Agree the drydown is trampy fun.

      • Musette says:

        Not a loser – VERY SMART! Keep your feet in the shower-shoes and your butt off the shower floor! No barefoot means NO BAREFOOT!


        • March says:

          I got these pathetic ugly Skechers today that will be perfect in the shower! I am so excited not to stand in there like Stork Woman.

          Psst, have I ever mentioned to you how much I like to shower outdoors, and how I tried to talk the Cheese into putting in an outdoor wood shower in our back yard. Here, let me simulate his eyeroll for you: 8-|

      • sylvia says:

        rainbows are leather too. they’re great quality though. i cant think of any flip flops with arch support other than those. sorry…

  • sallycantdance says:

    That red shoe brings up a hazy memory of Famolares. Remember those? A good-for-you shoe straight from 1974 that was heavily advertised but not heavily merchandised. Famolore was clobbered by the Earth Shoe, whose alleged health benefit segued nicely with Earth Day and Save the Earth campaigns.

    Revisionist histories of that decade skip right over Earth Day and the grassroots eco-movement that was the precursor of today’s sustainables.

    But this is a perfume blog, and all I can add to the topic of Addict Eau Fraiche is that I’ve never tried it. I love the original; it is one of the few 100-ml bottles I have nearly finished, but a whiff of the Shine version was enough to steer me clear away from what I supposed was not a marvel of chemical engineering. I also have not tried Addict 2, because it has a fruit bowl in the lotus position.

    I love the heavy-handedness of the original.

    • March says:

      I loved Famolares!!! I had a pair of the wedge sandals and you are right, they do look sort of like that — in fact I think they’d look even cooler if they’d duped the famolare signature sole (wasn’t it slightly textured, ridged maybe, and tan colored?)

      And it’s nice to hear from someone else who loves Addict (I think you commented as well on the original post?) When I tried Euphoria, I thought, ew. Still not clear what it is girls love about that one. But Addict — come on, it’s Jessica Rabbit holding a cosmopolitan. 😉