Serge Lutens Serge Noire – Perfume Review

Hey, It’s almost August, so that means it’s time for two Serge releases.

First up, Serge Noire, which joins the export line, available in Europe now and in the U.S. in late August to September’ish.  Notes listed for it are patchouli, cinnamon, amber and black woods.   The marketing hype goes on and on about the phoenix, grey something, swirling night.  The scent says: “Hey, I’m cinnamon, nice to meet you!”  Well, that’s what it says to you as it slams on the brakes of its black, dusty Porsche right in front of your house.  Because you are then in a swirl of dusty incense and cinnamon is as close as I can get to it in the early stages.  There is a healthy amount of incense that develops early after a pretty slight start and that camphorish smell that’s in Tubereuse Criminelle and Sarrasins that kind of tickles the nose and you can’t decide if you like or no.

Those of you that aren’t fans of the cinnamon aspects in Rousse will likely be a little skeptical in the first 15 minutes of so of this scent, but the cinnamon recedes on me, and has more of the cinnamon bark snap to it than red hots.  This is a hot, dusty, earthy scent.  I’m not sure how else to describe it, but it keeps me sniffing because it just has a lot of facets that go in and out – dust, warmth, cool incense, woods.   I swear, somewhere deep in there is a hint of Borneo… must be the patch.  It’s a beautiful, interesting creation from Lutens and one of the best things he’s done in a good while.

It’s hot red dust swirling through the evening breeze. I don’t know about a Phoenix, but this is a scent I’m happily wearing.  Hey, and you can be too. It’s a new release, it’s Serge, let’s give away a couple of samples. Just put a note in comments if you want in the drawing, and I’ll announce the winners on Thursday!

Marion August 3, 2008

Please enter me in the drawing, love SL and this one sounds right for me. BTW I live near Phoenix, and the city has a rich smell, perhaps a combination of all the wonderfull desert plants and cactus and mesquite, all mixed in with a light, dry wind meandering thru the trees, picking up a dollop of the hot little rocks that make up most of the "lawns" here. Perhaps CS has captured this ellusive fragrance.

Janet August 1, 2008

I would LOVE to be entered into the drawing!!!

Debbie August 1, 2008

I'm another Rousse fan -- but then, it's raining in Seattle and 60 degrees and I've actually started dabbing on the Fumerie Turque...I'd love to catch a whiff of a new Serge!

kd July 31, 2008

Please enter me in the drawing. love SL

GGS July 30, 2008

Rousse is right up my alley. This sounds very interesting! Hope I win a sample so I can try it before my fall NYC trip.... Gail

Trina July 30, 2008

Pick me! Pick me! This one sounds fabulous! Though really, all of his do.

Jan Lugenbuhl July 30, 2008

Sparkling review! Please add my name to the drawing. I'm a "Winter", a fair-complexioned brunette who would feel like both a sprite and a queen in Serge Noir. Thank you!

Delfina July 30, 2008

Very excited for Serge noire. Though I'm relying more on incense than on cinnamon. Yes please for the drawing! Thanks

Sandra July 30, 2008

I am just beginning to explore the world of niche fragrance. And what a wide wide world it is! The Serge Lutens line is actually where I have began. The fragrances are so unique and utterly compelling! A perfumistas dream: a line of non export bell jars on one's vanity ;) Please do enter me in the drawing as I'd love to smell the latest SL offering.

elve July 30, 2008

i’d love to be entered in the drawing :)

tessa July 30, 2008

hey, I would love to be entered in the drawing. SL is my favorite, I've been dreaming of the new ones.

Kim July 30, 2008

I finally fell in love with Iris Silver Mist so would love to be in the draw for another Lutens that I can slowly fall in love with - cinnamon, dust, clove, pepper - sigh :0 Glad to see you get soooo many people out of the woodwork for the draw!

Julie July 30, 2008

Any Serge Lutens frag is always worth a sniff, and this one sounds very intriguing...I'd love to roll around in the hot red dust with this one, please!

Marilynn July 30, 2008

Are you going to find me clear down here? I loved your description of Serge Noire...the black Porche was a nice touch. Please enter me in the drawing, and thank you!

Tori July 30, 2008

Oooh, cinnamon, incense. Two of my favorites together. I'd love to be entered in the drawing.

rose s July 30, 2008

Luv to be in on this I enjoy mostly all of the Serges luv Rousse, daim blond, iris silver mist, tuberose crim, cedre was waiting patiently for Aedes to email me on this one when its in would love to sniff asap please enter me

zeram1 July 30, 2008

Wow, the cinnamon in Rousse was a bit much for me, so perhaps (just perhaps) this creation would suit me better. I'd love to be in the drawing as well.

Amy H July 30, 2008

sounds like one I want to try, please include me in the draw!

Maribeth July 30, 2008

Sounds really nice, please enter me in the draw!

trish July 30, 2008

I'd love to try this. I've never had the opportunity to smell a Lutens, living in the boonies. Please enter me in the drawing!

Janet in California July 30, 2008

Sounds like a wonderful fall scent. Please enter me too.

Lafemm July 29, 2008

The Borneo part sucked me in, even thought I've not yet sniffed Rousse. Dry, dusty, spicy earth didn't hurt either! Count me in, please?

Olfacta July 29, 2008

Sounds inter-esting, I'd love to be in the drawing! Thanks!

E-beth July 29, 2008

I'm a Serge whore-- ready to jump in the dusty porche and ride off into the sunset. Enter me please...

Maura July 29, 2008

You had me at *camphor* =p~ This sounds amazing! I would love to be in the drawing!

E-beth July 29, 2008

I'm a Serge whore-- ready to jump in the dusty porche and ride off into the sunset. Enter me please.

Rod July 29, 2008

Sounds delicious! Please enter me. I'm on a hot-and-dry fragrance kick lately.

Sarah July 29, 2008

Oh please enter me! Dry, dusty, spicy earth sounds wonderful! (Sniffed some Hermes men's scents this weekend; eye-opening and intriguing! My mother watched in horror as I happily inhaled Terre d'Hermes, D'Orange Verte, and Guerlain Vetiver-hilarious!)

kathleen July 29, 2008

This sounds all spicy and dark, just the way I like my 'fumes. Please enter me in the drawing.

Tarleisio July 29, 2008

A new Serge? And I somehow missed it? Darn it, I can already smell the burning plastic!:-O I did like Rousse, just not enough to buy it, and I love cinnamon leaf, and I worship at the altar of Serge. I now own four - Bois de Violette (a favorite for summer, so I guess it's true and I really Am weird! ;-), Un Lys, which is heavenly, Iris Silver Mist, my favorite for winter, and finally Mandarin Mandarine, which might not work for everyone, but it's incredible on me. Please, enter me into the drawing. Do you take bribes? :-D

Musette July 29, 2008

Sounds intriguing! Please enter me in the drawing! [-o< IhopeIwinIhopeIwinIhopeIwin...

Shirley July 29, 2008

Since I am restricted (by Hubby) on bringing more Surge into the house....can you enter me in the contest please?

Goose July 29, 2008

So glad the new Serge is getting a lot of positive press. I was afraid it'd be rather bland, considering some of his latest ones. Would love to be in the drawing to get a chance to smell this newbie!

Helen Petry July 29, 2008

Yes, please! I would love to win a sample of this- sounds delish.

BBJ July 29, 2008

Hey, enter me too! Grey something, swirling night...sounds perfect!

Linda B July 29, 2008

Sounds so incredible and I cannot wait to try it! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

Heather M July 29, 2008

I'd love to try this! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

Christine July 29, 2008

Sounds good to me! just hoping the camphor falls more on the love it rather than the "ooh, I think I'm going to be sick" side of camphor. It's one or the other on me. Please enter me in the drawing!

Kristy Victoria July 29, 2008

oh please enter me in the drawing! :)

Elizabeth July 29, 2008

Ooh, I love cinnamon and incense, please count me in for the drawing, and thanks!

ereuyi July 29, 2008

This sounds intruiging. Count me in for the drawing, please.

Molly G July 29, 2008

Can I still get into the drawing? This sounds crazy good!

aelily July 29, 2008

I love cinnamon scents, but my skin seems to eat them. Please add me to the drawing, I would love to try this one!

pantera Lilly July 29, 2008

I am so excited by this scent!! Please put me in the drawing. Thanks Patty.:d

Disteza July 29, 2008

Oooh, can you throw my name in the drawing too? All the SLs you mentioned do really well on me (guess I'm one of the 5 people in the world on whom Rousse smells fantastic), so this sounds like another bottle for the to-buy list already.

annie July 29, 2008

Geeze,I'm really a Serge them!....Please enter me in the drawing.

Elle July 29, 2008

Don't need a sample, but just wanted to say how psyched I am that this new Serge sounds so fab. YAY! Can't wait to try it. And hope that Aedes does indeed get it in mid-August.

Nattygold July 29, 2008

Sounds wonderful, incense+ Lutens, great! I Would love to be in the drawing for this perfume!

lynnaea July 29, 2008

Ooooh! Sample plz! ;)

March July 29, 2008

Sounds yummy, although you're scaring me a bit with the TC reference. But I love all the rest of the description.

Heather July 29, 2008

Mmm, I'd love to try. I'm new to Lutens and want to smell them all. Please put my name in your hat!

DPearson July 29, 2008

I'd love a sample. I've been eager to try this as soon as I read about it.

sybil July 29, 2008

Oooh, I want to try this one...sounds worth it, esp. compared to the last 2. Please put me in the drawing.

MJ July 29, 2008

Please enter me - I am becoming a bigger Serge fan (and of the spicy, smoky "unusual" scents) all the time.

Lora July 29, 2008

This sounds really interesting - as a newbie to the perfume world, I don't know that I've ever smelled a true cinnamon note in a fragrance. Would love to be entered in the drawing!

Shelley July 29, 2008

Holy Cow! Nothing like a great draw to make the post numbers increase by the quarter hour. ;) What can I say? Add me to the line up... ;)) ...and thanks.

Lavanya July 29, 2008

sounds interesting- would love to be in the drawing!

Kelly July 29, 2008

Oooh! Me too! Wanting a cinnamon that takes my breath away without any funky green (Maharadja, my former love, I'm looking at you.)

Sharon July 29, 2008

Hi Patty, Count me in please! Your review has me ready to buy this one unsniffed!!

Samantha Lowry July 29, 2008

I'm another coming out of the woodwork for a chance at the free sample..I'd love to be entered, thank you!

eliza July 29, 2008

SOOORRRY! did not mean for more than one post! impatient with the dial-up and haven't had my coffee yet! :"> embarassing!:">

King Princess July 29, 2008

Sounds delicious, I'd love to be in the drawing.

eliza July 29, 2008

sounds awesome! please enter me in the drawing!

eliza July 29, 2008

sounds absolutely delicious and right up my alley! beautiful descriptions too--love the black porsche especially!please enter me in the drawing!

eliza July 29, 2008

sounds absolutely delicious and right up my alley! beautiful descriptions too--love the black porsche especially!

Veronica July 29, 2008

Oh please, let this be another one of Serge's miracles! Would love to be in the drawing, thanks!

Magpie July 29, 2008

Oh, gosh, sounds so yummy...just what I need, a new object of scent-desire. Yes, please enter me in the drawing!

Dane July 29, 2008

Wow...nothing like a Lutens/free sample to pile on the comments! :d Everything in the export line seems to blur together for me...I'm hoping this one will stand out! The incense sounds great...the cinnamon, not so much. I trust your opinion that it's his best in a while!

carmencanada July 29, 2008

Matt, pity your parcel went on its way before I bought the bottle! I'll toot my own horn and direct you to my review for another take on this...

Susan July 29, 2008

Ummm! Patch, cinnamon, dusty black Porsche - Shamelessly begging for a chance at the samples, please.

CC July 29, 2008

Sounds divine ... please include me in the drawing. Thank you.

kristin July 29, 2008

Oh...sounds like everything I'm looking for...Would love to be entered in the drawing. Thanks!!

Lindsey9107 July 29, 2008

Thanks for the review. I'd love to be entered in the drawing!

E July 29, 2008

I'd love to be in the drawing, please! This sounds fascinating. Thank you!

Kathryn July 29, 2008

The photograph you posted paired with "hot red dust in the evening breeze" is wonderfully evocative. If Serge Noir could take me there, at least in my dreams, I'd love it. Please enter me in the drawing, too.

Klara July 29, 2008

Oh, cannot wait to try this! Please enter me in the drawing as well. Thank you!

mel July 29, 2008

Ok, I'm hooked. I've been trying to ignore everything about this until September, when I can actually get my hands on some... An early sample would be perfect! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

Diana July 29, 2008

I'd like a ride in that dusty black Porsche! Please enter me in the drawing.

Melissa July 29, 2008

I keep searching for my HG Serge. Could this be The One? Actually, I shouldn't ignore the lovely Chergui, but I wouldn't mind finding another contender for the title, so please enter me into the drawing.

Nava July 29, 2008

Surely the woman with the Serge Drawer is deserving of a sample? Sounds wonderful, by the way. :)

karin July 29, 2008

I'd love to try this scent. Please add me to the draw. The only two I've tried from Lutens are Un Lys and Daim Blond...and both only on paper! Need to get crackin' and try the others - especially on skin. Un Lys knocked me out with its likeness to lilies. Smelled a bit too authentic to me, though - not sure I'd want to smell like lilies. I definitely want to try Daim Blond again, though. I've been wanting to try Borneo, so Serge Noire sounds intriguing to me, too. Of all new scents, I'm especially curious about Sublime Balkiss...

Divalano July 29, 2008

Ooooo yes please on the drawing. I adore cinnamon. Cinnamon & incense sounds like maybe an incense with enough warm that I can wear it. Woods? I like woods. Yes. Want.

Eileen July 29, 2008

Dang! That DOES sound interesting! I like Tubereuse Criminelle and Sarrasins, so this may work out for me, since what a lot of people don't like is that camphor-ish smell -- I enjoy it. If it turns out to be more what carmencanada describes, well, I'd be happy, too. (obligatory lament: Why, WHY can't my perfume budget allow for a couple of bottles a month of the good stuff? :-w ) As Matt said, its nice to see something other than promotional copy -- phoenix's, etc. only get you so far. Please do enter me in the drawing!

Sue July 29, 2008

Sounds really intriguing - is it August yet? ;-) Please enter me in the draw and thank you for the review!

katia July 29, 2008

Please, include me in the drawing ! It seems... perfect ^:)^

rosarita July 29, 2008

Yes, please, count me in too! Incense & woods, mmmmmmmmmm

Devon July 29, 2008

Whoa that sounds interesting! Count me in.

Momlady July 29, 2008

Okay, you got me. Even if it's over 100 here in Memphis this time of year, hot and dusty still sounds interesting. We all need a little bit of interesting in our lives,right? Count me in.

Silvia July 29, 2008

I am so so looking forward to smelling this one... please enter me in the draw, many thanks.

Judith July 29, 2008

Not a Rousse fan, so the cinnamon doesn't excite me, but "hot and dusty" pushes my buttons; and carmencanada's comments made sure that they stayed pushed. Would love to try!

vicuna1 July 29, 2008

Hm...I was debating until I saw Borneo thrown out there. I would love to throw my hat into the sample ring! Thank you for finally giving a description of the scent!

MattS July 29, 2008

I'm glad to finally read something about this scent other than the promotional copy from Serge. Phoenixes are great but it's nice to actually hear what it smells like. And it sounds like it smells pretty darn good. I'd love to get a whiff; I'm so excited, everything is making me feel like fall is on it's way. :)

sallycantdance July 29, 2008

I have trouble with Rousse, in part because of the cinnamon shifting over the musk. SN sounds as if it moves away from the Rousse grotesquerie, but nevertheless I'm in no rush to try it. Your review was excellent plain-speak!

dinazad July 29, 2008

I've been on the look-out for this one, but it hasn't arrived here yet (when it comes to exporting fragrances, Switzerland is right next to Burkina Faso on the priority list of fragrance houses). I'c love to be entered in the drawing!

noyna July 29, 2008

Ooh ooh ooh! Please include me in the drawing! This sounds amazing...loved hearing your description of it...

hvs July 29, 2008

Mmmmm...sounds perfect! Dying to try it. Will it be the Serge of my dreams? Please enter me in the drawing!

carmencanada July 29, 2008

I have a somewhat different take on this one. I've been getting a ton of benzoin when I dab this, and I suspect that's where most of the cinnamon comes from. When I spray, it's pepper and clove in the top notes, with a powdery carnation feel in the drydown; neither amber nor patchouli are overly strong, the incense shines through but it's not austere or sad. I agree it's the most interesting thing Lutens has done in a long while. No need to include me in the draw, I've already got my full bottle!

Louise July 29, 2008

Mmmmm...we all want to love Serge again, don't we??? Please include me in the drawing :d

Blonde July 29, 2008

Sounds great! Wouldn live to be in a drawing for this perfume,please :x

Alica July 29, 2008

Always when a new SL appears, I am impatient to try it. Thus, I would be thankful for entering me in the drawing, thanks Patty :-)

Lee July 29, 2008

Who wouldn't want to be in a drawing for this one. I can see a bottle somewhere, taunting me, calling to me. The vixen.

gina July 29, 2008

I'm DROOOOOLING over the way you have described this!!! Please enter me in the drawing! Thank you!!!!!

Jennifer July 29, 2008

Wow, this sounds like quite the whirlwind of a scent. Please enter me in the drawing.

Cheryl July 29, 2008

It sounds divine...spicy/hot/dusty/unpredictable. Please throw my name in the hat!

Calypso July 29, 2008

Please count me in too. I'm one of the few people apparently who loved Rousse and bought a bottle, so I'll even love the first 15 minutes!

JenniferR July 29, 2008

Me, too, me, too! In the drawing, please! Hot red dust swirling through the evening breeze, incense, intimations of Borneo ... I couldn't wait for this one before, and now I'm more eager than ever.

Emily July 29, 2008

I'd love to be entered in the drawing! (fearful of the temptation to buy without sniffing :)

Rachel July 29, 2008

yum! this sounds right up my alley. i'd love to be entered!

tmp00 July 29, 2008

well of course I'd love to be in the drawing... How much shameless begging is unseemly? :d

sylvia July 29, 2008

sounds dreamy. i'd love to be entered in the drawing!