Joyce February 25, 2009

I loved the writer"s reflection on this delicious scent which I have loved for several years. It is a sensual and romantic aroma. I prefer the original honey,musty,older incense version and hope I get the opportunity to choose both in the future,

Shelley January 22, 2009

Just pointing out to powder fans that you can get Maja scented powder, too...I got a great deal on an edt + powder gift pack from an online dealer a while ago...

Melanie January 21, 2009

My husband loves the Maja soap. He always buys it in Mexico, which is where we're headed next month...I'll have to look for the cologne as well as the soap.

Robin January 21, 2009

I'll have to look around for some vintage Maja one of these days. I used to buy the soap every so often, but more for the guest bath than for me, and haven't even smelled that in ages. How old was your "old" bottle, do you know?

Louise January 21, 2009

March-I really need to deposit some cash with that lovely perfume shop owner-so sweet and patient. And now I have an idea-Maja! After your generous spritzes, the modern is winning hands down..still hanging around all sweet and spicy :x

Zoe January 21, 2009

Oooh, Maja. My grandma's one fragrance, so for me, the epitome of old-lady-scent. She has the big bar of soap in the shower and small ones to scent her linen, and the EdT to spray in her hair on special occasions. Love it on her, but it would be very weird on me.

quimerula January 21, 2009

It is Nenuco, a baby's fragrance that is very popular even today.

quimerula January 21, 2009

Just popping in to add that in the Myrurgia site (in Spanish) they list these notes: rose, jasmin, carnation, geranium, gardenia, lilac, violet, freesia and hyacinth. :)>-

Nava January 21, 2009

Wasn't there another Myrurgia scent available in the US about 30 years ago? Nenuca (sp?) or something like that? I have distinct memories of my next-door neighbors using it. They were like my 3 big sisters and everything they used, I wanted to use, and I cannot stand Jean Nate to this day because they hated it so much.

violetnoir January 21, 2009

Hey there! I wore Maja back in the day when I was a student in Salamanca, Spain. I loved it then, but don't think I would wear it today. Hope to hear from you soon! Hugs and love!

helenviolette January 21, 2009

I have almost bought this soap on several occasions- just because I liked the packaging (and I am big on soap)-now I am curious about the scent too...Off to facebook! :d

pikake January 21, 2009

...soap that is. Will check on the EDT next time I'm there.

pikake January 21, 2009

I believe I can get Maja at the Perfume House, what a quirky place that little den is. Oh, and I just "friended" you at FB. Thanks for the invite! <:-p ~Trish

Mikeperez23 January 21, 2009

Every year, like clockwork, my Grandmother (my Dads mom) used to get a bottle of Maja, a set of Maja soaps and Maja powder for her wedding anniversary presents. Every year! The scent is wired to my brain, as a child. Of course, I've never smelled it as an adult. Now I want to. Thanks for reminder!

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