Trashy Thursday and other perfumey things


 I’ll explain the picture later. First, winners of the Serge Nuit de Cellophane samples are:  Sherya and Zazie. Just click on Contact Us on the left, remind me what you won, and I’ll send them out. 

So American Idol?  I do hate myself for watching it, but now you’ll hate me too for watching it because every so often I’m going to annoy you with a really brief recap so I can get it out of my system because I so hated this week’s show. Now, keep in mind that I’ll write this on Tuesday, but it won’t post until Thursday, after we know the results.

Michael Jackson night.  Oh, joy. 

Lil Rounds – they are going to be pushing this as the winner all season.  Yes, she can sing, but, well, I’m not inspired in the least.  I get nothing from her but a big ole voice and a fugly prom dress top – what was that about?  Scott, aka “Blind Barry Manilow Guy,” who sings meh, but clearly has that sympathy vote going for him.  It’s a good thing he can play the piano, his singing is still definitely mediocre, which means he’ll be around until the final four.  Which judge will be the first to state the obvious?  Simon, you better not let me down.  Ah, and he didn’t.

Danny, at least he can sing and is interesting, but it’s a Michael Jackson song – can he overcome that staggering handicap?  Well, he did his best, and took the crap and made it mildly more interesting.  Michael the oil rigger.  Let me go out on a limb here, before I see him sing, and predict he’ll be one of the two to leave tomorrow.  Yawn.  Nice, uninteresting, forgettable.  Jasmine is cute and perky, and she picked one of my favorite Jackson songs, “I’ll Be There.”  Blew a couple of the big notes, but it didn’t suck that much.  Kris, who is this? Why can I not remember him?  Well, based on his performance,  I won’t need to work on my memory problems.  Allison, one of my favorites, her hair is just wild and great.   Girl’s a natural, why is she on this horrible show?  Oh, yeah, so I’ll keep watching.

Anoop, cute, adorable.   Man, waxing between those eyebrows must be a full-time job.  Oh, no, he’s doing “Beat It,” what can go wrong?  I’m going to blame the AI band for how bad this wound up being.  It’s bad, it’s bad, oh, yeah.  Jorge, don’t do it!  Going for that pablum “Never can say goodbye.”  I spent too much time on a disco floor dancing to this, enough to make me hate it forever and ever.  Jorge isn’t saving it for me.  I’m in pain.  Megan annoys me from start to finish, I can’t imagine she can pick anything to sing that won’t include that goofy wiggling affection she has. It’s like watching a dolphin wiggling its flippers attached to its hip. And she sings every song exactly the same.  Hey, no change tonight!

Okay, broadway emo goth kid, Adam.  Crappy song choice, “Black and White.”  Paula is up dancing, high on the little pink pills.  She is so crushing on Adam, it’s embarrassing. I fully expect her to throw her pnaties on the stage. Her voice is quivering.  Good Lord, Simon is a Fanboy too.  Yeah, he’s good, but, um, am I the only one who doesn’t quite get genius here?  Okay, back to mediocrity with Matt, who I also don’t remember and still won’t.  My other favorite wraps it up, Alexis.  Can she save the show tonight?  Yes, yes, she sure can.  Not the best singer, but she gives it up and is entertaining on stage.

There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?  Let’s talk about Hilde Soliani. How did I miss this line so far?  I got an Il Tuo Tulipano sample in a Luckyscent order, and it just took my breath away.  Notes of Bergamot, blackberry, lime, peach, kiwi, and passion fruit, freesia, lily of the valley, and jasmine, vetiver, sandal, oak moss, and white musk.  This takes fruity floral off in a whole new area that’s pretty darn sexy.  The fruit on the open is juicy and luscious, not all perky and  sweet like you normally get.  The peach is beautifully drawn with the other fruits, and the lily of the valley that emerges is just a stunning green flash that helps bring it all together. Yes, it’s fruity.  Yes, it’s floral, but it is a very nicely put together one that has a great summery feel to it. What else do I need to try in this line?  Bell’Antonio?

Favorite thing from my makeup bag this spring:  Lancome Le Crayon Kohl Kajal in Amber Night.  It is the perfect soft bronze to put on your eye.  Clinique used to have a Quick Eyes years ago in Wheat that I wish I had bought 20 of when they were around because it was the perfect soft bronze for the eye. Now I have a reasonable replacement, and it goes great just by itself when you want a little something on your eye and nothing else.

So what’s with the Wicked Witch Barbie? It’s part of the Oz Barbie collection. They have Dorothy, Tinman, Cowardly Lion, Glinda – and, yes, I bought them all.  I’ve put a damper on my Barbie love for decades now. I let it out briefly when my nieces were living close by and just bought Barbies by the score and then gave them away to the little angels.  I kow she’s politically incorrect and horrible, but I don’t care!  They’ve done a reissue of the original Barbie in yor black and white swimsuit that I think I’m also going to have to get to go with the entire Wizard of Oz set.  It’s over, I won’t deny my Barbie love anymore.

  • Marin says:

    I kinda want the Wicked Witch. I recently gave in to the impulse and bought the Tippi Hedren Barbie to keep my custom Evil Marin Barbie company. (should you care to view)

  • carter says:

    I was four when Barbie first appeared on the toy scene, and between her and my fantastic ’40s Hollywood movie star paperdolls, handed down to me from my much older sisters and carefully preserved by my mother between the pages of Montgomery Ward and Sears catalogs, my childhood was saved from the awfulness that having an alcoholic father can create. She provided me with many, many hours of blissful escape and comfort and instead of castigating Mattel, I bow down in gratitude to them.

  • Tara says:

    Bell’Antonio was a bit too subtle on me… I’ll stick with Tobacco Vanille. But I really dug that weird named one “Mangiami Dopo Teatro.”

  • Teri says:

    I never collected Barbies, but my mother had kept my childhood Barbie (the first edition doll with the round bubble-shaped hair) in her ‘travel case’ with several of her outfits, thinking there might be a granddaughter to enjoy them some day.

    Alas, no granddaughters. But my son found Barbie and used her as a victim for his homemade guillotine. So poor Barbie lost her head. (For anyone who has ever doubted, there really IS a difference between little girls and little boys).

    And don’t feel bad about being an Idol fan. I not only follow the show, I have a blog on it! And I take it seriously, too. (Sad, isn’t it? lol) I routinely write about Idol as a socio-cultural phenomenon. I’ve dubbed this year Recession Idol and am tracking how, if at all, current events will affect the outcome. In this time of corporate perfidy and corrupt officialdom, I think America will demand a winner who comes across as genuine, honest and real. Any contestant who smacks of insincerity will fall by the wayside, imho.

  • rosarita says:

    Barbie and I both turn 50 this year. I think Mattel should produce a Barbie doll that looks her age; they could call her Botox Barbie. She’d have wrinkles and a spot, maybe the side of her neck, where a pink sparkly plunger could be inserted, pumping her full of air and magically smoothing everything out. I’d buy one in a heartbeat.
    I love the look of the Wicked Witch Barbie; must look up the whole collection.
    And I’m with violetnoir, Francie was my favorite, too. Her tagline was “Barbie’s “Mod”ern Cousin, and she had lots of great Carnaby Street outfits. I still have mine. :”>

  • Lee says:

    Mary over at gets an awesome Barbie pic up once in a while.

    AI – not watching.
    Bell’Antonio – is good stuff, baybee.


  • violetnoir says:

    Lord, woman. I loved Barbies when I was little. Had ’em all, too, but I think my best friend and I like Francie the best. Remember Francie?

    Hilde Soliani is such a great theatrical line! And there should be more theatrics in perfumery, don’t you think? Check out Vecchi Rossetti and Stecca, the tomato vine one.


  • Samantha says:

    I definitely recommend trying Bell’Antonio,it’s absolutely next FB purchase. I really like Vecchi Rossetti as well, it’s a little powdery but still lovely.I was planning on getting a sample of Stecca in my next TPC order, now I’m thinking I’ll have to go ahead and add Il Tuo Tulipano as well. I have a small collection of Living Dead Dolls which tends to creep people out a little when they first come to my house but I love them, so I say get whatever you like!!

  • Elle says:

    Still haven’t seen Idol, but enjoyed your review of it. 🙂 And had no idea about the Oz Barbies. I adored my Barbies when I was a kid. Screw political correctness. Fun rules w/ Barbies. Speaking of fun, Hilde Soliani has somehow captured the best of my childhood w/ several of her scents. Stecca and Mangiamo Dopo Teatro are pure smiles in a bottle. I *adore* her for these. Bell’Antonio is wonderful, curled up w/ a book comfort and I’m really afraid that I will have to eventually have Sipario and Tulipano as well. This woman is my financial undoing.

  • MattS says:

    We got the Barbie catalogue at work yesterday and the Oz Barbies stood out to me; I thought they were pretty nifty. No need to hide your Barbie love; now that she’s 50, she commands a little more respect. One of our distributors has come out with a line of Barbie collectibles and they had a magnet that cracked me up. Seventies Malibu Barbie with the caption, “A Plastic Tan Never Fades.” I loved it.

  • Louise says:

    I am a reformed Idol Watcher. Dunno, but last season killed it for me. Maybe too much David 8-|
    Of course, there’s still a risk that I’ll pick up the habit toward the finals…

    The new Hilde Soliani sounds really nice. Ya know-it had to happen…someone with taste and talent would take the FF wasteland and turn out a really nice modern treat.

    And yes, you do need Bell’Antonio. We all do. I’m just a little biased, but it’s amazing on its own, wonderful layered 😡

    • louise says:

      No disrespect to the venerable Barbie, but all dolls have always creeped me out, big time. I remain convinced that they are really little shrunken people… 8-|

      I’ll take a nice train set or Tonka truck to play with anyday 8-}

  • Jan V says:

    I with ya on AI…mostly for being sooo ashamed that I got sucked into watching it! I try not to tell people, heehee. Your post was perfect and so entertaining! You only forgot one thing…Kelly Clarkson’s song that sounds exactly like all her others-generic almost rock with desperate for a man, any man, lyrics. It’s a shame that the girl can sing but that she chooses such mundane material.

    I can’t believe the oil rig guy is still on, or Anoop or Kris either….bland bland bland as singers though likeable. No idols.

    Allison, Alexis and Adam, Lil…pretty much finalist material; I do differ from you in that I like Megan (just not this week)
    and Matt. That’s a lot of alliteration with the A’s and the M’s!

    On a much more serious and important note, that Tulipani sounds delicious, even to me and I don’t dig florals so much…as usual, you’ve lengthened my list of got-to-try scents!

  • Joe says:

    Bwahaha! You crack me up with the Barbie, but good for you for buying it and giving in to that inner child that had the damper put on. Down with dampers, I say!

    The only reason I’m commenting is that it’s very coincidental that another blog I read mentioned that a special edition Carol Burnett-as-Scarlett-O’Hara Barbie has been released. Apparently Ellen received one from Carol on her talk show.